Global deaths and disasters down: UN shameless lies, up

By Jo Nova

To solve the increase in global disasters just axe the UN

Despite a galactic rise in Headlines of Doom, the world is a safer place than ever. The United Nations however is an absolute danger to our quality of life and our children’s mental health. They’ve shamelessly concocted the myth that disasters are increasing due to “climate change”.

NetZeroWatch report on a new paper on natural disasters and find that yearly deaths are down. Somehow satellites, phones, antibiotics, bulldozers and fire trucks are better at saving lives than horse drawn carts and hessian bags. Who would have guessed, apart from everyone?

From Alimonti and Mariani.:

Below the graph of natural disaster events shows a huge increase in the reporting of disasters, at least up until the turn of the century. But there is, if anything, a decline since then. There are three very different trends. But the giant bureaucratic sponge that is the United Nations can shamelessly draw a straight linear trend through this graph and tell the world that disasters are getting worse, even as they are obviously not.

In the last twenty years, humans have put out 40% of all the CO2 emissions they’ve […]

UN Chief says ban Fossil Fuel Adverts to cool world (Whatever you do, don’t let the people see how useful fossil fuels are!)

By Jo Nova

Stop Storms with Censorship!

The UN Chief reminds us that we are babies who need an unelected tribal chieftain to protect us from seeing naughty persuasive words. Lord help us if grown up doctors, dentists, economists and people who keep planes-in-the-sky are accidentally exposed to The Word Of Exxon, or Shell, or BP. They might vote the wrong way, or buy the wrong car. They might influence their own children. (They might wonder why they pay money to The UN?)

What looks acts and smells like a global government in waiting? The United Nations wants your money and control over what you read and see. They also want control over the voices of the industry they are proposing to destroy.

The latest science decree from the Experts is that fossil fuel companies are the “Godfathers of climate chaos”. They’re probably sneaking around behind you like the mafia, dropping flood-bombs on your children’s school and raining on your Pride Parade. Fossil fuels are just like tobacco now — apart from how they harvest the fields and feed the children and fly us to Barbados for beachy weekends. (Marlboro only did that in the adverts…)

The UN need […]

ESG comes undone — BlackRock, JP Morgan abandon “Climate Action 100+”

Naturally the Big Bankers dress up in trees and rivers… they wouldn’t wear the Dracula Cape when people are looking, would they?

By Jo Nova

The biggest climate bullies on the planet just got a bit smaller. There are two monster climate banker clubs in the world, and yesterday, one of them, the “Climate Action 100+” lost three of the six largest asset management funds in the world, namely JP Morgan Chase, State Street and BlackRock.

State Street manages about $3.6 trillion in funds, JP Morgan Chase about $3 or $4 trillion, and BlackRock $10 trillion, so that’s something like $17,000 billion dollars that just left the ranch. The fact that this kind of money was all grouped together in a cabal of any sort is bad enough, but ponder that now, after the biggest fish have left the tank, there’s still $50 trillion left in assets on the inside.

It appears the Climate Action 100+ group had grown too big for its boots — the new Climate Action 100+ “phase 2” strategy expected asset managers to actively hound companies to cut their emissions.

An ESG Asset Manager Exodus

The Wall Street Journal

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How cheap postage from China is another UN bureaucratic scam

By Jo Nova

As Winston Sterzel says: Seriously? Why does it cost more to send a postcard to my neighbor than it does for a Company in China to send a package right across the world? He explains how an old intergovernmental committee — the Universal Postal Union (UPU) — sets the rules so that rich nations subsidize the poor ones. Like all government committees it clings to a good idea for so many years it kills it. It was set up in 1874, and now in 2024, a nation with a space station is draining money from our postal systems and from our local jobs. What a rort… Everyone paying for postage in the West is also paying the post for businesses in China to send cheap things which undermine local sellers. It is very difficult for a business using postal delivery to compete in the West — even in its own domestic market. The UPU is — naturally — another subsidiary of the United Nations. What else do we need to know? It works as well as we’d expect any 150 year old unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy to work — like napalm on a free market.

The […]

Is 2024 “The Turnkey year”: The UN wants to decide what to inject you with

By Jo Nova

What looks, smells and acts like a World Government?

