Your car causes volcanoes (and volcanoes release CO2)

Oh. My. Lord. Keep the car in the garage.

Iceland Volcano, photo.

Climate Change Could Increase Volcano Eruptions

Dr Graeme Swindles, from the School of Geography at Leeds, said: “Climate change caused by humans is creating rapid ice melt in volcanically active regions. In Iceland, this has put us on a path to more frequent volcanic eruptions.”

The study examined Icelandic volcanic ash preserved in peat deposits and lake sediments and identified a period of significantly reduced volcanic activity between 5,500 and 4,500 years ago. This period came after a major decrease in global temperature, which caused glacier growth in Iceland.

The findings, published today in the journal Geology, found there was a time lag of roughly 600 years between the climate event and a noticeable decrease in the number of volcanic eruptions. The study suggests that perhaps a similar time lag can be expected following the more recent shift to warmer temperatures.

Read more at University of Leeds

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you take a simple correlation and run with it.

Meanwhile in New Zealand, Mt Ruapehu is emitting high levels of CO2

Look out, we may set off a deadly volcano spiral feedback: cars leading to more volcanoes, which put out more CO2, causing more warming, which causes more volcanoes.

For the past couple of months the crater lake temperature has also held steady at about 37°C , which is at the upper end of its scale.

Fine weather allowed GeoNet to make airborne gas measurements and these recorded high levels of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide emissions from the crater lake (Te Wai Ā-Moe).

“The CO2 emission rate on 23 November was 2290 tonnes/day, one of the largest values recorded in recent years.

Can someone figure out how many cars will have to stay off the road in NZ today to make up for the volcano?

UPDATE: Thanks to Neil –  New Zealand has to get  458,000 cars from the roads tomorrow to offset the crater lake emissions. The total NZ car fleet is 5,021,994 cars. So that’s nearly 10%.

This one volcano is undoing quite a few years of vehicle efficiency gains, and it’s not even very active.

Douglas links to a cartoon take: “Let’s tax that Volcano”.

h/t ClimateDepot, Greg in NZ


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    His name says it all.


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      Mall…Lets imagine…
      “The Arthur Daley Climate Fund for All Earth Life Survival, is proud to announce its new CEO.
      A big round of applause as he steps forward.. Mr Swindle.

      It would be a marriage made in

      If this is a mystery Arthur Daley is the ‘rogue’ business opportunist of the TV show ‘Minder’. Everything is an opportunity to make a quid and if it happens to be dodgy.. well the more the merrier.
      Arthur was a Quote Master..consider them and Climate organisations as you read..”You only get out of life what you put in and a bit more if you can find a couple of mugs.”..”Terry My Son..You make contact with your customer. Understand their needs. And then flog them something they could well do without.”…….
      ..Arthur sold sold a consignment of one-legged chickens (“they’re easier to catch”) …And a big finish is to imagine your at the latest IPCC convention and Arthur comes along and offers a welcoming handshake and a warm greeting… “Don’t you worry my son, from now on the world is your lobster.”
      That just about sums up the Climate Conference attendees but after Arthur, or any Climate Conference delegate, shakes your hand best count your fingers.


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      D. J. Hawkins

      That was my first thought as well. Could any scientist (and I use that term loosely) be more aptly named?


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    The driving factor again.


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      Allen Ford

      Could one of the CO2 panic merchants please explain to me, preferably in words of less than 1 syllable so that even I can understand it, how human emissions can possibly wreak all the projected havoc routinely put forth by said panic merchants?

      Given that humans are only responsible for approximately 3% of emissions from all sources, and that total increases in CO2 have stood at a linear rate of 2ppm pa for a number of years, humans are responsible for only 0.06% of that total, so, how can they possibly be responsible for the havoc claimed for them?

      Please provide experimental and/or observational evidence, plus a full workout of the thermodynamics to support the hypothesis.


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      Rereke Whakaaro

      It is all quite simple really. There is a pragmatic answer to all of this.

      A certain percentage of potential University Students choose to do Arts subjects, because they don’t feel for mathematics. Another percentage of potential University Students Choose to do Sciency subjects, primarily because they can’t draw or play an instrument.

      There is no guarantee that the science students can do Maths, but they are prepared to give it a go, because it is better than playing a tambourine.

      Now both groups get the idea that volcano’s are hot, due to the processes required to make lava, for lamps.

