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Abbott government chops UNEP funding by 80% to help reefs, forest. Greens hate it.

This is tin-tacks taken back from the Green Blob, but cheer it on. The Abbott government apparently wants to use the money to protect rainforests, instead of given to green-bureaucrats. Enjoy the apoplexy among greens and environmentalists. Excuse me, I think your priorities are showing!

ABC news

The Federal Government has slashed funding to a key United Nations environment agency by more than 80 per cent, stunning environmental groups ahead of a global climate change summit in Peru.

The ABC has learned the Government cut $4 million from the UN Environment Program (UNEP), which provides advice on environmental policies and climate change negotiations.

Instead of giving $1.2m a year, we are giving $200,000. True to form, the green-blobby is “stunned” and immediately responds with a higher ambit claim. There is a scale for everything, and too much is never enough:

Environmental groups are stunned, especially because according to UNEP’s Voluntary Indicative Scale of Assessments, Australia should have contributed around $2.2 million next year.

The money is going to the environment, and environmental groups hate that:

Environment Minister Greg Hunt said the Government had to “make choices in a difficult budget environment”.

“I would imagine that most Australians would see putting $12 million into coral reef protection within our region and combating illegal logging of the great rainforests of the Asia-Pacific as a pretty good investment compared with $4 million for bureaucratic support within the UN system,” Mr Hunt said.

The appropriate response when the government takes money from bureaucrats and uses it to protect reefs and rainforest is to call it “anti-environment”, “anti-nature”, “anti-science”, and “denier”.

Christine Milne is aghast:

The Greens leader, Christine Milne, labelled the funding cut “a slap in the face”. “Australia is a global pariah on the climate front,” Milne said on Tuesday. “This sleight of hand is just extraordinary.”

The denier-pariahs want to do what?

She accused the government of using money taken from UNEP to fund its commitment to stop illegal logging of rainforests, made at the World Parks Congress in Sydney in November.

What’s more important than rainforest to a Green? Our social standing among the global thought police!

“This is really Australia on a world stage behaving badly on the climate. We are so out of step as a nation with the rest of the world. We are not only risking the environment, but Australia’s standing in the world is seriously diminished by the Abbott government,” Milne said.

Keep talking Christine.

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92 comments to Abbott government chops UNEP funding by 80% to help reefs, forest. Greens hate it.

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    Finally the deep greens start to expose the dark red centre of their Marxist dreams.

    The Berlin Wall may have fallen long ago with the Soviet style of communism shortly following suit but all that happened was that Communism transmogrified into Green politics as the new way to achieve a Marxist global government. Designed to be unelected and unaccountable the aim of removing democracy has grown ever stronger as the AGW scam gained political traction and Greens weaselled their way into greater and greater influence.

    How appropriate that a choice between spending money on real action for the environment or putting it towards achieving an unelected global government has caused one at least to pull aside her environmental fig leaf and expose the true nature of the Marxist beast that lies beneath.


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      Peter C

      Deep Greens!

      James Delingpole calls them Watermelons ( Green on the outside, Red on the inside).


      • #
        Rod Stuart

        I saw a better description the other day. Green on the outside and red on the inside, with gobs of the black seed of Fascism.


        • #

          Agreed Rod. In fact the Greens have a lot more in common with the Nationalist Socialists ideologies (aka Nazis) than most people think.


          • #


            And interestingly the greens ( the party ) have quite a few odious platforms for things, the green bit is more a furpfy – they are closer to being called the C*******st Party than anything else. I recall reading their party platform/policies and the hard left influence was striking. Think of just about everything odious to a conservative, then put it in one party.


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            Nazist equals National Socialist. Hitler once said : “Stalin and Mao may talk about Communism. I am the only one who really introduced it”.

            The reason it’s called far right is that all greens and reds do not want to be associated with Nazism. It’s like a red flag, but should be thrown in their face at every opportunity. They are what they are, just accept it.


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      Agreed. Communism isn’t dead. Its just mutated and taken over eco-groups. You can tell the ideas of conservation are all but gone. Its now ideas and theories that are just re-packaged under the veil of environmentalism, but their characteristics still ooze out. ie: Intentionally using economic tools to halt progress and growth. Where its consequences economically harm people in Western world…Ironically, this causes people to reject this nonsense, as they want to prosper and grow. (A consequence these greenies never anticipated as they are voted out of power. As the Greens experienced in Federal Election 2013.)

      There’s a reason why people like Christine Milne cheer for the notion of a “One World Govt” that is controlled by the UN. Withdrawing funding of the UN hurts their vision.

      To put it simply, the Abbott Govt is stepping on Milne’s dreams.

      The best lesson to learn from Jo’s article is this: Those with a vested interest will scream the loudest.

