The EV car crash continues

By Jo Nova

Government plans to badger us into EV’s have hit a hurdle

Things are so bad in the world of electric cars that fields of the cars-of-the-future are appearing at ports in the EU. China has shipped 1.3 million EV’s there in the last quarter but they are piling up in car parks unsold. Countries within the EU are throwing money at customers to get them to buy EV’s, and companies are discounting too, but still it isn’t enough. EV sales fell by 11% across the EU and by 29% in Germany.

Across the Atlantic, something is going wrong in the USA too. The world’s top brand is renting space in shopping centres and airports in America to store the unsold cars.

Car dealers are warning they might not be able to sell many petrol cars, even when buyers walk in to buy them, because they can’t find enough EV buyers so they can meet the mandated target ratio. We might be at the start of a buyer freeze…

Chinese EV’s are filling up EU ports

There are just extraordinary shots of cars lined up in EU ports:


By John Varga, The Express […]


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Professor says we can stop emissions with a pandemic that kills billions

By Jo Nova

Death cult at nine

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that someone wanted an excuse to reduce global population, or limit competing tribes and religions, there’s a scientific hat for that. Climate Change is the ultimate excuse for mass death — done in the nicest possible way and for the most honorable of reasons. But isn’t that what they all say: Jim Jones, the Branch Davidians, Heavens Gate — death makes the world a better place?

The cult that pretends it isn’t a cult sells itself as “science”. I mean, what is the worst thing you can think of? Would that be one degree of warming, or the Black Death?

In Bill McQuire’s mind the catastrophe is not when billions of innocent people die.

One hundred years from now, what would our great grandchildren prefer: that the world was slightly cooler or they were never born at all? If you hate humans it’s a terrible dilemma…

Bill McGuire, vulcanologist, accidentally put his primal instincts in a tweet last weekend:

Thirty years of telling us that humans are bad has consequences. As Elon Musk said” They want a holocaust for humanity.” It turns out a televised diet of one-sided climate […]

Russia discovers oil and gas reserves in Antarctica — ten times bigger than North Sea

While no one was paying attention, a Russian ship exploring Antarctica claims it has found oil and gas deposits that are ten times larger than the North Sea. Presumably quite a lot of countries would find this very interesting. At the moment Antarctica is supposedly protected by a piece of paper, but those who want to keep something so valuable to themselves will be needing more than cellulose.

It could take some fossil fuels to protect these fossil fuels

Hard to see any nation keeping control of this oil and gas field using sailing boats, solar powered ships and missiles running on palm oil.

Russia finds vast oil and gas reserves in British Antarctic territory

Johnathon Leake, Telegraph

Russia has found vast oil and gas reserves in the Antarctic, much of it in areas claimed by the UK.

The surveys are a prelude to bringing in drilling rigs to exploit the pristine region for fossil fuels, MPs have warned.

Reserves totalling 511bn barrels of oil – about 10 times the North Sea’s entire 50-year output – have been reported to Moscow by Russian research ships, according to evidence given to the […]

There just might be 74 million reasons environmental charities ignore eagles and whales, and reject zero emission nuclear

By Jo Nova

Renewable billionaires would be crazy if they weren’t funding “Environmental Activists”

Nick Cater points out one mysterious charity, the Sunrise Project Australia had a “revenue” of $73.8 million* dollars last year and we don’t know where that came from.

Let’s say you made a fortune from Big-Government subsidies and rigged market rules — what would stop you pouring some of those parasitic profits right back into fake environmentalists groups to help “your favourite” politicians win? It has the added bonus that when your wind turbines chop up eagles or deafen the dolphins no one says a word. The same sell-out environmental groups would .. do nothing at all. Mum’s the word! Which is exactly what Greenpeace and the WWF seem to do — nothing.