An invisible legal cage is being built around us in full view. We know they want it. The UN keeps trying to control quarantine, vaccines and travel. They’ve been pushing for disinformation enforcement since 2021. It’s a trillion dollar business model, and lifelong sweet careers. A bureaucrat would have to be mad to say “no”.

Bret Weinstein, former professor of evolutionary biology, talks to Tucker Carlson in the video below, and argues that we are in effect, living inside a coup. In May this year the World Health Organisation (WHO), a UN committee, will put forward a few modifications “to protect us all”. These harmless amendments will mean the WHO could effectively be in the room when you visit your doctor. In the event of an “emergency” foreign unelected non-representatives will decide what your doctor can and can’t prescribe for you and what vaccines you need to have, and you can’t vote them out. What could possibly go wrong?

These amendments used to be called “the Pandemic Treaty” but like a shapeshifter, it now has a different name. This is part of the language battle — it’s so […]

Rare signs of democracy in New Zealand — Govt asking if UN “Treaty” is in the national interest?

By Jo Nova

Something promising across the Tasman Sea

The newly elected government in NZ is a three party coalition, promising tax cuts and less red tape. It’s barely been sworn in, yet somehow it already has the bright idea of checking whether deals with foreign conglomerate governments (like the UN) “pass the national interest test”. This is the same sort of test foreign conglomerate companies are also supposed to pass.

It sounds brilliant, but also like the bleeding obvious. This is what democratic governments are supposed to do, every deal and every day, right? Yet in 2023, it’s seems like such a radical right wing suggestion. So often our governments are serving someone else…

The conservatives have their sights set (justifiably) on the The UN’s Pandemic Preparedness Treaty. That’s due to be adopted in theory, next May. However The UN International Health Regulations is due to be sneakily accepted by default on Thursday. Hopefully the new NZ govt can fire off a quick letter to get NZ out of that tomorrow, making Australian and other global leaders look really silly (traitorously stupid) if they don’t. See James Roguski for more on that.

New Kiwi Government to Challenge WHO’s […]

UN climate science now at “Gates of Hell” level

By Jo Nova

The UN is morphing into the New World Eco-Cathedral and the first commandment is “Give Us Your Money”

Antonio Guterres opened the Working Group Chapter on Fire and Brimstone and dug deep:

[AP News] “Humanity has opened the gates to hell,” U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said Wednesday, opening a special climate ambition summit with yet another plea for action. “ Horrendous heat is having horrendous effects. Distraught farmers watching crops carried away by floods. Sweltering temperatures spawning disease. And thousands fleeing in fear as historic fires rage.”

In a reversion to the medieval era of microbiology, apparently heat itself spawns disease from the ether. We know heat is the devil itself, the source of all evil, as the IPCC has not found one single good thing that might happen with more hotness.

No one is even pretending this is science anymore, are they?

Once equilibrium climate sensitivity is at the Gates of Hell level, where can it go next? Magma level? And is that better or worse?

The developed world was put in the naughty corner, and not allowed to speak, so they didn’t turn up, or perhaps it was the other way around.


BRICS expand to nearly half the world’s population, ask for climate money, free tech and a free pass

Written by Jo Nova

Are we paying attention yet?

The BRICS nations (in red, below) have just accepted six new members — Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Argentina, Iran, Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates (green). The block now includes 46% of the population of Earth. They make 43% of the worlds oil, and about a quarter of the traded goods. The BRICS are going to abandon the US dollar and another 20 nations have expressed a desire to join. The India Narrative, called it “a new world order”.

In other news, the BRICS groups said they’d quite like the West to keep giving them money and free climate technologies to save the world from climate change, (while the West battles the climate demons and hobbles its own economies). The BRICS promise they will absolutely, definitely, maybe get serious too in a few decades.

While they’re busy burning record amounts of coal, they oppose any trade barriers done by the developed world in the name of climate change. We wouldn’t want things like pollution, child labor or slavery to get in the way of a good trade would we?

When President Xi brags that they are the “global majority” it’s just […]

Labor Party sells out Australia, panders to the UN, to avoid a naughty reef sticker

By Jo Nova

What looks, acts, and smells like an unelected World Government telling us what to do?