      On a side note:

      I’ve come to the conclusion that the political Left don’t care about the Australian people.

      Let me explain: In the Senate, they (ALP and Greens) have formed their own voting block. They are more concerned in “Abbott proofing” and blocking than actually strengthening Australia’s economic future. They are rejecting policies that even they themselves previously proposed when they were in power. The objective is to destroy Abbott by blocking EVERYTHING in order to portray Abbott as incompetent and achieving nothing. They want to regain back the power of Govt they lost in 2013. As per usual, they don’t foresee the consequences of their actions. That is, they will economically destroy the nation’s future in order to get to their objective. They are more concerned about the acquisition of power and themselves than they are for the people they supposedly represent.

      It is the Left’s actions that reveal who they really are.

      I wasn’t born in Australia, but wasn’t the Senate’s original purpose to represent the states? Instead, its become nothing more than a tool for fools.

      Overall, I think this is what happens when Conservatives don’t make their case and let the Left take over messaging. When you don’t speak up, the Left win. It seems a common characteristic of the Right; they have good fundamentals that work in the real world, but suck at presenting their ideas to others who have never heard of their principles or values. I also see it with American Republicans.

      If it were me, I would promote the idea that I want Australia to be the Pacific Powerhouse. (This is the opposite of what Gillard promoted when she pushed the idea of “Asian Century” and Australia becoming a “food bowl“.)

      …Being Chinese-Australian, I see that as just weak. Meaning that, “Asian Century” is telling me Australia is submissive to and dependent on China. To put it more crudely, the ALP wants Australia to be China’s bitch AND not to define Australia by its own path into the future. (That’s not leadership, that’s Fifty Shades of Grey).

      The idea of Pacific Powerhouse is that we stand for innovation, quality, etc in what we produce and export. We compete not in numbers (China has sheer numbers), but in quality and powered by automation. To do it better than anyone else in the world. The overall objective is prosperity for all. To have “Designed, Grown, and Made in Australia” to actually mean something of value in a global perspective. (With all respect to Dick Smith, his efforts that involve affordable Australian alternatives is NOT financially sustainable. You must lead with QUALITY! Not race down the bottom!)

      If an immigrant comes here, I want them to be Australian and hungry of ideas to make something of themselves. Currently, migrants are being indoctrinated by the Greens. (Seriously, this is why Sarah Hanson-Young is so eager for open borders! They need to build their voting base of govt dependents to vote for the Left! Because no local who knows the Greens would vote for them!)

      As for BS like cutting the ABC. Look, they’re gonna whine and bitch any way! Might as well cut 25% since they’re already crying over 5%. Might as well cut off SBS. They used to have english courses on TV. I remember, as my mother used to watch and read their material. But now its all foreign material that can be easily acquired via satellite (free broadcasts after $600 satellite install) or the Internet! (My father watches Hong Kong and China news over the web via streaming.) …Oh look! The reason to cut SBS is because the NBN will provide a better distribution of foreign content!

      And the GP co-payment? Why not $5 per visit? (where $4 goes to paying off the debt and $1 reserved for research like gunning for Ebola…Seriously folks, the cupboard is bare when it comes to fighting “super bugs”!)

      Abbott Govt need to blitz the public by clearly explaining:
      * What the hell is going on.
      * What they want to do.
      * Why they want to do this.
      * the behaviour of the ALP and Greens in the Senate. (Videos! Videos! Videos!)

      …Just lay it out for Australians.

      The problem with Abbott is that he is a nice guy. But playing defensive is not how you win at politics. Politics is a knife fight in a phone booth…Where you must bring a gun! LNP must win the argument and show people how to win at life. The ideas of Communism fail when you show people how to prosper for themselves! When you win the argument this way, you will the next election. Its that simple. Put Shorten and Milne on the defensive, take the initiative. Lead and inspire.

      I don’t know about you, but to me, the one who has balls is the one who wasn’t born with balls! Go get them Julie Bishop!


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      Or as former leader of the Greens, former Senator Bob Brown referred to it at a National Press Club luncheon meeting before he retired, no sovereign borders and Australia controlled by a “World Parliament”.


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    Sadly the environment isn’t the only area where diverting money from those who talk about solving problems to ACTUALLY solving them would make a world of difference. Isn’t it time we scrapped all the professional naggers and just did stuff?

    Well done Australia 🙂


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    john karajas

    What! No funding for the Balmain Basket Weaving Eco-Collective? There will be much choking on the soy lattes tomorrow I shouldn’t wonder. Quick, organise another demo to demonstrate the righteous indignation.