      But once the lava is in the lamp, you need to use a CO2 extinguisher to ensure that it doesn’t escape. And so both groups have concerns that the lava will escape into the atmosphere, instead of being in the lamps.

      It is no fun, being in University in such a creative age. There is much to worry about.


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    People must surely be getting sick of everything being blamed on climate change. The Bali volcano must the the extreme example, as all the ice has disappeared from Indonesian waters.


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    Icelandic glaciers are known to “surge”; i.e. exhibit highly irregular bursts.

    Temperature records for Iceland have been adjusted to suit politics. Several times.


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    robert rosicka

    How about we just reduce Co2 levels down to below 100 ppm and then all our problems will be solved for good !


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    How about the whole world throw all the cars into active volcanoes to please Gaia? That makes just as much sense as the nonsense coming from catastrophic global warming scientists.


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    Sceptical Sam

    “The CO2 emission rate on 23 November was 2290 tonnes/day, one of the largest values recorded in recent years.

    Easy fixed.

    If the new socialist green Labor government in NZ was truly concerned about CO2 causing global warming it would be buying Carbon off-sets either on the international market or domestically.


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      Greg In NZ

      Our previous Climate Change Munster, Her Royal Thighness, Ms Pulla Benefit [sic], discovered NZ had purchased shonky ™carbon credits™ via Russia, which proved to be as worthless as the paper they were printed on. Shocked, I tells ya! This happened under the watch of ex-Dear Leader John “Brighter Future” Key, who was “very good friends” with a certain US Secretary of State at the time: one H. R. ‘Pufnstuf’ Clinton.

      Link below offers four, hourly-updated, webcam pics of Mt Ruapehu. It’s overcast with low visibility at the mo, the summit is still coated with some unusual, white, frozen substance (?) and there are warnings for Severe Thunderstorms later on today. Yeehaah – fireworks! Meanwhile, this is our 2nd week of calm, warm (ish), pleasant, sunny weather: if this is a result of CAGW/CC, I like it, bring it on, more please…


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      Good grief no!
      All they need to do is make it ILLEGAL for volcanoes to emit CO2. Fine ’em if they don’t comply! Gaol ’em if they don’t pay the fine! That’ll learn ’em!


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    “Can someone figure out how many cars will have to stay off the road in NZ today to make up for the volcano?”

    Yep, in 2016 the average fleet emissions (Australia) was 120g/km of CO2, the average passenger car travels 15,000 km/year, which is 1.8 tonnes/year, 5 kg/day so you would have to remove 458,000 cars from the roads to offset the crater lake emissions.


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      Worldwide volcanic CO2 is orders of magnitude greater than Warmist “scientists” admit.


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      Neil. Thanks!
      The total NZ car fleet is 5,021,994 cars. So that’s nearly 10%. Cheers, added to the post.


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        You’re welcome Jo.

        Here’s another way to look at it, NZ has approx. 84 active volcanoes, Mt Ruapehu is average, assuming they are all of similar size you would have to remove about 40,000,000 cars to offset their emissions. Aus and NZ combined have about 21 million cars, all of Australasia has less than 30 million, and a lot more volcanoes.


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    Oh my lord indeed Jo.

    Amazing what gets published in the scientific journals now. Even the once reliable journal Geology has been infected. No doubt this was peer reviewed before publication!

    Facts are: CO2 is a small percentage of volcanic gas. The major emissions from volcanoes are water vapor (steam) and SO2 that produce cooling in the atmosphere. We see this effect after big eruptions when temperatures world wide fall for a period of months after the event.

    So logically to save the planet from the global warming monster we must actually drive our cars much more so as we can have more volcanic activity and thus reduce the global temperature from the dangerous man/woman/LGBTI-made disaster we are causing. Right?

    The scientific age is over and now village idiots are running the Universities, government, big businesses and the media. All is lost! Welcome to the Neo Stoae Age.


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      Wayne Job

      Don we have had the cretaceous age we are now in the cretinaceous age, the agenda now in most countries is set by cretins.


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      But isn’t it true that most carbon (99.9%) is now contained in limestone and sediments, and that carbon came from CO2 in the air and originally out of volcanoes and other emissions from the earth’s crust?


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      New ‘Dark Ages’.
      Retreat to islands of intellectual excellence in an otherwise grey panorama of mediocrity with oceans of stupidity. Its a kind of ideologically created global idiot savant.


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    Phillip Bratby

    The route to academic success is paved with “blame it on climate change caused by humans”.