Let’s just say hypothetically, that you ran a company completely dependent on politicians to create rigged market rules — like banning your main competitor? (Nuclear power). What would stop you funneling some of those profits into environmental cover groups to whip up “grassroots” whinges into a fully mature political campaign with digital databases and social media tracking?

And conveniently for them, as Nick Cater points out, the Australian Electoral Commission doesn’t classify […]

Ford explains it will have to stop selling petrol cars to poor people so it can meet government EV rules

By Jo Nova

Call it an anti-subsidy to kill the product the customers want, and call it an anti-tariff to help foreign manufacturers

The Suicide of The West continues apace.

All around the West governments are concocting rules that force car manufacturers to sell a certain ratio of EV’s to petrol cars. In the UK if they breach the ratio they’ll be fined a savage £15,000 for every petrol car. In other words, if customers don’t voluntarily want to buy as many EV’s as the government thinks they should, the rules will force the car manufacturers to restrict the petrol car sales. Obviously, what’s left of the free market will pay big money for the rare and desirable petrol cars that are permitted to be sold. Soon only the wealthy will be able to afford them, while the riff raff have to catch a bus.

One Ford manager is helpfully telling the world what these rules mean:

Ford threatens to restrict petrol car sales to meet the UK’s EV targets

By Tom Jervis, Auto Express

Introduced at the start of this year, the ZEV mandate requires manufacturers to ensure that a minimum percentage of their […]

Aurora on display “Strongest storm since 2005”

By Jo Nova

Just in case you happen to be near clear night skies… they are being reported in NZ, East and West Australia. Check the Glendale App.

BBC NEWS “For the first time since 2005, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) has issued a G4 geomagnetic storm watch for this weekend, the second highest on its scale.”

SEVERE GEOMAGNETIC STORM–NOW!! The first of six CMEs hurled toward Earth by giant sunspot AR3664 just hit our planet’s magnetic field. The impact on May 10th at 1645 UT jolted magnetometers around the world (e.g., 108 nT in Boulder CO) and sparked a severe (G4-class) geomagnetic storm. This storm is underway now. More CMEs are following close behind

h/t CO2 Lover



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Cats, dogs, rabbits, geese and frogs lived in the high Arctic during a hotter era 9,000 years ago

By Jo Nova

This new study pokes holes in the dogma five different ways

Credit to Kenneth Richards who found the study and discussed it at NoTricksZone

Bones in a cave inside the Arctic circle show that the world was hotter, the climate is always changing, and life adapts very well.

A special cave in far northern Norway has a a trove of thousands of old bones. They are deposited in layers that stretch back from 5,800 years ago to 13,000 years ago. And it’s been a radical change: at the start, the cave was submerged under the ocean, so the bones are mostly marine species. But a few thousand years later the weather was warm, and birds and mammals had moved in. By 6,000 years ago the researchers estimate it was the hottest part of the Holocene and 1.5°–2.4°C warmer than the modern era of 1961–1990.

After that, the cave was blocked by scree, and the bone fragments sat there seemingly undisturbed for nearly 6,000 years while the ice sheets moved and the Vikings came and went and the world cooled. Then in 1993 someone happened to build a road nearby and found the cave. Now a team […]

Wind turbines could steal as much as 38% of the power off turbines downwind and even from ones 50 kilometers away

By Jo Nova

The more wind turbines we have the more useless they are

There goes those plans to cover the continental shelf with talismen to the Wind Gods.

New research shows wind turbines off the East Coast of the US could end up stealing as much as a third of the energy from other wind turbines downstream. And in some conditions, the turbulent wake they leave might stretch out 55 kilometers behind them. This effect is worst on turbines in the same “farm” but could even affect other wind farms a long way off.

The wake effect will be strongest in summer. We’ll just have to ask everyone to turn off their air conditioners then?