    • #
      King Geo

      Well said John K from one geo to another geo. I lived in Sydney during the early 1980’s and played some cricket at Balmain and I must confess I don’t recall the Balmain Basket Weaving Eco-Collective – I am sure there is also a similar Eco-Collective in the Green Seat of Melbourne where the “Urban Greenies” are in force also sipping their soy lattes and planning their next strategy to “Save the Planet”. No doubt they are at this very minute having crisis talks with Christine about “greenie” funding cuts. And Christine can get very angry – remember that Stephen King scary movie with that possessed Red Plymouth Fury in the lead role – yes the star role was played by a 1958 red car – very nasty piece of work – maybe they could do a re-make with a “Green” Plymouth Fury – that would be most appropriate – clearly to be filmed in “Greenville” or better known as Tasmania.


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    Great news.

    Real science “Strikes back”.



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    Turtle of WA

    Good one.

    The Libs need to explain why did this, and promote it. Tell people about the left handing away our power to the UN.


    • #


      Cleaning up one’s own back yard before preaching to others what they should do in theirs.


      • #

        And we have a lot of cleaning to do Bernd.

        We have in Australia a shambles of a society which needs thought and action to give meaning to our lives.

        Government housing estates full of the, disconnected, aimless unemployed, whether Indigenous or other could be seen as a more urgent issue

        than many of the dubious UN interventions which do not much more than employ UN Staff

        Trying to gloss over one of the world’s highest youth suicide rates by pumping up the UN is a sad indictment of our local politics.



        • #

          Perhaps the core of the rot was when mere participation began being awarded as though it were excellence.

          It may be appropriate for raising individual toddlers to the stage of their first poo, but it doesn’t engage the inate pursuit of excellence in some aspects of life. That’s the something that is missing for too many who are able, including those in the workforce. The instnct to strive is still there but without direction or purpose, having its value erased.


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    Keep talking Christine.

    Actually….”shut the [snip] up Christine.

    Is there a more dishonest, unlikeable, miserable wretch than that person in Oz politics?


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    Rick Bradford

    “Australia is a global pariah on the climate front”

    And .. loving it.


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    Here in NZ our prime minister used the word ‘muppet’ to describe our Green party leader in parliament no less. This Green ‘muppet’ is actually an Australian import from Tasmania I believe (thanks guys). Maybe it’s time Abbot had a cup of concrete and made his feelings known in such a way that he doesn’t give the impression of tip toeing around broken glass. Call her out for the UN lackey she is, draw attention to her lack of patriotism and her distaste for Australians expressing their independence. The media will howl like beaten dogs but the average Aussie will lap it up.


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    I can only sit back and admire from afar the way a Government can actually strip away the garbage from the facts and act accordingly.
    Here in sunny Jersey Channel Islands we have just appointed a new Environmental Minister who’s major task will be to reduce our emissions.
    Fact sheet , population 100,000.
    Electricity supplied from France.
    Environmental groups buy up ,with State assistance , any derelict building sites and allow them to return to nature.
    Sub standard housing for the population and lack of building sites is a huge problem.
    It all very much reminds of the protest by the Alzheimer group.
    What do we want?? Er,, who knows?
    When do we want it ?? Erm , oh look a butterfly!


    • #

      RogueElement451: An interesting Posting!
      Not for a second do I imagine have the environmental clowns had a look at any real data. Clearly they believe in the CO2 story, but with 3,000,000,000,000 tonnes of the stuff in the atmosphere (which is of course only 0.04% of all the gases – hence it’s a trace gas) what contribution could Jersey possibly make to reduce global CO2 ?
      I suppose they think as the UK Labour government does that ‘we really must do something and show the world the way.’
      The only problem of course is that CO2 keeps rising, and the catastrophe shows no sign of occurring!


    • #
      Craig Thomas

      Cool story, bro.

      Meanwhile, in the real world, the world is heating up, the seas are rising, and people of intelligence and integrity are trying to do somethign about it.


      • #

        Listen here Craig , in Jersey we have the 2nd or 3rd largest tides in the World , which is why we have such excellent surfing conditions ,our west coast next stop is America.
        With those 40 ft tides on a spring tide and with the wind behind there is of course some flooding and has been ever since i was a kid ,it is not getting worse it is getting better because we build walls! duh! , Sea Walls are constantly tested and in need of repair , that is the nature of the Sea. If we get flooding which happens only very rarely ,and very localised ,it is because our Government has failed in maintenance.
        Incidentally there is a street called Sand street which is about 300 yards inland , I do wonder how it got its name ?


        • #
          Craig Thomas

          Maybe named after George Sand as a result of Victor Hugo’s sejour on your shores?

          Maybe named after the sand dunes that many people well inland from the coast have had occasion to experience?

