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Truckers threaten to bust up the narrative that the Socialists care for the Workers

Managing people with bullying and coercion is a brittle and fragile tool

When it starts to break, it collapses.

Adam Mill:    Why They’re So Afraid of the Truckers

Russian. Flag, Map.

In 1981, the Soviets seemed invincible. Yet their power was fragile, vulnerable to a single fissure of courage that started in Poland. That crack lengthened and spread until the entire system crumbled. It must have seemed impossible to defeat an ideology that controlled every institution—the press, the education system, the military, etc. Yet, without firing a shot, a courageous protest in Poland did just that.

In September of 1981, the Soviet Union seemed an uncrackable monolith. On its frontiers stood a NATO force that would last only a few weeks were a conventional war to break out. The Soviets could rely upon apologists in Western academia and the media to amplify their propaganda and stifle voices demanding freedom. Yet the opposition of a labor union to Soviet Communism powerfully undermined its claim to legitimacy

The Soviet Union, like modern leftism today, appropriates and exploits the struggle of ordinary people while simultaneously making things worse for them. Their soft hands and arrogance set them apart from their supposed clients in the “real world.” Their only skill is to feast upon the fruits of other people’s labor. When real labor awakens to the true parasitic nature of the Left, the whole system comes crashing down.

No wonder they’re so afraid.

Families are being torn apart

This is a revealing write up by a former CBC reporter who feels like the protests are dividing the country and is dismayed and searching for answers. What she has missed is that the divisions were there and growing for years. The peaceful flag-waving Truckers have arrived to fill the hole where healthy national pride and a sense of community had been exterminated with fashionable vanity-guilt competitions of hate and disdain.

If Trudeau orders the police to drag away the Freedom Convoy he’ll tear Canada apart 

Canada FlagTARA HENLEY (former CBC reporter) from Toronto, DailyMail

The use of the Emergencies Act has poured gasoline on what was already a raging fire.

I fear that Canadians are headed for the sort of volatile, drawn-out, intractable conflict that tears societies apart.

The act replaces the War Measures Act, last invoked by Trudeau’s father, Prime Minster Pierre Elliott Trudeau, in 1970, and it is widely known as the nuclear option. As a journalist, I have never seen a news event this polarizing. And as a citizen, I have never seen my country this divided. For the past two weeks, most conversations have revolved around the protests in the capital.

Families are being pulled apart, including the Premier of Ontario’s own. Ford said Monday at a news conference that ‘all of this has polarized us in a way that we could never have imagined.’ One of his daughters has publicly supported the protests.

This is a large part of why I left legacy media in January, working as a current affairs radio producer at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. (In fact, it was our coverage of the vaccine mandates that proved a tipping point.)

She does understand there is something very unfair fueling this:

During the pandemic, Canada has become a less equal country. Billionaire wealth has increased a staggering 68 percent. Many, many people are struggling to make ends meet.

She doesn’t realize how close to the mark she is:

If one is to take the threat of the extremist far-right seriously, as I certainly do, then the Emergencies Act is the worst possible way of handling this crisis. It risks radicalizing peaceful protestors and confirming their worst fears about government.

Trudeau has indeed confirmed that the far right — who fear big Government will misuse and abuse power — are really the sensible center, who were correct all along. She fears the “extremists” but in today’s non-debate, the “far right” is anyone who just wants to be left alone.

Trudeau is so good at achieving the exact opposite of everything he supposedly wants because he relies on censorship and character assassination instead of free speech and well mannered debate. If Trudeau thinks he’s a God, thank the sycophantic media, and patsy academia.

All he had to do to be a good democratic leader was meet the people, instead of hiding amongst his status-climbing friends.  If he’d spent time with the workers in the last two years, he could have seen all this coming and averted it so easily.

On the Ottawa front-line Police send in SWAT teams to Stop the Mischief

Ottawa Police March On Freedom Convoy: It’s ‘Starting To Feel Like The Beginning Of The End’.

According to the protesters, tow trucks are stationed nearby and are believed to be waiting to clear the area of trucks.

“The tow trucks are not labeled, they’ve had their plates removed and their companies covered so they are hiding their identities from the world,” one of protesters on the livestream said.

