Serious Science Party Tricks

frontcoverDo the funniest, silliest, and most surprising tricks with things like paper, balloons, straws and flour. Simple, quick, easy and stunning. An activity book to keep you engrossed for hours.
65 pages – over 100 illustrations – A4 size

Packed with activities like; lids that pop off tins, air-powered rockets, slime, bubbles, ice castles, straw whistles and toys that seem to defy gravity.

The book is excellent – the kids are going to love it during the school holidays! Thank you again.
Darren Brumby, 11 Sept 2008.

Price: $14.95 AUD plus $2.50 postage (Australia)*

Price: $14.95 AUD plus $2.50 postage (Overseas)*

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The most popular experiments

Each of the tricks and experiments in the book are there because they’ve proved to be a hit. Some of them were the most requested experiments from the first series of Y?. Others were the ones that audiences love the most.

  • A paper puzzle with a secret hidden panel,
  • A rocket made form a plastic bottle,
  • Bubbles you can poke your hands through without popping,
  • A plate that hangs far off the edge of the table without falling, and
  • A ping pong ball suspended in mid-air

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