          Or maybe that street’s name is proof positive that climate change is a leftwing conspiracy to usher in a one-world government?

          Could go either way, I guess. [Snip! Ad Hominem -Fly]


          • #

            Thats ok Craig my boy, so you think its ok that
            – 32000 grannies die in the UK from green policy induced
            – Black babies die in Africa for want of $30 Bn in food aid while we waste $800 Bn on climate research, and burn the food aid as ethanol in our cars.
            – People all over the world die from diseases like malaria, cancer, even measles and instead of discovering and delivering medicine we build windmills and solar panels.
            – its ok to burn flour to make electricity, since flour is the next best fuel after coal.
            – it’s ok to drive CO2 back to the point where plant life is virtually starving (preindustrial) and temperatures were at a low that killed half of Europe.
            – you think it’s more productive to stop fatalities in Phillipine cyclones by building windmills in Adelaide rather than cyclone shelters in the Phillipines.

            Nah, to agree that all these things are ok you’d have to be a nutter right?


          • #

            There was a bar called the Victor Hugo in Jersey ,but Victor Hugo lived in Guernsey ,preferring the local ale. I believe there is still a tourist attraction there ie, his house.
            George Sand has a very apposite quotation :-
            “Once my heart was captured, reason was shown the door, deliberately and with a sort of frantic joy. I accepted everything, I believed everything, without struggle, without suffering, without regret, without false shame. How can one blush for what one adores?”
            George Sand


            Seems to me George heard you lot, the raving, green loonie, tree hugging, commies coming.


          • #


            Bravo, bang on the money.

            These deniers just don’t get it yet you spelled it out concisely.

            “Or maybe that street’s name is proof positive that climate change is a leftwing conspiracy to usher in a one-world government”

            Absolutely dead right Craig.

            We need more clear thinking individuals like you, people willing to question the Global Warming meme.

            And you are compeletely correct “it could go either way”

            But as you pointed out “people of intelligence and integrity are trying to do somethign about it”

            That’s why I’m sure you will agree that we have to call these rat faced liars for what they are, communists masquerading as environmentalists.

            Geez, they’ve tried every trick in the book, falsified data, promoted a consensus fraud, promoted fraudulent advertising… they’re even trying to give “Years of Living Dangerously” another run.

            How desperate.

            Keep up the fight brother, know that I’m behind you all the way on this.

            We need people like you, never forget paradise awaits the true believer.

            Seek paradise my brother, I’ll stay to help with the slogans…


      • #

        …and others are trolling blogs that they clearly have no interest in.


      • #
        the Griss

        “the seas are rising’

        Seas have been rising for hundreds of years.

        No sign of any acceleration.

        Let’s choose somewhere local, say Fart Denison in Sydney Harbour.

        Average is 0.65mm/year over hundred or so years. … scary hey !!!! 🙂

        And seriously, I don’t believe you know any people of intelligence and integrity.

        Now take that ridiculous shoe out of your mouth and put your clown nose back on, so you can keep the hilarious clown act going. !


        • #
          the Griss

          wow.. bad typo.. FORT Denison !


          • #

            That’s a pretty bad typo The Griss! Predictive text nearly did for me again and came up with Gross for Griss! Just as well I checked this time!

            You’d think one C Milne and her green buddies would be glad to know that the money is going straight to environmental work. The fact that they are not is abundant proof that the green blob has a heart of red.


            • #

              . . . Predictive text

              Yeah . .
              And have you noticed how close together the “T” and “G” keys are?
              I won’t go into the full story but suffice to say, I no longer sign off e-mails with the word “Regards” . .


      • #

        Craig Thomas: you say ‘meanwhile, in the real world, the world is heating up, the seas are rising, and people of intelligence and integrity are trying to do something about it.’
        ‘Heating up’ – a favourite term used by those who believe that we’re heading for catastrophe to stir the emotions and recruit followers. Yet look at any of the graphs depicting this ‘hotting up’ and all you’ll see are fraction of a degree changes, often oscillating from year to year – not to mention a nicely elongated vertical axis on the graph to give an impressive looking slope.
        How can it be that since 1750 (the so-called industrial period) CO2 has risen by 43%, yet no climatic disaster has occurred?
        You say the seas are rising. What exactly do you mean by this vague statement? Are they rising everywhere, around every coast in the world? Are the changes seen trends or variations? And how many causes of sea level rise, real or apparent, can you suggest as an alternative to the CO2 story? There are a lot!
        I’ve posted the following here before, so apologies to those who’ve already seen it. I think it’s worth repeating.
        Trivial, fraction of a degree temperature changes don’t equate to climate.
        Since the late 1940s (my lifetime), here in the UK we’ve had rainy years, colder years, hot summers, cold winters, dry winters, wet warm winters and so forth – but has the climate really changed?
        The Koppen classification has been the best known and most used climate classification system for decades (p430,’The Atmosphere’, Frederick K. Lutgens and Edward J Tarbuck, pub. Pearson Prentice Hall 2007) and describes the UK as having a humid middle latitude, mild winter or Marine West Coast (Cfb) type of climate. And so it remains, regardless of annual variations.
        What the Cfb coding means is that the average temperature of the coldest month is under 18 degrees C and above -3 degrees C.
        No month is above 22C, and at least four are over 10C.
        So, a wide range of temperatures define the British climate.
        Thus it was in 2013, and also in 1659 as seen in the Central England Temperature Record(CET).
        All this has stayed the same regardless of the small increase in concentration of the trace gas over which so much fuss has been made.
        A colossal amount of money has been wasted ‘fighting’ a non-existent threat.