Scientific civilizations do this sort of research before they commit $10 trillion dollars, set up a trading scheme, and blow up the coal plants. Imagine if building a coal plant near another plant made it 30% less efficient on hot days…

Hat tip to the NetZeroWatch email list:

Wind turbine ‘wake effect’ could reduce arrays’ power output by 30%

By Kirk Moore, WorkBoat

The researchers’ paper published March 14 in the journal Wind Energy Science suggests that offshore wind […]

Young adults losing the climate faith in the US, and only one third of voters think the IPCC experts are right

By Jo Nova

Good news: despite 2023 being the hottest year since Homo Erectus, there was a 17% fall in the number of 18 to 34 year olds who call “Climate change” a very serious problem. Even though there were hottest-ever-headlines month after month, the punters lost the faith.

No one is cracking champagne, because 50% of young adults still tell pollsters they think it is a “very serious problem”. But when all is said and done, at least half the generation that was drip-fed the dogma since kindergarten, can not only see through the catastrophism but they are brave enough to tell a pollster that too.

For the most part, after a few hot El Nino years, “climate fear” is back where it was in 2016 or so. Most people still want the government to solve the weather with someone else’s money. But where younger people were once much more enthusiastic about a Big Government fix than older people were, now that gap is almost closed. What was a 21% difference between those age groups is now only 2%. That’s a whopping fall in faith in the government to do something useful, or probably, a recognition that whatever the […]

Mark Zuckerberg shows exactly how worried he is about climate change on his new diesel 5,000 ton Mega-yacht

By Jo Nova

They’re not even pretending anymore

Hands up who thinks Mark Zuckerberg lies awake at night worrying that climate change will destroy Pacific islands? This is a man who fights “climate misinformation online” but destroys ecosystems on weekends…

Hypocrisy is thy name: He hopes you will use his virtual reality glasses so you can visit friends online without using a car, a boat or a plane, but he’ll visit his own friends in his $300 million mega-yacht.

In the world we thought we lived in, this would have made him a laughing stock on MSN et al, and pretty much rule him out from grandstanding on climate change, or ever being invited to the UN struggle sessions again, but we know the prostitutes for climate grants will smile and fawn, and so will the politicians, and so will the media.

But all over the internet, people are mocking him: “Don’t you love it when they lecture us about our CO2 emissions from the private jet or their super yacht?”

Mark Zuckerberg’s New Diesel-Powered 287-Foot Mega-Yacht Moored In Fort Lauderdale Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, known for his climate change advocacy, has recently added a new $300 million […]

Surprise! The World’s biggest bankers are suddenly energy pragmatists

By Jo Nova

JP Morgan, BlackRock drop out of climate banker cabal, and admit the Net Zero transition is “delayed”

In February three of the four largest financial houses in the world, left the giant financial cabal called“Climate 100+” (the fourth one left a year ago). BlackRock, JP Morgan and State Street all parted ways with the billionaire-club of philanthropists trying to bully the world into buying their own renewables. In the two months since then, two of their CEO’s have put out “letters to shareholders” predicting how the transition is going to be slower and harder and how we still need fossil fuels.

Suddenly everyone sounds like an energy skeptic.

There are lots of reasons for this shift:

1: US Republican States are pointing the “AntiTrust” gun at the billionaire banker club because it looks exactly like a monopolistic cabal doing its best to collude to reduce competition. The States are also firing up the fiduciary duty canon. Hence the bankers not only want to back away from the cabal, they want to sound like bankers that care about investing their clients funds.

2. The renewables bubble is deflating fast, and the CEO’s can […]

Wild Experiments? Alice Springs fossil fuel grid becomes too unstable with more than 13% solar power

By Jo Nova

Ponder how destructive solar power is: It only takes 13% solar to push a small grid to the edge

A little bit of solar power causes mayhem on a perfectly good grid.

NT Electricity Grid Map (Click to enlarge) Darwin is 1,300 km or 800 miles in a straight line from Alice Springs.