The Australian government bragged about getting a six month free-pass from the global UNESCO naughty corner but in reality they were craven patsies to an absurd unaudited, unaccountable foreign committee.

The UN was threatening, as it always does, to lumber The Great Barrier Reef with an “In-Danger” sticker, despite the coral on the largest reef in the world being healthier than it’s ever been since estimates began in 1986.

To avoid the dreaded sticker of reef sin, apparently Labor saved the day by putting in a 43% emissions cut which will kill eagles and bats with wind turbines, plaster the wilderness with high voltage towers, infect the alpine lakes with feral pests and threaten whales with off shore wind plants. (That’s just for starters).

The price to appease the UN apparently includes spending another $1.2 billion to “protect the reef” (which will expand the bureaucrat class) and twisting the thumb-screws of regulation on fishermen and farmers (thus punishing the workers). The UN gave the Australian government a pat on the back for canceling the Urannah and Hell’s Gate dams. Since when […]

Global Climate Police Thwarted: US Republican States win against Net Zero Insurance Cartel

Octopus in the city image by Эльвина Якубова

By Jo Nova

23 US state Attorneys General blocked the insurance wing of the global climate police

After the States fired the first “Antitrust” volley across the bows, the largest insurance giants in the world ran for the exits. Within weeks, what was a 30 member alliance became a shell of a dozen minor insurance companies. The NZIA has effectively admitted defeat — announcing that members won’t need to set or report on their carbon targets. Phew.

In 2021 many stars of the insurance world rushed to join the global climate activist cartel — the Net Zero Insurers Alliance (NZIA) — which would have turned their industry into another branch of the global UN and WEF climate police. The plan was to make it hard for unfashionable businesses to get insurance unless they went “Net Zero” and followed the policies the UN and WEF billionaires wanted. Democracy be damned. This effectively would have dragooned the coal miners, airlines, farmers, and publishers — practically everyone who needs insurance, into setting “Net Zero” targets above and beyond their legal requirements. All businesses would have to say the right prayers to the […]

It’s Biblical climate fire and brimstone, except the UN wants to be God

By Jo Nova

UN Human Rights commissioner turns into a hellfire prophet

Volker Turk has looked into his crystal bowl and sees five or ten plagues coming — there will be famine, flood, and fire, and the Earth is melting — it may cease to exist or perhaps even evaporate? Luckily, the UN knows how to save the world, we just have to do what they say and be nice to their friends at BlackRock, Microsoft and the Chinese Communist Party. That means buying lots of windmills and solar panels because climate change is a human rights issue, but slave labor camps in Xingjiang are not.

And who cares about child cobalt miners in the Congo?

U.N. Rights Czar — ‘Truly Terrifying’ Famines, Floods, Fires, Ahead Unless ‘Climate Change’ Addressed

Simon Kent Breitbart

Volker Turk

Volker Turk, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, declared Monday the planet is “[…] burning. It’s melting. It’s flooding. It’s depleting. It’s drying. It’s dying,” as he evoked a “dystopian future” for all unless “climate change” is addressed.

The Austrian lawyer turned U.N. official said the time has come for everyone to heed the […]

UN NetZero cartel wants to make Insurance Firms into “Climate Police” but giants are fleeing

By Jo Nova

Make no mistake, the UN “finance” cartel is the supermassive black hole at the centre of the climate-mafia galaxy.

The UN Environment Programme brags that across insurance, banking and investing, it has over 450 members representing more than $100 trillion dollars worth of carrots and sticks to beat up politicians and businesses with. These are the cogs and levers of the halls of global power.

Image by Amy from Pixabay

It’s a UN programme, but the first “target setting” rules were launched at Davos at the latest World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting — the skiing holiday for corporate rulers and their celebrity minions. The Big unelected political powers holidaying with the richest people in the world. Democracy on a barbecue.

