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Convoy leaving from Perth 7am tomorrow (Thursday)

Janet Thompson, organizer of the Perth Convoy (the Orange convoy) writes to me:

The Perth Convoy departs Thursday 7am sharp at Belmont Racecourse.

Please come and drive with them for a short while just to give them a big send off on their long journey to Canberra.

Janet also says: “Hey, you gotta watch this!” It’s a Convoy wrap up on Youtube. Nicely done too.

Matt and Janet explain below in a youtube spot, why they are joining the convoy, (as usual, they selflessly don’t mention their own shocking story).

Encourage all the people you know to join us at Belmont Racecourse, starting at 6:00 for a 7:00 am start!  Emphasize to people that we need them to show up with their own vehicle and drive some ways with us.  It’s okay if they can’t go all the way!

We’re very excited about travelling across the Nullarbor.   If we have 50 vehicles or fewer, we will start up Great Eastern Highway.  If there are more than 50 vehicles, we’ll stay on Graham Farmer Freeway (Orrong) to Roe Highway and go north there.  The police have recommended this, and we want to accommodate them as much as possible.

Details for each of the convoys are now available – click on the following links for your convoy:  Convoy #1Convoy #2Convoy #3Convoy #4Convoy #5Convoy #6Convoy #7Convoy #8Convoy #9Convoy #10Convoy #11

For the original Convoy announcement, go HERE.  For the subsequent Routes announcement, go HERE.  To RSVP, go HERE.  For what YOU can do, go HERE.  For MSM mentions, go HERE.

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17 comments to Convoy leaving from Perth 7am tomorrow (Thursday)

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    I wish them well, and all of you trying to take back your government for the people!


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    I’ll be there for part of the way – wish I could manage the whole trip. It would be great to roll into Canberra.

    O/T Is anyone surprised that the likes of Tin Flannery, Stephan Lewandowsky, or Clive Hamilton haven’t found a way to blame the London Riots on anthropogenic Climate Change?


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    Jaymez, crikey, you are right! I haven’t seen any news stories yet claiming that rising CO2 causes lawlessness, rioting or TV taking! Mark that in the diary.


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    Beth Cooper

    Traditionally riots stem from economic discontent, lack of paid employment.
    Where are all the jobs that are supposed to come from the new Green economy?
    Nothing doing there, only higher power bills and soon the unemployed will have to pay more for food as well.


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    Kneel 8250

    Jaymez, Joanne, Dont worry I am sure they are working on finding a link somehow. Cant let a good crisis go to waste eh??

    Good luck and best wishes to the Convoy.


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    Of COURSE increased CO2 causes riots! Any junior high school kid can draw a graph showing CO2 rising and riots increasing over the same time basis with good correlation, therefore we can only conclude that increasing CO2 causes riots.

    Now, I’ll just fire up Excel to knock up the graph (do I have to hide the medieval riot period?), then off to the govvermint coffers for some funding to justify(cover up) my findings(lie) (strikeout as required)


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    Maybe we should start betting on when and how they link current disturbances to AGW?
    You’re right Kneel 8250, they couldn’t possibly let a good crisis go to waste.

    Good luck to the convoy.
    I hope everyone can stay on message despite the attempts to provoke you all.
    Even though the media and organanisations like ‘Getup’ are trying to foster an intellectual smear campaign….most of us know who you really are and we all support you.
    You are ordinary, hard working tax payers who have had enough of this current government poking their noses into areas they have no mandate to interfere and sticking their hands into tills they have no right to raid.
    We will wave and cheer as the purple brigade comes through this area.


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    Janet/Matt & Co.

    You will have achieved a major breakthrough if you can deliver this message to Julia Gillard:

    1. She is a public servant.
    2. We are the public.

    Cheers & Godspeed!



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    Ferdinand Engelbeen

    Good luck to the convoy, wish I was there to join the protest!


