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Trudeau roasted as a dictator in the EU: “We watched you trample women with horses”

Those who know what tyranny is, call out the Canadian Prime Minister

Three members of the European Parliament from Germany, Romania and Croatia give crushing opinions on Justin Trudeau.

Christina Anderson is an MdEP from Germany

Watch another European MP take Prime Minister Trudeau to task for his authoritarianism, mistreatment of Canadians, and his hypocrisy.

— Keith Wilson, Q.C. (@ikwilson) March 24, 2022

MEP Cristian Terhes from Romania refused to attend Trudeau’s EU Speech:

“I refused to validate by my presence the facade of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who gave a speech before the Plenary of the European Parliament on 23.03.2022, it was the reason for which I was not in the room when he spoke.”

“You can’t come and teach democracy lessons to Putin from the European Parliament when you trample with horse hooves your own citizens who are demanding that their fundamental rights be respected.”

“When you, a politician from the “west”, implement in your home methods of repression and the trampling of the rights of your own citizens, who demand their rights be respected, as Putin does at home, you are no better […]

Oops. Who wants a Bank Run? Canadian Government unfreezes some accounts, after accidentally revealing no Canadian bank is safe

Justin Trudeau froze bank accounts of bread-winners who had committed no crime, in order to stop a protest that had largely been stopped. Everyone could see this was wanton partisan spite. But in a financial system built entirely on trust Trudeau was sticking giant public pins in Banking Voodoo dolls. If banks are just tools of partisan petty Ministers to use on political opponents, no one’s money was safe. Even if Trudeau reverses all the theft, people can’t un-see the Voodoo Doll.

Canadian banks became a bad joke:

Babylon Bee.


Trudeau wasn’t trying to stop the current convoy, he was trying to scare away all the future ones. It’s all about intimidation, to scare future donors from supporting future events. Canadians, we, all of us in the West have a choice now — to be scared into serfdom or to donate twice as much.

Google is on his side: identifying all the donors on a live map

In an extraordinary breach, Google published a map today for some hours with every hacked donor name and address, even including people who just donated $10. The link was here, but it’s just a “404 error” now. As @alberta_cw […]

Privacy? Dissidents get doxxed and abused but supporters of the State can hide away

The Canadian government is so loved that the people who work for it want to hide their faces and names.

What government transparency means now: The whistleblowers will be exposed

The riot squad dress like Antifa and have no name badges. And the tow trucks in Ottawa were allowed to hide their truck branding so they suffer no pushback for towing away peaceful protestors.

Not the Canada you thought you were living in…

Who are these men hanging around as the tow-trucks took the trucks in Ottawa?

It’s hard to tell from the video, but there are a lot of people in halloween costumes doing something during the day the trucks were towed away.

Which trucking companies did the towing in Ottawa. Source: Yahoo

If most Canadians really did want the truckers gone surely some tow-truck drivers would be happy to help and soak up the free advertising. Or maybe all the polls are wrong?

Government critics get abuse and death threats

The team with the army, navy, jails and the billion-dollar budget is so afraid of the unarmed family men with trucks, tractors and hot-tubs that they have vowed to hunt them down “for months”. Not only […]

Trudeau weighs up whether to stop forced injections, but decides to trample with horses

Trudeau faced a tricky choice: he could stop forcing people to get injections-they-don’t-want and the Truckers would all go home, problem solved, but he would look like a loser. Or he could trample, spray and beat them, and steal their money instead. So he did.

It’s for their health:

Look what Putin is doing now. Sanctions immediately!

— Poso Remembers Ottawa (@JackPosobiec) February 19, 2022

[email protected]: “I think Justin Trudeau wants violence, to retroactively justify what he’s doing. Why would you run horses into a group of civilians other than you want blood?”

It’s “a dark day for Canada,” the @RebelNewsOnline founder tells @JennPellegrino.

— Newsmax (@newsmax) February 19, 2022

ICYMI: help us sue the police at

— K2🍁🚛 (@kiansimone44) February 19, 2022

When journalists and old women are attacked and police bear down on protesters with the cavalry, pepper spray and batons, we would expect most Western leaders to speak out, and most serious mastheads. Here’s the Wall Street Journal. Note the others in the coming days (or lack thereof).

Trudeau’s Destructive ‘Emergency’

The truckers protest could have been handled without […]

Truckers threaten to bust up the narrative that the Socialists care for the Workers

Managing people with bullying and coercion is a brittle and fragile tool

When it starts to break, it collapses.

Adam Mill: Why They’re So Afraid of the Truckers

In 1981, the Soviets seemed invincible. Yet their power was fragile, vulnerable to a single fissure of courage that started in Poland. That crack lengthened and spread until the entire system crumbled. It must have seemed impossible to defeat an ideology that controlled every institution—the press, the education system, the military, etc. Yet, without firing a shot, a courageous protest in Poland did just that.

In September of 1981, the Soviet Union seemed an uncrackable monolith. On its frontiers stood a NATO force that would last only a few weeks were a conventional war to break out. The Soviets could rely upon apologists in Western academia and the media to amplify their propaganda and stifle voices demanding freedom. Yet the opposition of a labor union to Soviet Communism powerfully undermined its claim to legitimacy

The Soviet Union, like modern leftism today, appropriates and exploits the struggle of ordinary people while simultaneously making things worse for them. Their soft hands and arrogance set them […]

Protesters are calling for Peace and everyone to “Get to Ottawa Now”

D-Day in Ottawa

Today the ante goes up again. Trudeau has played his wildcard. He is demonizing and dehumanizing the honest good people who just want to work for their families or cross the border without getting an injection.

