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US Queen-of-Witchdoctor-Congress legislates so Mother Earth does not get angry

The Energy debate in the most powerful nation on Earth is nothing more than stone age animism. Or perhaps it’s not that sophisticated. It’s just a kindergarten story.

The Democrats are the new Religious Caste. They have the hot-line to God, to Gaia, and luckily for Earth, at the eleventh hour they have managed to send a smoke-signal to Mother Earth to calm her down.

Nothing is too inane, too simplistic or too banal:

“How can they vote against The Planet? Mother Earth Gets Angry from Time to Time and this legislation will help us address all of that”. –– Nancy Pelosi

Marc Morano asks: “Will human sacrifices be next?“.

Surely yes, and the next one is on the way. If they can just jail Trump it will stop the seas rising.

How indeed can anyone vote against the Planet. Say hello to the Rocks of Democracy…

For a couple of hundred years we rose above the witchdoctor spells and promises of shaman.

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Eat crickets and stop droughts

Cheddar Cheese Puffs made with cricket flour are already here (in Canada anyway).

The company that sells the Cricket Puffs is called ActuallyFoods, possibly because BugFoods, or Pests-for-dinner might not be a winner.


Worth noting: “People who are allergic to Shellfish may be allergic to Crickets”.

They are professional marketeers. Putting cricket flour into the junk food category first is a way to sneak it in and quietly normalize it. People buying junk foods at the supermarket probably aren’t reading the ingredients list too closely, and people eating puffs at parties definitely aren’t.

Remember eating crickets will change jet streams

Or at least make you feel saintly:


We prioritize the planet just as much as we do our health. Our superfoods produce less emissions and waste than traditional health foods, so they’re an easy choice for eco-friendly eaters.

This is food with all the fashionable buzz-words:

Powered by sustainably farmed, organic crickets, our puffs are high in protein, rich in vitamins such as B12, and a natural source of prebiotics.

I note these crickets are not free-range.

At $5.99 a bag they will be aimed at the wealthy-Greens seeking self-advertising or […]

Monday Open Thread

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The 1540 Megadrought in Europe: Rhine ran dry, fires burned, and no one blamed coal or beef steak

Despite the news that the River Rhine is in a crisis due to “climate change” it has happened before, and many times. There are rocks in European rivers called Hunger Stones where people carved messages to mark the depth of the pain in the droughts. There are historical records of the Rhine drying up in spots so badly that people could walk across it with dry feet. In 1540 wells ran dry that had never run out of water. The whole decade was horrible, and in 1835 in Transylvania people were so hungry they ate dead cats and dogs.

History is being actively wiped out because it never serves the narrative. Megadroughts were longer and deeper in the last 2000 years. The whole decade of the 1530s was filled with drought but the worst drought was 1540.

Hell on Earth: the European drought of 1540

Patty Jansen

In the summer of 1540, the people searched ever more desperate for drinking water. Even a meter and a half under the normal water table in Switzerland was not a drop of water to be found, noted Hans Salat at the time. Spring and upwellings that had never faltered […]

The Energy-crisis is pulling Europe apart

Rod Dreher, The American Conservative, pays close attention to a warning from Viktor Orban

Orban points out how the Energy-crisis is pulling Europe apart.

The decision on decommissioning the last nuclear power plants in Germany during a crisis makes no sense and the rest of Europe is being expected to make up for this folly, as well as the climate change obsession that put the EU into this crisis in the first place:

Europe’s Coming Big Freeze

Rod Dreher

Continent leaders preparing for winter rationing, shutdown of industries. Viktor Orban warned them

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has been warning for months now that Europe’s unqualified support for Ukraine is unsustainable … In his controversial speech in Transylvania, the West stupidly obsessed over his unwise “mixed-race” remarks, but these observations about the war and the coming winter were spot on, and far more important:

In passing, I will say a few words about European values. Here, for example, is the latest proposal from the European Commission, which says that everyone must reduce their natural gas consumption by 15 per cent. I do not see how it will be enforced – although, as […]

Trump Thanks FBI For Kicking Off His 2024 Reelection Campaign

First the satire:

By the Babylon Bee.

“They came into my home to make your favorite president look like a criminal. Such losers, such losers. But everyone still loves me so it’s ok. They didn’t even find anything! I’m gonna be the President again!”

Sources close to Trump say his first act as President will be to fire his own appointed FBI Director Christopher Wray and replace him with a used dust mop from the Capitol janitor’s closet before razing the Hoover building and banishing all FBI agents to Gitmo.

“I’m gonna fire everyone, literally everyone in government,” said Trump. Federal Reserve? Gone! EPA? Gone! CIA? Gone! Department of Education? ATF? HHS? Gone, gone, gone!”