In 2021 many Insurance giants had rushed to join the global climate activist cartel designed for their industry — the Net Zero Insurers Alliance (NZIA) — which would have turned the insurance industry into another form of climate police answerable to the UN or the WEF. But it’s all coming undone now, thanks to the 23 US States who are pressing the Antitrust button. I mean, imagine if all the competitors in an industry got […]

Supercomputer prophesy of the Sixth Mass Extinction coming “like an asteroid” is a UN land grab

Art by NoName_13

By Jo Nova

The prophesy of the Sixth Mass extinction has popped up again with hyperbolic modelling to scare us out of our money and just in time for a UN convention. As Steve Milloy says it’s just a giant land and power grab by the UN, which has just finished another meeting for “Biodiversity” — it’s the Baby-IPCC for biology. It was co-hosted by Canada and China. They couldn’t even be bothered thinking up a new acronym so it was called COP15. Rinse, repeat, and press go for spin.

Journalists can cut-n’-paste the formula and adjectives from the IPCC climate press releases: blah etc blah, …close to 200 countries reached “a watershed agreement to stem the loss of nature worldwide” (but not the US). Somehow the “bleary eyed delegates” (who arrived in jets), have waved their magic wands and cast a spell to save the Earth. The solution, apparently, is for the rest of us not to use about a third of our own country, or something like that. The UN bureaucrats can decide what use is OK, and punish us with threats of “endangered listings” if we don’t spend enough on their […]

Climate lockdowns coming? You will be tracked in your suburb and happy about it.

By Jo Nova

The 15 Minute City is a UN and WEF plan, because they care about you want you to drive less.

A cartoon from the WEF just for you good girls and boys:

In the WEF’s own words — this rearrangement of cities is absolutely about climate change:

As climate change and global conflict cause shocks and stresses at faster intervals and increasing severity, the 15-minute city will become even more critical.

And the solution was the pandemic (they really say that):

The obvious, yet incomplete, answer is the pandemic…. with COVID-19 and its variants keeping everyone home (or closer to home than usual), the 15-minute city went from a “nice-to-have” to a rallying cry. Meeting all of one’s needs within a walking, biking or transit distance was suddenly a matter of life and death.

And then the dark hand of the totalitarian managers appears, as James Woudhuysen, warned in Spiked in late October:

The madness of the ‘15-minute city’

The green agenda is taking inspiration from the illiberal days of lockdown.

To this end, Oxfordshire County Council, which is run by Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green […]

UN shakedown: Threats to list healthy reef as in danger just a way to extort “climate” money

By Jo Nova

It’s a miracle. It’s only six months since they were elected but the Labor says Great Barrier Reef is OK now.

However UNESCO is still threatening to list it as “in danger”, despite record coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef for the last two years running. The “danger” label would scare off some tourists, so the Minister is lobbying the UN to stop it.

But follow the reasoning. The Minister is admitting that the UN listing is not about the reef itself, it’s about whether they have paid enough money for UN causes or adopted the right “NetZero” liturgy.

Barrier Reef in danger? The fight’s on again

Lydia Lynch and Jess Malcolm, The Australian

Ms Plibersek [Environment Minister] and her Queensland counterpart, Meaghan Scanlon, sought to distance themselves from the report’s findings, arguing they were the result of the former Coalition government’s failure to act on climate change.

“The reason that UNESCO in the past has singled out a place as ‘at risk’ is because they wanted to see greater government investment or greater government action – and since the change of government, both of those things have happened,” […]

Is that all? UN wants 4, 6 or $10 trillion a year and a “transformation of the world’s financial system”

By Jo Nova

The would be King-Emperors of the world don’t just want to transform energy and change the weather, they also want to rebuild the entire financial system, no doubt to put the UN at the centre of the rivers of money.

Make no mistake, the lauded “loss and damages” fantasy plan was but a shiny bauble to distract you. The bigger ambit is to get the West to pay for the whole world to become a solar and windmill paradise and — “obviously” that means they have to rebuild the entire world’s financial system. (They actually say that).

Consider the numbers: The combined loss and damages claim for 55 countries over twenty years amounts to just $525 billion or a paltry $26 billion a year. But building all the useless renewable farms will supposedly require at least USD 4-6 trillion a year in investments.

Sensible investors will notice that it is 200 times as expensive to try to control the weather with windmills as it is to pay for all the current (theoretical) damage. Sadly, nobody is talking about sensible investments.