      • #

        Let’s take the Sea Level Rising lie and debunk that with peer-reviewed papers:

        Mid to late Holocene sea-level reconstruction of Southeast Vietnam using beachrock and beach-ridge deposits

        ….backshore deposits along the tectonically stable south-eastern Vietnamese coast document Holocene sea level changes…..reconstructed for the last 8000 years….The rates of sea-level rise decreased sharply after the rapid early Holocene rise and stabilized at a rate of 4.5 mm/year between 8.0 and 6.9 ka. Southeast Vietnam beachrocks reveal that the mid-Holocene sea-level highstand slightly above + 1.4 m was reached between 6.7 and 5.0 ka, with a peak value close to + 1.5 m around 6.0 ka….

        Do you understand that? During the Holocene Optimum the sea level was about one and a half meters HIGHER than it is now! This was measured at a geologically stable area so it need no ‘adjustments’

        Sea-level highstand recorded in Holocene shoreline deposits on Oahu, Hawaii

        Unconsolidated carbonate sands and cobbles on Kapapa Island, windward Oahu, are 1.4-2.8 (+ or – 0.25) m above present mean sea level (msl)…we interpret the deposit to be a fossil beach or shoreline representing a highstand of relative sea level during middle to late Holocene time. Calibrated radiocarbon dates of coral and mollusc samples, and a consideration of the effect of wave energy setup, indicate that paleo-msl was at least 1.6 (+ or – 0.45) m above present msl prior to 3889-3665 cal. yr B.P, possibly as early as 5532-5294 cal. yr B.P., and lasted until at least 2239-1940 cal. yr B.P

        Again sea levels were more than a meter HIGHER 2000 years ago on this beach.

        Holocene sea-level change and ice-sheet history in the Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica

        A new Holocene sea-level record from the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica, has been obtained by dating the lacustrine–marine and marine–lacustrine transitions that occur in sediment cores from lakes which were formerly connected to the sea. From an elevation of ∼7.5 m 8000 yr ago, relative sea-level rose to a maximum ∼9 m above present sea-level 6200 yr ago. Since then, sea-level has fallen monotonically until the present….

        The above is a RELATIVE sealevel curve. the area is not tectonically stable because the area has isostatic uplift in response to deglaciation from the Wisconsin Ice Age.

        A new Holocene relative sea level curve for the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

        The curve shows a mid-Holocene RSL highstand on Fildes Peninsula at 15.5 m above mean sea level between 8000 and 7000 cal a BP. Subsequently RSL gradually fell as a consequence of isostatic uplift in response to regional deglaciation….

        So in the South Shetland Islands the sea level was FIFTEEN METERS HIGHER eight thousand years ago. This is in the time period that marks the end of Classical Antiquity and the beginning of the Middle Ages.


      • #

        Meanwhile others float around in Cloud Cuckoo Land, what does the world look like from up there?


    • #
      Robert O

      Doesn’t French electricity mainly come from nuclear which is a green no-no.


      • #

        Funny you say that Robert. At the time of posting, 96.88% of France’s power production comes from the two forms of ‘clean energy’ that the greens hate the most, nuclear – 86.77% and hydro – 10.11%. The greens most favoured form of ‘clean energy’, solar and wind, are producing a massive 0.00% & 0.86% respectively. (this will obviously change as the day goes on)


  • #

    A $4 million cut? Greenpeace and WWF can reach down the back of their sofa and pull small change like that out anytime – if they can be bothered.



  • #
    Retired now

    I found myself laughing and spontaneously clapping my hands at this news.

    Nice to have like minded people around. I found myself defriended on Facebook by my looney left sister this afternoon after I challenged her about some of her silly pontifications. Sorry to lose the one little connection, but it is indicative of lefty determination to be right by not listening/reading anything they disagree with.