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    Problem is the current quiet sun. Lack of sunspots indicates low magnetic activity allowing Earth’s magnetic field to relax a bit. This allows more cosmic rays to reach the upper atmosphere creating more cloud cover. Excellent cooling effect. Earth’s changing magnetic field will effect magma flow down in the molten interior. If there is a way out, up it comes. More volcanic activity. Dust and gases give more cooling.

    The powers that be know this. They must keep the populace distracted to keep the green energy revolution rolling, because when the snow and ice does come green energy shuts down.

    As DonS says above, “Welcome to the Neo Stone Age”.


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    Cars causing volcanoes and bearded dragon lizards getting dumber!!
    It’s all too much.


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    Time to go off grid methinks


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    Tim Hammond

    Its not even correlation – there is a time lag of 600 years!

    How can anybody – seriously, actually, really – believe this stuff?


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    Laki, Tambora, Krakatoa…

    If only George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte and William Pitt had taken action on climate and encouraged their citizens to drive Teslas instead of big thirsty Chevvies! (There was a Gore around back then, but he was more into shooting people than saving planets.)


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    There seems to be quite a few AGW nutters from Leeds Uni.

    Maybe it is some sort of paras-ite or something in the water?


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      More like Paris-ites at the trough.


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      Or possibly the result of a connection with the Grantham Institute . To quote Wiki:

      -“The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment is a research institute at the London School of Economics and Political Science founded in May 2008.[1] The centre is a partner of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial College and acts as an umbrella body for LSE’s overall research contributions to the field of climate change and its impact on the environment. Furthermore, the institute oversees the activities of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP),[2] a partnership between LSE and the University of Leeds”-


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    Just watch how fast the Maoris disown it after years of talking it’s religious meanings to their culture.


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    Every religion requires at least one god, at least one Satan.

    While liberals decry the world’s religions (or decry just Christianity, at any rate), they have created a new religion.

    Powerful government is their god.

    CO2 is their Satan, and gets blamed for all evils of the world.


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    Increasing volcanic activity under Iceland and West Antarctica leads to snow and ice melting, which leads to some people to lose their intellectual judgement, running around in circles and screaming ‘Global Warming’ and proposing inappropriate actions.


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    Mt Ruapehu has regular coughs, snorts, farts, crater lake ejections and minor eruptions every few years. It’s an active volcano, so it’s not surprising.

    The one gas emitted, which nobody should ignore, is hydrogen sulphide. It’s the smelly one and can be toxic in sufficient quantities. Small quantities can be irritating. Basically, it’s a health hazard at all but background concentrations.

    When it’s around, ensure buildings are well ventilated to keep it from accumulating. It’s what gives the North Island city of Rotorua—also known as Rotten-rua—it’s distinctive … aromatic character.

    Local articles seem to have focused on the mountain’s CO2 emissions. CO2 is harmless plant food so the tussock grasses around the mountain will be ecstatic at this enrichment of their diet. So will the carrot growers of Ohakune. Could make for a bumper crop by the end of summer. It’s the H2S emissions which are not harmless and they’re the ones people need reminding about.


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    So…ummm…. what caused the volcano in Pompeii?


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    I hope all you Kiwis out there are pleased with yourselves. Your volcanic emissions have caused a lack of cyclones and hurricanes too. The Southern Hemisphere is worst hit so obviously it’s New Zealand’s fault.

    I’m sure your new enlightened PM Ms Thingamyjig Wotsaname will be on the job to rectify the tectonic situation as a priority. STOP CONTINENTAL DRIFT NOW I say!

    Sorry to hear about the Wellington quake too.


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    Will Janoschka


    The CO2 emission rate on 23 November was 2290 tonnes/day, one of the largest values recorded in recent years.

    More and more deliberate scam! A ‘tonne’ is a ‘weight’ and the atmosphere exhibits no wight only pressure, Archimedes 272 BC. Even if that were expressed as (2290 kg/day) it would still be high by a factor of 3. Your meteorological Climate Clowns cannot even calculate atmospheric mass correctly from surface pressure. Claimed 5.2 x 10^18kg! What fools! Gross incompetence. For science, the correctly calculated mass of the ocean’s water (incompressible fluid) remains at 1.5 x 10^21kg, 14.7 x 10^22tonnes weight! 🙂 Mass of Earth’s atmosphere remains approximately 0.1% of the mass of Earth’s oceans. Has anyone bothered to figure out WHY?
    All the best!-will-