The news media responded to Trump’s statement by calling him a “threat to democracy worse than Hitler” while tearing their clothes and heaping dust upon the crowns of their heads.

Then the news:

Half the country already knows the FBI Raid was not about “upholding the law” and 4 out of 5 Republicans say they are more likely to vote. The Democrats, and Team FBI may have miscalculated. They are desperate, which is perhaps the […]

Have the Democrat-FBI cabal awakened the sleeping bear?

Nigel Farage: Many people were skeptical about the concept of a “Deep State” — they’re not any more.

” The World Is ‘Bewildered’ By The ‘Politicization Of America’s Justice System’” says Farage, and “It’s a war to save Western Civilization”, but despite that, Farage is cautiously upbeat.

I do think… the Democrats have completely overstepped the mark. … and whilst it’s a very bad thing that’s happened, I think this will play very very well for Donald Trump.

It’s a shocking day but it may well prove for all of us on the nationalist, populist cause, to be a good day.

Trumps populist message could be more potent now than it was in 2016. (Not half!)


All fingers are pointing at the FBI now

There was no FBI before 1908. But once it started, it was inevitable that the FBI was going to serve the government that feeds it. And since Big-government pays better than small government, it was also inevitable that the FBI would become a tool of Bigger-Government. Following the same trajectory, it’s just a matter of time before the FBI becomes One with Big Government and then we […]

What do you do when you can’t win elections legally — raid political opponents homes…

Anything but let Donald Trump run in 2024

A few perspectives on the FBI Raid of Mar-a-Lago that we didn’t hear on the ABC news tonight.

The word of the day is “Banana Republic”

There are two legal systems in the US now. If you’re on the same team as the Regime, the FBI will happily go slow on your laptop investigation, even if it implicates past Vice Presidents, and potential Presidential candidates and in an election year and on matters of national security. Likewise, using private servers while being Secretary of State and getting a subpoena and bleaching 33,000 emails. That’s OK too.

Mark Steyn: Criminalizing Opposition in a Pseudo-Republic

“we’ve now moved into hardcore banana-republic territory: the regime’s cops are busting into the home of the opposition leader. “

Steyn speaking three days after the “election”:

It’s my view that after the Biden regime takes power, as in many coup situations, they will want to have the previous leader arrested. I’m being perfectly serious here. It is the intention of the Democrat Party to put Trump in jail. So, when he launches the ‘Trump News Network’, it’s gonna need to be based out […]

Handy tip: Vitamin D deficiency causes chronic inflammation (which means aging, dementia, bad stuff)

How many people have died of a vitamin D3 deficiency in the last 20 years?

If you are deficient in Vitamin D3, you may reduce chronic inflammation just by taking this five cent supplement and getting a bit of sun. A new study finds evidence that low levels of Vitamin D are not just linked, but cause the dreaded chronic inflammation which is so tied to aging that researchers talk about inflammaging in medical papers. The term captures the diabolic systemic effects of inflammation that accelerate aging, dementia and heart disease and a whole alphabet of other conditions. But don’t wait for your CDC, NHS, or AHPRA-approved-doctor to tell you. The global anti-inflammatory drugs market was worth USD 94 billion a few years ago. Imagine what it would do to that market if everyone sorted out their vitamin D levels?

Since Covid exacerbates inflammation, and people who are obese find it very hard to get their vitamin D blood levels up, it fits that aging, inflammation, obesity and low vitamin D3 make for a bad combination with SARS-2. And if inflammation causes some cases of Long Covid, then it seems to me that vitamin D3 may help with that too.


100 EV’s mysteriously destroyed in fire in India

In early June an incident of extreme-climate change-policy hit a car park in India at 5am.

UPDATE: As commenter DLK says it’s a case of “sudden vehicle death syndrome (SVDS)”.

Sudden energy release in car park.

Imagine if this happened in an apartment block basement while people slept above it?

100 vehicles catch fire in Delhi’s Electric Vehicle charging station – India.

Batteries News

A massive fire broke out in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar electric vehicle parking station. A total of seven fire tenders reached the spot to douse the raging fire.

The authorities are yet to conclude the reason for the fire. However, it could have happened because of a short circuit. As per reports, nearly 100 vehicles parked caught fire in the accident. But no one got injured.

As many as 30 new e-rickshaws, 50 old e-rickshaws, 10 private cars, 2 scooters and a motorcycle were gutted due to the fire spreading through the parking lot. The Delhi Fire Department received the call at 5 AM.

This is not an electric vehicle-related fire. … There are several hazards in the fuel pumps as well. We have seen […]