    • #
      Jim Simpson

      “ not listening/readily anything they disagree with.” So true – A common affliction indeed so oft demonstrated by those on the Left &/or EcoLoons who simply refuse to ‘look’, let alone consider anything beyond their belief in the AGW catastrophe..


  • #

    I saw this on the box yesterday and immediately wondered wether Milne or anybody in her office replays what she says.
    I love it.
    The pure hypocrisy displayed by Milne is a shining light.
    That at least in Australia, some sanity prevails.
    And as the bottom line says, “keep talking Christine”.


  • #
    Peter C

    Abbott Governmnt cuts:

    Instead of giving $1.2m a year, we are giving $200,000

    Still far too much!
    I wish they had cut it to nothing!

    Much the same for many other UN agencies with insincere objectives.


  • #
    Gee Aye

    Has anyone in government said that there is now 2-4 million dollars more going to “the environment” as a result of this cut?

    The spending Hunt speaks of are very old news and need to be weighed up against the spending they suceed not against a cut that post dates them.


  • #

    Having very little knowledge of Coral , I am interested to know how spending money on a perceived problem such as the non collapse of the barrier reef will be achieved, will they send men out in wellies to feed the coral?
    Perhaps Prince Charles would like to go there and talk to the coral ,I,m sure that would be very popular , one could only hope that a passing shark with a taste for blue blood would not take an interest.


    • #

      We must update the Wiki, I didn’t know coral spoke Welsh.


      • #

        LOL ! I very much doubt that HRH can speak welsh either!
        Although I understand that plants have a kind of symbiotic telepathy which overcomes all language barriers.


        • #

          The plants don’t care about the language used. All they care about is the amount of CO2 you are breathing onto their leaves.

          Seems they are smarter than the average ecoloon and realize CO2 is a live giving gas.


        • #

          He learned it before he became the Prince of Wales. I understand that he studied both the language and culture for a year or so before his investiture at age 20. He gave his speech in Welsh and English. Now whether he speaks it fluently… probably not. It looks like it would be a nightmare to learn, but what else is he gonna do besides military service… not like he needs to learn a trade or anything.


    • #
      Greg Cavanagh

      I’m sure a lot of people would be happy if he did.

      The coral reef is 1300 miles long, and 150 miles wide. It’d keep him busy for a couple years 🙂


  • #
  • #

    ‘The Groupthink Trap’ should be required reading for C. Milne et al.


  • #

    Following a hunch I googled UNEP Corruption

    Lulz ensued.


    • #

      A very good site that was too!
      Cheers Andrew , but it is a bit like the Nigerian Times , another day another corruption case, yawn yawn,
      The whole of the NGO fiasco of corrupt do gooders rolling in the mire of tax money and without a sense of shame ,some of them even claim to work for nothing , when i say work I mean like , 2 hours a year and only spend weeks in exotic locations for the good of the Planet.
      Astonishing that nobody takes these feckers to task , every time I see an advert now for a volunteer worker , I wonder , how many jollies involved?
      Luckily I am far to honest ,or scared of getting caught in a real job for nothing!


  • #

    IMPORTANT NEWS on Lima Climate Change Conference

    It looks like OBAMA is going to switch names from TREATY (requiring 3/4 of Congress to ratify) to AGREEMENT which only takes a simple Majority. In this way he gets his treaty to shut down the USA CO2 without the approval of the Republicans.

    Seems we let this little fact get by us folks.

    Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty

    By Coral Davenport — WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is working to forge a sweeping international climate change agreement to compel nations to cut their planet-warming fossil fuel emissions, but without ratification from Congress.


    • #

      I fear we may not survive two more years of this guy. I could say that any “agreement” would have no force of law under the Constitution, but legality doesn’t appear to be a concern of Dear Leader Barak the First… especially since almost nothing else he’s done in the last 6 years has been Constitutional.


    • #

      How long before that becomes a hard won accord ,to be hammered out in principle , with tough negotiations to be expected ,but with mutual respec,,,,,,,,,,,,,,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  • #

    She accused the government of using money taken from UNEP to fund its commitment to stop illegal logging of rainforests…

    I think you’re forgetting that razing rainforests in order to plant corn to use more oil to make ethanol is something the eco-loons are FOR. One needs to keep the mechanisms in place that move subsidy monies from taxpayer to the proper pockets and they are afraid their unicorn gas bio-fuel gravy trains will be derailed as well.

    If we keep taking their cups away we will eventually find all the little Red peas they’ve been hiding. Keep at it Mr. Abbott, the sane world is on your side.


  • #

    Don’t follow too closely behind Australia people, you are likely to be trampled by all the sensible nations, falling in behind us.

