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End-of-World Apocalypse Cult makes “Black Box” to record climate crash

Obviously this “black box” is not trying to record data for posterity, or they wouldn’t have shaped it into a tourist attraction or powered it with solar panels. Most likely it’s a talisman for believers and fence sitters to give reassurance after all the prophesies fail, and to normalize the cult. A kind of apotropaic magic.

Human pagan religions have long venerated stones. Think Stonehenge, Easter Island and the mustatils of northwest Arabia. The “Black Box” is just another piece of the late late Neolithic.

It will turn out to be a monument to mass hypnosis:

This Mysterious, Indestructible ‘Black Box’ Will Tell The Future What Happened to Us

Sure, but will The Future still speak macOS Mojave?

At a distant end of the Earth – hidden somewhere on the remote Australian island of Tasmania – a strange structure is about to witness and record the end of the world as we know it.

This won’t record the end of civilization if it comes, but it will symbolize the decline.

The project, called Earth’s Black Box, is a giant steel installation, soon to be filled with hard drives powered by solar panels, each […]

The Branch Carbonian Cult: and the difference between “denier” and “cultist”. One may be true.

Queen Meave and the Druid, Eleanor Hull, The Boys’ Cuchulainn, Image: S. Reid.

Some commenters wonder why I allow the word cultist, but sometimes there is no better term. Remember, apocalyptic storms are coming, and we’re all going to die, unless we heed the prophesies of the new Gods of Science.

What’s the difference between a real disaster foretold by scientists, or a cult? Evidence, for starters, and we’re still waiting for observations that support the idea that a catastrophe is coming, but there are more clues.

In normal conversations people can be, you know, wrong, but in a cult, wrongness is not a comment on a scientific point, it’s a statement of identity and a judgment of moral fitness. Those who speak against the (insert doctrine) are not just wrong, they are evil, immoral, and not “worthy” of polite conversation. Believers who become skeptics, are exiled (think “apostate”) and let’s not forget the sacrifices for penance (anyone want to buy a carbon credit for their sins?).

Then there’s the machinations to avoid dealing with reality. No matter what evidence skeptics point to, the answer is effectively always the same: the weather-balloons, satellites, ocean buoys and temperature proxies are […]