The Renewable Crash Test Dummy Country is aiming to be using 82% renewable electricity by 2030, but instead of making sure this works on a small scale at any one of our remote microgrid locations, where electricity is expensive to start with, we thought we’d do the experiment on the whole nation instead.

So it is “sobering” to see how this fails at Alice Springs. If there was a place on Earth that is well suited to wind and solar power, it surely is Alice Springs which is 1,200 kilometers from the Northern Territory’s main electricity grid. Surrounded by a million square kilometers of largely uninhabited arid land, if we can’t plaster enough solar panels and windmills here to support a town of 25,000 people with no heavy industry to speak of, where can we?

Yet the bare truth is that solar […]

EV Hell continues: Crash victims might have to be “left to die”, Hertz dumps another 10,000 cars, Tesla sacks whole charging team

By Jo Nova

Chronicling the collapse of the Big-Government-made EV bubble

In today’s EV obituary column, Elon Musk has dropped a bombshell. Two months after Telsa chargers became the industry standard (which promised to save the other car makers) his profits fell, and he’s fired the entire EV charging team overnight. Hertz, meanwhile, has realized that dumping 20,000 electric cars in January was not enough, and it has to offload another 10,000 electric cars, which now amounts to half its EV fleet. And then comes the news that there might be a secondhand “timebomb” coming at the eight year mark when most EV battery warranties run out and cars will become “impossible to sell”.

As if that’s not enough, this week the fire and rescue experts in NSW are warning in the politest possible way, that they might have to do a “tactical disengagement” of a car accident victim, which means leaving them to die in an EV fire if the battery looks likely to explode. They say that first responders need more training, as if this can be solved with a certificate, but the dark truth is that they’re talking about training the firemen and the truck drivers […]

German solar industry collapsing: unable to make solar panels from solar power

By Jo Nova

About 90% of solar panels installed in Germany come from China, and earlier this year one of the last solar panel manufacturers closed in Germany. Last week, what was left of the industry begged for mercy (and subsidies) which they didn’t get. Now another German solar panel manufacturer has closed down.

For some cruel reason German factories which are close to their customers, can’t compete with distant foreign factories which have access to slave labor, fossil fueled shipping and cheap coal fired electricity?

The bigger question, seemingly, is how did the country that invented the printing press, diesel engines, and the theory-of-relativity get fooled by such a stupid ploy? Someone told them they could save the world with unreliable energy, so they converted their generators to unreliable ones, only to discover that they can’t afford to use unreliable generators to make the unreliable generators they need to keep saving the world?

The only government stupider than Germany is the one that has already seen how badly this worked out and announces they’re going to do the same thing. Australia is not only ten years too late, but China has flooded the market to the […]

Renewable energy is too expensive to make “green hydrogen” — Twiggy goes to Arizona instead

Image by Manuel Angel Egea

By Jo Nova

Only 18 months ago the Australian government gave $14 million dollars to Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest to figure out if his team could build a 500MW electrolyser to make hydrogen gas on an island near Brisbane. It was going to be a glorious Australian green-techno future, the largest hydrogen plant in the world, but it’s missed three deadlines in the last three months to greenlight the project. Instead the Australian company is going overseas.

As Nick Cater points out this part of the made-in-Australia renewable superpower is going to be made-in-Arizona because they still have cheap electricity — a miraculous 7.5c a kilowatt hour!

Australia’s manufacturing decline is a story of broken promises and failed industry welfare programs

Nick Cater, The Australian

Bowen described the project’s success as “critical” to Australia’s ambition to be a green energy superpower.

It turns out abundant sun was not such a competitive advantage in the manufacture of green hydrogen. Low taxes, fiscally responsible government and cheap and reliable carbon-free energy are far more appealing drawcards for investors.