    It needed a leader game to say CRAP, & say it loudly, for the others to get the guts.

    Good one Tony.


  • #

    Much as many of us criticise the Abbott government for being too gutless to govern, to give them credit they are pulling the rug out from under some green scams. But, of course, it is not nearly enough. They need to stop putting the boot into voters – pension indexation, fuel excise, medicare co-payment – and instead save the money by putting the boot into all the parasites that feed at the public teat. For example, many NGOs are nothing more than fronts for leftist activists. They should just cut them adrift – no apologies and no negotiating.

    Remember before the election some aid to a Liberal was overheard saying to a handout recipient that the Liberals would ‘cut their head off’ – or was it ‘cut their throat’ – after the election. Whatever happened to that sort of spirit.

    But to give them credit they are tying to stop leftist lawyers from cashing in on the taxpayer when representing illegal immigrants. But they are not selling it well. They should be out there telling everyone how many lawyers are in on the game and how much it is costing the taxpayer.


  • #
    Mark D.

    Any time someone cuts funding to any part of the UN it is a good thing. I only hope it happens more and more until the UN no longer exists.


    • #

      If it could take the OECD and the World Bank with it , that would be fine.Just another bunch of pigs wearing lipstick snout deep in the trough.


  • #

    Hello Christine. It is possible that China could unleash something like 100,000 boat people if we don’t agree to certain trading terms. Please outline how you would care for these refugees on a one-on-one humanitarian basis. There could also be some 17 million desperate people waiting to come here from other countries. Would you also explain your plan to deal with this projected intake?


  • #

    Given that she is permanently in fantasy land, it has me stumped why she doesn’t just change her name to A.A Milne and have done with it.


  • #

    The extreme Greens who convinced their Union Labor comrades in Tasmania to lock timber firms out of the State Forests set aside a long time ago for the purpose of logging and turn them into National Parks. Too bad about the businesses and related job losses, or the adverse impact on the State economy.

    The solution: Ask for more subsidies from mainland taxpayers via the federal government.


  • #
    Mal Rosher

    Absolutely good News! But what are we to make of the WMO’s claims about sea surface temperature increases, and the “hot weather in Australia this century? Can’t be true surely?


  • #

    this morning, woke up to abc local radio, trevor chappell, asking callers to phone in about the survey below, given that “climate change”/environment is no longer a major concern for the young.

    caller says young people can’t name our political leaders. chappell says he has noticed they can’t name the leaders of the two major political parties, but they can name the Green Party’s leader.

    female caller in her 60s phones in & asks, where is “climate change” on their list; chappell explains it’s dropped way down; the caller, who admits handing out how-to-vote cards at elections, is appalled, but both agree CAGW probably is still #1 because it’s part of “politics and societal values”, which is the #1 concern in this year’s survey,

    chappell and news ltd’s liz burke would seem to be following the same script!!!

    2 Dec: News Ltd: Liz Burke: Mission Australia Youth Survey 2014 shows kids don’t care about the environment any more
    JUST three years ago when climate change was high on the political agenda and kids could be more easily pried from their iPads, environment was a big concern among Australia’s youth.
    The nation’s biggest annual survey of young people found the environment was the number one “most important issue in Australia today” for 15 to 19-year-olds in 2010 and 2011…
    Fast forward to 2014 and environmental concern has all but fallen off the radar for Aussie teens.
    The latest Mission Australia Youth survey released this week saw environment drop to number 10 on young people’s list of issues facing the nation, with only 12.3 per cent of 15 to 19-year-olds listing it among their top three concerns…
    Mission Australia spokeswoman Nicola Hazell doesn’t blame young people for not caring, but says the survey’s insight shows how the national political agenda influences our youth.
    “Young people are very much attuned to what’s being discussed around them,” she told
    “I don’t think it means that young people don’t care about the environment, it reflects that they don’t see the nation discussing it on the same level.
    ***“If we think back to 2010/2011 it was when the environment was a bigger issue — there was talk about climate change and other environmental issues in the media and being discussed by politicians…
    Around one quarter of young people identified politics and societal values (28 per cent), the economy and financial matters (27.1 per cent) and alcohol and drugs (23.2 per cent) as the most important issues in Australia today…
    Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young told the party winning the seat of Melbourne in the weekend’s Victorian election showed “environment is still a major concern and many Australians understand that the Greens are the voice of the future”…
    Media lecturer and youth expert Dr Jason Sternberg from QUT says that the politicising of environmental issues could mean that how young people think about the environment has changed.
    ***“Give the fact that climate change has moved so much into the political terrain, I actually think because the debate has become so politicised, environmentalism may have slipped into the political and societal values category,” he said…


  • #

    that’s more like it Mr Abbott ..!

    the only global pariah is YOU Ms Milne !!!!!!!!!!