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    Jud and I will be heading down with the White Convoy. The local radio station only found out about it on Monday and I spoke to them Tuesday during the”Forum”. The announcer wants me to call from the rally next Monday. An outside broadcast so to speak. I’m hoping for a huge turnout, something the Canberra Press cannot ignore although I know they will try. One thing in our favour is that each time Gillard and her flag wavers in the media cast scorn upon the protesters they are alienating an ever larger slice of Australia.

    I noticed a comment in one of Bolt’s pages where the writer saw the protesters yesterday as too old to appreciate the new science. If Alex Sloane on ABC radio is an example of the young scientific literate then I am pleased to be in the older group. At least we know the difference between data and propaganda.


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    Janet James

    Hi Everyone from a big supporter from the UK
    Good luck to all the convoys and especially to Janet Thompson and family.
    We hope you are successful in changing Juliar’s mind or at least someone who can change the course they are taking.
    We are suffering massive hikes in fuel prices here because of stupid green taxes!!
    All good wishes


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    Bloke down the pub

    Is anything being organised by the Oz community in the UK? A rally outside Australia House on the same day the convoy rolls into Canberra might rattle the cage a bit. It might make David Cameron realise what he’s letting himself in for as well. Good luck to all taking part.


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    All the best to everyone in the convoy. It is more than Oz at stake but right now it is your battle. Keep it peacful but tough. Regards from Sweden.


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    Thanks for the message and to those who organized the Perth Convoy.

    Public lawlessness and rioting may occur when the public realizes that world leaders have deceived them for decades by promoting anthropogenic global climate change as the “common enemy” [1] in order to:

    a.) Unite nations,
    b.) End the space race, and
    c.) Avoid the threat of nuclear annihilation.

    Lawlessness and rioting may be avoided if world leaders promote this more complete list of needs [2] :

    a.) World peace,
    b.) An end to nationalistic warfare,
    c.) An end to the threat of mutual nuclear annihilation,
    d.) Cooperative efforts to protect Earth’s environment and bounty,
    e.) Governments controlled by the people being governed, including
    f.) Transparency and veracity (truth) of information provided to the public.

    Items e.) and f.) seem essential for human rights in a democracy.

    1. Deep Roots of Climategate

    2. Harmony from Climategate

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo


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    Bush bunny

    Best of luck Convoy, but – let’s hope that Juliar doesn’t take this opportunity to make something out of it. Like – all those fumes from
    CO2 guzzling trucks and people is just not on. Send in the Green cops,


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    The Black Adder

    Dear Jo and Co.
    Plus all them bloody Convoy Legends…..

    Today, was one of the best days of my life!

    I had PINK on my car today and I was SO GAY !!! ( Happy I mean….LOL.)

    I left early for work (leaving my wife to feed my three beautiful children) so I could get done what I had to get done, because I just needed to be at the start of the CONVOY from Cairns !!

    I met people there like me. Ordinary working, tax payers who have had enough of the incompetence, waste and the lies, for example,

    ” There will be no Carbon Tax under a Government I lead.

    The Convoy Anthem was blasting out (thanks to Bev. I think) amongst the trees and the Hendra Virus Carrying Bats that we are not allowed to exterminate thanks to the greens….

    This Convoy will grow into something Australia has never seen before and it will be glorious!!

    Long live democracy and the aussie desire for a fair go !!!!

    God Save Australia !!! Because nothing will save this lying Government !!!

    The Black Adder

    Cairns. Far North Queensland. Australia.


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    Bush bunny

    The ABC and Tony Abbott are in the news again, just Google. They are shutting down Hazelwood, what are they going to replace it with, solar panels and wind turbines. Give me patience.

    Check out Convoy of No Confidence on There are several
    videos and even one heavy rock band got in the act too. Not that I understood everything they said, but caught ‘Toxic tax’. The Lucky Country?

    The media is catching on including ABC news. How can she ignore this.
    Or the Greens, Tony Windsor and Oakshott.