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    multiple links:

    26 Nov: Guardian: The trouble with bitcoin and big data is the huge energy bill
    The power consumed by the internet giants’ massive server farms and the mining of the cryptocurrency are growing into a giant environmental headache
    by John Naughton
    (John Naughton is professor of the public understanding of technology at the Open University. He is the author of From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: What You Really Need to Know About the Internet)

    Once upon a time, a very long time ago – 2009 in fact – there was a brief but interesting controversy about the carbon footprint of a Google search. It was kicked off by a newspaper story reporting a “calculation” of mysterious origin that suggested a single Google search generated 7 grams of CO2, which is about half of the carbon footprint of boiling a kettle. Irked by this, Google responded with a blogpost saying that this estimate was much too high. “In terms of greenhouse gases,” the company said, “one Google search is equivalent to about 0.2 grams of CO2. The current EU standard for tailpipe [exhaust] emissions calls for 140 grams of CO2 per kilometre driven, but most cars don’t reach that level yet. Thus, the average car driven for one kilometre (0.6 miles for those in the US) produces as many greenhouse gases as a thousand Google searches.”

    Every service that Google provides is provided via its huge data centres, which consume vast amounts of electricity to power and cool the servers, and are therefore responsible for the emission of significant amounts of CO2…
    At the moment, about 7% of the world’s electricity consumption is taken by our digital ecosystem but this is forecast to rise to 12% by 2020 and is expected to grow annually at about 7% through to 2030.

    The big internet companies are acutely aware of this. Electricity costs money and they are fanatical about reducing costs. And they are desperate to avoid the PR downsides of being perceived as energy hogs. So they have responded to a challenge issued by the environmental group Greenpeace some years ago – to commit to having all of their activities powered by renewable sources. Facebook, Apple and Google made this “100% renewable” commitment four years ago and have now been joined by nearly 20 other internet companies.

    The trouble is that server farms and networks account for only 50% of the electricity consumption of our networked world. The devices we use consume another 34% and the industry that manufactures them takes up the remaining 16%. Making environmental progress on these fronts will be much harder…

    But the most spectacular illustration of computing’s environmental cost comes not from offices but from the current craze for the cryptocurrency bitcoin. As I write, one bitcoin is worth $8,129 (£6,108). In February 2011, it was worth only a dollar and on its way to its current precipitous level the price has seesawed regularly. But it’s clear that we are now in tulip-mania territory…

    According to one estimate (LINK), bitcoin mining is now consuming more electricity than 159 countries, including Ireland, Bahrain and the Slovak Republic. The same source reckons that it’s currently taking as much electricity as would be required to power 2.7m US households and that it’s responsible for 0.13% of global electricity consumption. If things go on like this, bitcoin mining will require all of Denmark’s electricity consumption by about 2020.
    So here’s your starter for 10: is bitcoin a bubble? Answers on the back of a postage stamp, please.


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    PICS/VIDEOS: 26 Nov: Daily Mail: Now it’s ICE on the line: Travel chaos as rail services are scrapped and trains get stuck as temperatures plummet below -5C and Met Office issues warning for drivers
    Parts of the country dipped as low as -5C last night, with weather warnings in place across parts of Britain
    The cold snap is expected to last into the day after snow and sleep dumped on parts of the country
    Temperatures to reach between three and five degrees Celsius in north; between five and seven in south
    By Charlie Bayliss
    Britons faced travel chaos this morning after sub-zero temperatures and wintry conditions led to last-minute cancellations and delays of up to 90 minutes on a number of rail services.

    Yellow weather ‘be aware’ warnings have been issued across parts of England, Scotland and Wales today after a combination of freezing temperatures and showers mean there is a high risk of ice.
    Temperatures overnight dipped to -6.3 degrees Celsius in Topcliffe, North Yorkshire last night – making it the lowest temperature of the Autumn so far. Meanwhile temperatures in Benson, Oxfordshire and Drumnadrochit, Scotland plummeted to -4.9 degrees Celsius.
    Parts of the country were colder than the US research base Palmer Station in Antarctica, which saw lows of just -2C overnight…


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    @ Mikewaite
    November 27, 2017 at 3:31 am · Wai
    Easy to put these guys together – part of the ‘team’
    Mutual admiration society