  • #

    Wonk as in wonky: not straight; crooked or askew…

    2 Dec: WaPo Wonkblog: Chris Mooney: Tea Partiers and traditional Republicans are split on science
    It is very common these days to hear references to Republicans having conflicts with science…
    But if ***a new study just out in the journal Environmental Politics is correct, the conflict between “Republicans” and the scientific community may really boil down to a conflict between scientists and today’s so-called Tea Party…
    “There are greater differences on environment and science questions between Tea Party supporters and non-Tea Party Republicans than there are between non-Tea Party Republicans and Independents,” says sociologist Lawrence Hamilton of the University of New Hampshire, who co-authored the paper with his university colleague Kei Saito. “As far as I know, that hasn’t been found before, and we found that standing out in our data analysis.”…
    The study unpacks responses from a series of science questions that have been asked of New Hampshire residents from 2010 to 2014 as part of the Granite State Poll…

    Mooney spruiking the same poll nearly 7 months ago, but getting space to spruik it again as “new” in WaPo during Lima because the study was published online in “Environmental Politics” late November!

    20 May: MotherJones: Chris Mooney: POLL: Tea Party Members Really, Really Don’t Trust Scientists
    The “science gap” between traditional Republicans and tea partiers is huge in a new survey of New Hampshire residents
    Yet even those of us who know how politicized science has become may be surprised by some new polling data out of the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire. There, survey researcher Lawrence Hamilton has run a new analysis of 568 New Hampshire residents, asking them a variety of questions including the following…


    • #

      Beware of ‘rigged’ studies that are used to marginalize any group that challenges the major parties. The TEA Party is regarded as very dangerous and both the Democrats and the Republicans who both want them shut down.

      This is what they stand for:

      Tea Party Express is proud to stand for six simple principles:

      * No more bailouts
      * Reduce the size and intrusiveness of government
      * Stop raising our taxes
      * Repeal Obamacare
      * Cease out-of-control spending
      * Bring back American prosperity

      You can not bring back prosperity, reduce the size of government, cease out-of-control spending, stop raising taxes AND also support the transfer of tax payer dollars to the Green Blob.

      An older survey the Blair – Rockefeller Poll by the Clinton School of Public Service (Gee that is going to be REAL unbias – NOT) found that the Tea Party members were well educated.

      That survey found:

      …Nearly half of Tea Party members (49.9%) are middle class, with an annual household income of 40 to 100K, another 13.9% make over 100K. Tea Party members are less likely to fall below the poverty level than Non-Tea Party members. The majority (65.3%) of Tea Party members have some college training, with 27.5 % having earned a Bachelor’s Degree or higher (Figure 2).

      Moreover, only 7.2 % of Tea Party members have less than a high school education, as compared to 13.4 % of Non-Tea Party members. Only 8.6 % of Tea Party members are not working because they have either been laid off temporarily or have lost their job and are looking for work, compared to 10.7% of Non-Tea Party members.

      This mass turnout among Tea Party members may account for the substantial media coverage that this relatively small movement has experienced. A second contributing factor may be the political knowledge demonstrated by Tea Party supporters. When asked a battery of “political sophistication” questions—factual questions about the contemporary government—Tea Party members outperformed Non-Tea Party members repeatedly.….
      Tea Party Distinguished by Racial Views and Fear of the Future

      A group of well educated ‘political sophisticated’ tax payers breaking from the ranks is the last thing the crooks in the Republican and Democratic parties wand.

      The “Racial Views” of the Tea Party was based on the answers to questions that started with:
      “Do you think it is the responsibility of the federal government to make sure that minorities”
      and ended with:
      “even if it means you will have to pay more taxes?”

      This however completely went over the heads of the newspapers that screamed “The Tea Party is RACIST!’ gasp…

      Given TEA stands for “T“axed “E“nough “A“lready and the tea party is for shifting governance FROM the federal government TO the state governments where it is less influenced by foreign lobbyists, I think anyone with half a brain can predict the answers.

      Obviously todays news reporters do not have half a brain. Their brains seem to have been eaten by the Green Blob.

      DISCLAIMER: I am an Independent, an Agnostic and not a member of the TEA Party. However I hate bias unfair propaganda reporting which seems to be all we see in the major news media today.


  • #
    Roy Hogue

    Christine Milne is aghast:

    I don’t suppose it will help any to point out how many have been aghast at what she and her cronies have been doing for so long. But turnabout is fair play!


  • #
    Leonard Lane

    Australia is not hurting on the world stage–she is acting great!
    She is not a pariah, she is a bold leader on the world stage!