Feedback from schools

“My class … are getting harder and harder to impress. But they came out of the show inspired and excited! Ready to try anything!”

Ellie Charlton: Teacher at Bexley North Primary NSW

‘I still think it was one of the best shows that have come to our school and, being a year 7, it was great to see on my last year.’

Peta Grandell, Mosman Park Primary WA

All children were interested in the show. Many of them came to me the next day and said how much they had enjoyed it, some had experimented at home on parents! Could we have the show again next year. What else does she do?

Anne Hancock, St Georges Basin Public School, NSW

The student response to the show was…excellent. Interested, focussed and intrigued. (She had) very good control of a difficult group of children.

Teachers of Langford Primary School, WA

Joanne made simple and not so simple science concepts, very dynamic and exciting. I’m sure that we all came away having learnt something new and eager to try some of those great experiments.

Karen Keddie, Mt Carmel School, Perth.

She maintained a high interest level for this age group. We would like to have her back next year please. She was wonderful! Excellent control.

Sheila Cammidge, Cranbrook Preparatory School, Rose Bay, NSW (P-3)

Children were engrossed and very well behaved throughout the show which showed that they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Gosford Public School, NSW

These comments are from teachers and students of Mosman Park Primary School in Perth, WA

‘Thank you again for two terrific science shows you presented to the children at Mosman Park Primary School. The children found them both interesting and exciting and were very keen to try to try some of the experiments at home. Please send us a copy of your program for 2001. We would be very interested in some more “Sensational Science from Science Speak”.’

Science Coordinator & Teacher, Denise Barnett, 13 Nov 2000

‘I think you were very enthusiastic and funny and made the show a great enjoyment. …every experiment had a meaning and … was a fantastic way to learn science. I hope I see more science shows like this…’

Rachel Matthews, Year 7

‘Today Joanne Nova came to our school to show our class, amazing things about fast air and slow air. My favorite part was when she put boiling water in a little tin, put the lid on and then the lid pops off! I think I’m going to be a scientist when I grow up.’

Kristy Lamplough, Year 3

‘I didn’t know science could be so interesting and fun to learn about. Thank you for coming in and teaching us a lot about science and performing the incredible experiments, which I never even knew were possible to do.’

Ahlia Shaw, Year 7

‘I enjoyed your show… As soon as I got home I tried the ping pong trick, but it didnt work’.

Scott Joyce, Year 7
(Scott, try the trick with balloon instead of a ping pong ball. All hair dryers work with a balloon, but some can’t hold up a ping pong ball! Also close the doors and windows to keep the air in the room as still as you can. Good Luck!) – Joanne

‘The tin can and the steam was great. I never thought about how steam could push off a lid and I would never have thought that when water was made into steam it expands 1700 times!’

Laura Nelson, Year 7

‘Thank you for the wonderful show you performed for us.’

Stephanie Lee, Year 7

‘I really enjoyed the science experiments you did. Thanks very much!’

Bradley Holmes, Year 7

‘I’m writing this letter to inform you that your show was magnificent! ‘

Philip Lochner, Year 7

‘Joanne you taught us a lot of things we never knew and how dangerous fire can be. I hope you come back to my high school next year, Shenton College.’

Joel Graham, Year 7

“It was amazing to find out the many things that we can do with genetics…on behalf of the year tens, everybody enjoyed this show.”

Prendiville Catholic College.

“We would love to have a visit from you in 2002. The students last year absolutely loved you!!”

Dianne Burne, Aranmore Catholic College Perth

Joanne has performed for over 50,000 students from Parramatta to Port Hedland, and from Queenstown to Townsville.

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