Is it a two faced bluff, or will people be put in jail? One the one hand, in legal fine print, Trudeau’s emergency order still allows for peaceful protest. On the other hand, everything the authorities are doing is intended to intimidate the Truckers into leaving. And they are being very intimidating.

Freedom Convoy Protesters Are About To Get Arrested En Masse

Ottawa police have been going from truck to truck, passing out flyers to Freedom Convoy protesters which demand they vacate the demonstration zone immediately or face arrest and criminal charges.

“You must leave the area now,” reads the notice. “Anyone blocking streets, or assisting others in the blocking [of] streets, are committing a criminal offence and you may be arrested,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The government is trying to order the police to use force against Canadian citizens who are peaceful demonstrators.


There are rumours busloads of police are on […]

Canadian Provinces rebel against Trudeau — Quebec says “No Emergency Powers Here”

Provinces of Canada (click to enlarge) | by Hogweard

Thank the Truckers

Vaccine mandates have or will soon end across five Canadian provinces, and at least four of the Premiers have also dismissed Trudeau’s call to invoke Emergency powers.

This includes some of the largest provinces, and within a few weeks, as many as 30 million Canadians out of 38 million, will be free of vaccine passports within their provinces.

The newly elected opposition leader Candace Bergen calls the Emergency Act an “unprecedented slegehammer”.

Candace Bergen

To give some idea of how the Truckers have transformed politics, only two weeks ago the leader of the Canadian opposition was Erin O’Toole. He was dropped on Feb 3 by a large margin with a secret ballot – 73-45. Notably, the first and worst thing that Reuters could say about the new leader Candice Bergen was that she once worn a MAGA hat. She is more conservative than the former leader.

The Premier of Quebec, which has long had a strong separatist movement, went so far as to say he’d only support the call if it didn’t apply to Quebec, and the military was not used anywhere in Canada.


Trudeau declares all Truckers, Donors and honkers are terrorists, seize their bank accounts

Extraordinary. The Ambassador Bridge issue was solved. The protesters in Ottawa are still obeying the law, waving the Flag, and jumping in bouncy castles, and yet Trudeau has invoked the Emergency Act, and declared war, almost, against many Canadians. In a dangerous game of chicken, Trudeau has upped the ante. Instead of being remotely statesman-like, he’s trying to crush the opposition with the full force of the state.

Tucker Carlson — this is a defining moment in the history of Canada.

Justin Trudeau has declared the people dancing in the street in Ottawa are terrorists. Their bank accounts can now be seized, and anyone donating to them can have their accounts taken. The banks don’t need court orders. Truck insurance can be suspended.

Even if this is illegal (and it surely seems to be) this is the Big-State threatening everyone who dares dissent. Even if it is later tested in court, the injustice is here now. Just like the Biden illegal vaccine mandates. Justice takes time, and some crimes can not be undone.

Trudeau is collecting a list of political enemies and all their details, seizing their bank accounts.

From far away, we can write to our MP’s […]

Canadians increasingly support Truckers, Freedom. Trudeau may have to declare National Emergencies Act!

The Canadian people are becoming increasingly sympathetic to the Truckers views on the pandemic with every passing day and less impressed with Trudeau. He looks weak and out of step. As a desperate face-saving manouver — hypothetically (and pathetically) he could remove the mandates but disguise it with chest beating “action” — hoping he looks strong rather than defeated. That’s what Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario has just done. Ford announced he will end the mandates. So the Truckers won, but he will effectively punish them all the way home to make sure they don’t do it again, and it doesn’t look like they won.

In the same spiteful small spirit, even though the Ambassador Bridge is apparently reopened, Trudeau is rumoured to be ready to invoke the Emergencies Act — something designed to be used when lives are endangered, or the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Canada is threatened.

Ezra Levant says:

Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act after the FLQ terrorist group started kidnapping, murdering and putting bombs in mailboxes.

Justin Trudeau is invoking the same powers to deal with peaceful protests that he happens to hate.

But with polls shifting against […]

Trudeau is panicking: It’s the biggest human rights protest in a generation

Tucker Carlson points out how Trudeau’s overreaction reveals his impotence.

By going double or nothing, it’s so much harder for Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford (Premier of Ontario) to back down.

The biggest human rights protest in the West in a generation:

The Left used to represent the Workers

As David Evans says:

The great political realignment continues. The ruling class have coalesced — with the establishment right joining the bureaucratic left. They are all college-educated (but not too bright, you understand), and they love well paid government jobs and government money, and being aligned to the dominant political ideology so they can name-call anyone else and dismiss them without having to actually engage with what they are saying — without having to actually think.

But they left behind most of society. We can’t all be overpaid non-productive consumers of government money.

Parasites United will never be asked to work too hard.

Here’s one Ontario Police Officer who says there are “many police officers who want nothing more to see our country returned back to the beautiful state that it was. A lot want to speak out but we can’t because we […]