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Convoy leaving from Perth 7am tomorrow (Thursday)

Janet Thompson, organizer of the Perth Convoy (the Orange convoy) writes to me:

The Perth Convoy departs Thursday 7am sharp at Belmont Racecourse.

Please come and drive with them for a short while just to give them a big send off on their long journey to Canberra.

Janet also says: “Hey, you gotta watch this!” It’s a Convoy wrap up on Youtube. Nicely done too.

Matt and Janet explain below in a youtube spot, why they are joining the convoy, (as usual, they selflessly don’t mention their own shocking story).

Encourage all the people you know to join us at Belmont Racecourse, starting at 6:00 for a 7:00 am start!  Emphasize to people that we need them to show up with their own vehicle and drive some ways with us.  It’s okay if they can’t go all the way!

We’re very excited about travelling across the Nullarbor.   If we have 50 vehicles or fewer, we will start up Great Eastern Highway.  If there are more than 50 vehicles, we’ll stay on Graham Farmer Freeway (Orrong) to Roe Highway and go north there.  The police have recommended this, and we want to accommodate them as much as possible.

Details for each of the convoys are now available – click on the following links for your convoy:  Convoy #1Convoy #2Convoy #3Convoy #4Convoy #5Convoy #6Convoy #7Convoy #8Convoy #9Convoy #10Convoy #11

For the original Convoy announcement, go HERE.  For the subsequent Routes announcement, go HERE.  To RSVP, go HERE.  For what YOU can do, go HERE.  For MSM mentions, go HERE.

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