Donations for the Thompson children

The bottom line

The Thompsons came to Australia from Oklahoma with expertise and their life savings, they’ve ticked every box, did everything the government asked them to do, but the long delays, impossible conditions and ever-changing rules, mean they face losing everything. They are in desperate need of help: people to send out emails, and to donate to help their four children in the event of bankruptcy which is an imminent threat.

The Thompson family have no funds available to them to face being thrown out on their ear by the bank.  They have applied for legal aid and been rejected. Please consider donating into the following bank account that has been set up so as any donations can’t be seized with all other assets of Matt & Janet including the few dollars left in their own bank account.

International transfers:

Here’s a special paypal donation button (in US dollars). This will go to my bank account, with an ID that means it will be recorded as a donation for The Thompson Children (Kate Abbey Luke and Will). I will transfer it. Thanks — JN

Direct transfers (best for Australian donors)

Direct bank-to-bank transfers incur less fees for Australian donors

International direct transfers are also possible (and avoid Paypal’s 4%  fees). You’ll need to ask your bank about the fees. I think they are around $20-$30, but may be much higher, and may include currency exchange fees (though Paypal charge a stack for these).

Account name – L&S Ballard

BSB – 016 770

Account number – 439863697

Description – Kate/Abby/Will/Luke

ANZ:  Bintamilling Arcade, Egerton Street, Narrogin, Western Australia


Thank you.

There is a central page for information on the Thompsons.

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