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    26 Nov: UK Mirror: Chris Kitching: UK weather: Winter death warning as temperatures plummet and forecasters predict ‘prolonged period’ of freezing cold
    The warning comes as Britons shiver through the coldest weekend of the season with biting temperatures that have plunged below zero
    Vulnerable Britons are at greater risk of falling ill or dying with the country in the grip of a polar blast, health officials have warned…
    Health officials have urged those most at risk in cold weather – including the elderly and very young children – to take precautions as thousands of people fall ill or die every year due to exposure…
    Forecasters have predicted that this winter could be one of the coldest and snowiest in years…

    Met Officer forecaster Luke Miall: “The temperatures are a bit below normal for this time of year, so it will be a case of wrapping up warm.”…

    Dr Thomas Waite, Public Health England’s Extreme Events team: “We know that every winter thousands of people fall ill and many die because of exposure to cold both in the home and while outdoors.
    “Those most at risk include older people, very young children and those with conditions like heart and lung disease.”

    ***Figures earlier this week showed there were more than 34,000 “excess deaths” across England and Wales over the last winter period, the second highest level in eight years…


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    comment in moderation re: 26 Nov: UK Mirror: Chris Kitching: UK weather: Winter death warning as temperatures plummet and forecasters predict ‘prolonged period’ of freezing cold

    26 Nov: UK Mirror: UK Weather: Coldest December for seven years forecast as temperatures set to plummet to -12C
    It is feared colder-than-usual weather could kill as many as 40,000 Brits this winter – after 34,000 died from winter-related illnesses last year
    By Alistair Grant & Danya Bazaraa
    Britain risks a repeat of some of the 2010 mayhem – with snow and ice risking chaos for travel on roads, by trains and planes.
    It is also feared the colder-than-usual weather could kill as many as 40,000 Brits this winter.
    Weather-related deaths usually number around 25,000 per year – and last year there were more than 34,000 excess winter deaths recorded in the mild winter…

    The Weather Company senior meteorologist Mark Stephens-Row said: “The UK’s first colder-than-average December since December 2010 is expected.
    “This December looks notably colder than recent Decembers…
    December shivers nudging -12C, even in the South, were forecast by The Weather Company and The Weather Outlook…

    Office for National Statistics figures showed 20 per cent of winter deaths are people aged under 75, with 11 per cent under 65.
    The Department of Health said cold conditions worsen winter killers including flu, chest diseases, heart attacks, strokes and dementia…

    Department of Health chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies, writing in the Cold Weather Plan for England 2017, said: “There are around 25,000 excess winter deaths each year in England.
    “Cold-related deaths represent the biggest weather-related source of mortality.”…

    26 Nov: UK Daily Star: UK weather: COLDER than Greenland! Britain faces -7C blast of Arctic winds
    BRITS will shiver in a killer freeze this week.
    by Jack Andrews
    The UK will be chillier than Greenland as Arctic winds send temperatures as low as -7C…
    And snow and ice are due to bring chaos as far south as Essex by Wednesday.
    The east and Wales are also set to be hit by snow showers before the week is out…

    The bitter temperatures have seen bookies Ladbrokes slash the odds of a white Christmas yet again, to 8-15.
    The Met Office said -7C nights are likely on Wednesday and Thursday.
    Meanwhile, Tasiilaq in Greenland, which straddles the Arctic Circle, is due -3C midweek lows…
    Even the highest expected daytime temperatures of 3-6C in the UK will feel like -1C because of windchill.

    Met Office forecaster Luke Miall said: “It turns cold again from Monday afternoon and stays colder than average for up to 10 days, with winds from the Arctic.
    “People need to be prepared for winter conditions and take heed of severe weather warnings, with ice warnings expected at short notice.”
    “Areas most at risk of snow are coastal areas in the east, north and Wales, with Wednesday seeing low-level snow possible.”


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      Ah, a good long cold spell (not snap!) in the UK. What with our nice warm weather here atm I’d say the planet is balancing the books very nicely?