The UN announcement comes dressed up in a headline about the paltry Christmas fantasy payments to […]

Winning: Antitrust laws slow down the climate plans of $130T monster cartel of UN and global bankers

by Jo Nova Banks suddenly threaten to abandon the Glasgow GFANZ “climate action” group

It was the massive miracle-funding coalition of Glasgow but it is already starting to unravel as the banks figure out that conspiring to force “climate action” puts them at risk of antitrust suits.

A month ago I wrote that 19 US States were pointing out that it’s not OK for asset managers like BlackRock and co to join together in cartels to block investment in fossil fuels. These corporations bragged about belonging to groups like GFANZ (the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero) as if it made them into saintly environmentalists. But belonging to the group meant they are also effectively restraining trade, reducing competition and acting against the interests of their clients and against the wishes of voters.

Don’t underestimate how important this is or how ugly these monster cartels are: GFANZ has attracted some 500 members which control $130 trillion in assets. But the carbon targets they are told to aim for are set by the UN through something called the Race-To-Zero campaign. So this is a quasi World Government in cahoots with world bankers. Like a Great White Shark meets a pod […]

“Nature is Striking Back!” Fake Saint Guterres exploits Pakistan’s pain to sell his climate religion and ask for money

While people in Pakistan struggle with their devastation, the UN chief has burned some fossil fuel to make sure he doesn’t miss an advertising opportunity. The poor of Pakistan need homes, medicine and food, but he wants to sell carbon schemes and solar panels. You rich sinner, you. Give us your money! The Almighty, I mean Nature itself (!) is striking back and if we don’t pay the UN enough and send more tithes to Big-Government supporters like the Renewables Industry then more people will die!

In a new scientific discovery Professor-cum-Saint-Guterres also declared 100% flood attribution to man-made CO2. This is not something the glorious Experts of the UN have ever announced, and nor will they, because it’s scientifically preposterous — but they will not correct him, because their role was never about getting the science right, just about being the window-dressing for the money grab.

Pagan witchdoctors never had it so good: In flood-hit Pakistan, Guterres appeals for ‘massive’ global support, tougher action on climate change

“[We] have all seen media images of the extraordinary destruction. I can only imagine the power and ferocity of the water as it bore down on villages, roads, bridges and […]

Another UN WHO power-grab — Global Pandemic Treaty is “a trillion dollar business deal”

Failure is Success!

Like a cancer, big-government begets bigger-government — and failure is not something that gets in the way, it’s an essential ingredient. Failure is success, because if the bureaucrats accidentally solved the problem there would be no need for more funds, more staff and more rules, geddit?

The WHO is the greatest failed bureaucracy in the world

The World Health Organisation had only one job, to prevent pandemics, and instead it helped kill at least six million people (so far), and spread disease and chaos to every corner of the world. WHO made sure nations kept flying in the bioweapon from Wuhan when they could so easily have stopped it. And Tedros, of course, is a devoted minion of President Xi, and a former Minister of Ethiopia during the time the Chinese Belt and Road expanded there. Even as China lied about the human spread and risk of Covid in January 2020 — Tedros worked as a one-man advertising man to cover the bad news and promote the leader of the CCP.

It’s just a $10 billion UN “preparedness fund”

The WHO wants a Pandemic Treaty like an IPCC committee for viruses. And both sides of politics […]

If CO2 mattered, the UN would prefer Australian coal

What will it solve if Australian coal stays underground? | Graph IEA

If Australia stops digging up clean high energy coal, hands up who thinks Indonesia, Russia, India or China will cut back too? Anyone?

Australia is stopping the world from digging up more dirty coal.

To lower greenhouse gas emissions — burn more Australian coal

But it’s never been about carbon dioxide…

Abolish our coal industry? Tell ’em they’re dreaming

Greg Sheridan, The Australian

Australia is typically the second biggest exporter of coal. But we are not the dominant producer of coal. Australia produces only about 6 per cent of the world’s coal. China produces about 50 per cent of coal globally.

Most nations that use coal have some coal of their own. Australia, with such a small population of 26 million, exports most of its coal. Our biggest coal export competitors are Indonesia, Russia, Colombia and South Africa.

In the event that we were self-destructive enough to abolish our coal industry, global coal use would not decline. Our export markets would be taken by Indonesia, Russia and so on. Countries such as China and India would be forced […]