The future is already being built in Buckeye, […]

Ford lost $1.3 billion in a quarter, a loss of $132,000 on every EV sold

Rutger van der Maar

By Jo Nova

Remember when Ford was just losing $38,000 on every EV? Those were the good days

The biggest star in the automotive world at the moment is a black hole, and it’s swallowing whole industrial giants. It’s hard to imagine a faster way to sabotage whole nations than to disguise your spies as academics and environmentalists. Then get them to convince the government to command a whole new market into existence in a highly technological field with the wave of a legislated wand.

These numbers are astronomical:

Ford just reported a massive loss on every electric vehicle it sold

By Chris Isodore, CNN: Ford’s electric vehicle unit reported that losses soared in the first quarter to $1.3 billion, or $132,000 for each of the 10,000 vehicles it sold in the first three months of the year, helping to drag down earnings for the company overall.

Ford, like most automakers, has announced plans to shift from traditional gas-powered vehicles to EVs in coming years. But it is the only traditional automaker to break out results of its […]

People don’t believe renewables are cheap any more, so activists pretend they never said it was

By Jo Nova

The sore losers of the renewable-fantasy hope you don’t expect them to apologize

We are at the beginning of the big-flip. The activist pundits are suddenly realizing that renewables aren’t cheap and worse, that the public know it. Without blinking, they’re switching from telling us how cheap renewables are to saying of course, it’s going to be difficult, like everyone knows this and they haven’t been completely wrong for twenty years and wasted trillions of dollars.

They hope of course to erase the past, skip the apology, and slide the public straight into acceptance — that the transition will cost more, of course.

Take Peter Lewis, of Essential Polling. He writes snidely in The Guardian:

Here’s the truth: energy transition is hard. Not everyone gets a pony

The climate crisis has long been defined by its lies: From the original sin of science denial, to Tony Abbott’s confected carbon tax panic, to the latest yellowcake straw man. But the most damaging porky of all might be that the transition to renewable energy will be easy.

Did you see what he did there? He blamed and named conservatives and then pretends they were the ones […]

Alinta chief admits the transition has “soaring costs”, and has stalled because of the rooftop solar glut

Solar panels eat the profits of the reliable generators for lunch

By Jo Nova

The system is reaching a crisis point and April is turning out to be the month of confessions

His speech was the sound of an industry being tortured. The transition is going backwards. Big projects are stalled. Costs are rising and reliable old assets are being closed too quickly. It’s like we are disassembling the plane as we fly it…

A couple of weeks ago in Australia the chief of Alinta Energy admitted in a big speech that the industry needs to be honest with the public about the costs of the transition. This marks a big shift from the “cheaper and cleaner” misinformation which the renewables industry was practically built on. Jeff Dimery had a stark warning — his company bought a large old coal plant in Victoria for a billion dollars in 2018, and it powers one fifth of Victoria. But to replace that today with renewables would cost $10 billion.

But he also laid bare the crushing effect subsidized rooftop solar PV panels are having on the transition. No news outlets seemed to appreciate the implications of this. Fully one in […]

Backpedalling: Now “Net Zero” is an unhelpful slogan says UK Climate watchdog

By Jo Nova

The term “Net Zero” has become a dirty word

It’s a win. The climate wars will rage on, but the Net Zero spell isn’t working any more, so they will have to find a newer one without such a smell. The sacred propaganda term that was going to save all life on Earth until five minutes ago is more than just a worn out advertising slogan, the skeptics campaign against it has made it a toxic term. Like ESG, it’s become a liability.

The people know “Net Zero” is not just a fluffy footprint on a forest, but an attack on their wallet and their lifestyle. It’s a great credit to GWPF and NetZeroWatch in the UK for turning this phrase back against the infinitely well funded financial-house-and-government-alliance.

Net zero has become unhelpful slogan, says outgoing head of UK climate watchdog

The Guardian (of the ruling class)

The concept of “net zero” has become a political slogan used to start a “dangerous” culture war over the climate, and may be better dropped, the outgoing head of the UK’s climate watchdog has warned.

“Net zero has definitely become a slogan […]