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    comments re UK freeze keep going into moderation.
    haven’t come across anything from BBC today on all these warnings, much less any coverage in Australia’s CAGW-infested MSM:

    27 Nov: Daily Mail: Get used to life in the freezer! ‘Significant snowfall’ is forecast for Britain THIS WEEK as month-long -7C snap tightens its grip
    The Met Office warned of ‘significant snowfall’ in the north as temperatures around the UK continue to drop
    Could dip to -3C in sheltered spots, while health watchdogs have urged people to prepare for prolonged cold
    The Met Office said that Britain’s -7C coldest nights of winter are possible on Wednesday and Thursday
    Public Health England warned those at risk from cold to take precautions after thousands of deaths last year
    By Rory Tingle and Charlie Bayliss and Kelly Mclaughlin
    The mercury dipped to -3.5C (25.7F) in Hurn, Bournemouth, over the weekend, while South Newington reached -2C (28.4F) and Drumnadrochit, near the Loch Ness dipped to -1.7C (28.94F), while health watchdogs have urged people to prepare for a prolonged cold snap…

    The Met Office said Britain’s -7C coldest nights of winter are possible on Wednesday and Thursday in both the South and North, beating the -6.3C on Saturday morning at Topcliffe, North Yorkshire…
    Britain will be colder than Tasiilaq, Greenland, which straddles the Arctic Circle, due -3C midweek lows…
    And the low temperatures are likely to see a new level 2 Government health warning as hospitals prepare be to busier than usual., while staff prepare to make daily visits or phone calls to the vulnerable…

    Heading into next week, the Met Office warned of snow as far south as Essex by Wednesday, with the East, Northern Britain and Wales all due low-level snow near coasts.
    While temperatures will remain similar to the 3-6C that most of Britain felt during the day this weekend, the bitter polar winds next week could make it feel a bitter -1 to -2C.
    Temperatures in some parts of Britain could plummet to a brisk -7C on either Wednesday or Thursday in both Scotland or England, which would beat Saturday morning’s low of -6.3C in Topcliffe, North Yorkshire…

    Rail travel was disrupted on some southern and south eastern services on Saturday morning and National Rail advised passengers to check their routes before travelling on Sunday.
    A Network Rail spokesperson said: ‘During low temperatures electrical third rails, which power trains in parts of the country – mainly the south of England – can become icy, preventing trains from getting power.
    ‘De-icing trains run overnight to keep the rail free of ice but services can be affected.’..


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    The total NZ car fleet is 5,021,994 cars?
    Make that registered vehicles perhaps.
    Worth noting is that it is more than the current NZ population making NZ up there as a world leader in vehicle ownership (Wiki has San Merino in first place)
    And if that little dark secret was not bad enough, NZ’s largest import expense category is petroleum and petroleum products, followed in second place by vehicles and machinery.


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    Who knew???!!!


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    I have lived at sea level on Tuggerah Lakes since 1986, most of which time, I have been keeping a wary eye on the water levels, but at the moment it looks like it is further down than I can remember. Perhaps that also causes volcanoes??


  • #

    So who was revving their vehicle today?

    This is according to Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, head of information and data for Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency, Red alert issued as ash from Mount Agung rises 4,000 meters (about 2.5 miles) into the sky.


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    Now I know why all the volcanos in Victoria are extinct, the Aboriginal ran out of fuel for their cars.


  • #
    Gerry, England

    The theory goes that high speed solar windstreams trigger earthquakes and low solar activity triggers volcanoes. Noting that the last 3 weeks or so have seen just two isolated sunspots, with the current eruptions are we seeing the start of solar minimum related eruptions?


  • #
    Dave Ward

    I don’t feel that guilty. My car is a tiny 1 litre Fiat, and I do less that 1000 miles a year in it, so if it does cause volcanoes they can’t be very significant. And since I love chips I’m offsetting any damage my driving does:


    • #

      “I don’t feel that guilty”

      I feel no guilt at all.

      V8 Commodore, that provides plenty of CO2 🙂

      I don’t mind paying the extra in fuel…. to do a good thing.


  • #

    Umm.. say…. if the regions are “volcanically active” then… (rhetorical)

    A – why don’t they blame the volcanoes for melting ice?
    B – they are already active… active is active….
    C – I love the way they cannot talk about “climate change” without automatically adding “man made”.

    “Climate change caused by humans is…” – so ALL climate change is caused by humans? There is no change caused by anything else?
    If they say that there is – how does the ice melt differentiate between “man made” and “natural” then?

    Or is it that if the ice melts than that MUST be “man made”?

    And… just how stupid do these people believe the rest of humanity to be? (definitely rhetorical, the answer is “stupid enough to believe them”)


  • #
  • #

    Correlation – another word for superstition

    The propensity for AGW Climate scientists to associate any “match” of some linear behavior with their idea of what is actually happening in our climate is and has been very disturbing.

    The rush to form a conclusion from this type of singular methodology and data is beyond any of us simple folk (non Docterate).