19th February: Things are on a knife-edge unfolding. The two protest leaders Chris Barber and Tamara Lich have been arrested and charged with “Mischief”. All up 15 people have been arrested, and four vehicles have been removed. On the legal front  Trudeau already  faces more than one court case already.  Two agencies concerned with Civil Liberties and the Constitution have both started applications for judicial reviews. Interest is so large that both websites crashed. Meanwhile yet another Canadian province announced an end to mandates. Newfoundland and Labrador join Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

Police say the “media risks arrests if caught behind lines in ‘Red Zone’”. Thus, history is being made in a peaceful “emergency” and the media are banned? Where are the screams from the real journalists around the world…

They may evict the protesters but unless Trudeau ends the mandates, the protests will just find another outlet.

Marieke Walsh appears to be there watching things unfold.

Ottawa now has armed checkpoints like East Berlin did. Who is imposing more of a blockade on Ottawans, the protestors dancing in the centre or the man that fenced Parliament and added 100 checkpoints?

“The secured area includes almost 100 checkpoints that will have police presence to ensure that those seeking entry to that secure area for a unlawful reason, such as joining a protest, cannot enter the downtown core,” acting Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell said Thursday.

But truckers are not worried.

“It’s all smoke and mirrors,” said Niagara-area trucker Harold Jonker, who drove the first truck in to the protest and plans to be the last truck to leave. “We are not doing anything wrong and they know that.”

Canada’s capital, operating under the Emergencies Act, now has ‘no go zones” similar to a police state.

The real crackdown is happening where you can’t see it — financial institutions

Tristan Hopper, National Post

One of the most far-reaching implications of the Emergencies Act is what it prescribes for the Canadian financial system. According to the government’s new Emergency Economic Measures Orderevery single bank, credit union, investment broker and insurance provider in the country has been deputized to figure out if they have a blockader as a client, and to immediately freeze their accounts if so.

Under normal circumstances, private companies arbitrarily seizing the assets of their clients is a great way to get sued. But the order makes clear that “no civil proceedings lie against an entity for complying with this Order.”

Trudeau is giving every Canadian a reason not to use the banks. What could possibly go wrong?

He has overreached so far, even the Greens are warning this could backfire:

 In a widely circulated essay for the socialist magazine Canadian Dimension, former Green Party leadership candidate Dimitri Lascaris warned that leftist support of measures to crush the truckers could end up biting them in the end. “If we Canadian leftists endorse this government’s use of emergency powers to quell this protest, we may well be dooming our prospects of successfully mounting and sustaining the far more disruptive protests that will be necessary to preserve Mother Earth,” he wrote.

But rather than anger, this protest thrives on camaraderie and goodwill:

Lyndsay Kruisselbrink, who was on her third trip to the Ottawa protest on and planned to stay until Monday, said the feeling among participants was “very calm,” adding everybody was happy with “lots of love.”

“You have to be here to know the feeling,” she said. “You just don’t want to leave. You just love the cause and all the people. It’s like your family.”

No wonder the Truckers are willing to be so brave, and stay so strong.


Just like that: In Austria, Germany and Switzerland — most restrictions will be gone in March

The Austrian situation is the most incredible turnaround. They had one of the most brutal mandatory vaccination programs in the world only a few weeks ago and now even laws made a few weeks ago look like they will never be enacted.

With terrible timing the Austrian government only approved the draconian mandatory vaccination laws on Jan 20th, just in time for everyone to realize that the vaccines didn’t work, and Omicron wasn’t an emergency.  Strangely the all new monster mandatory vaccination rule technically still exists, but may be scrapped before it even starts. How can it be justified to let unvaccinated people into pubs and clubs where superspreading events occur but then also fine them €1000 ea month for being unvaccinated? The absurdity of it destroys itself.

So perhaps to avoid the look of a complete nearly instant backflip Austria has established a commission to decide on mandatory Covid jabs.

Just weeks after the nationwide Covid vaccine mandate was signed into law, the controversial measure is in jeopardy. Austria’s compulsory vaccination law – the first in Europe – is set to come into effect on March 16th, when “phase two” will mean police can also check vaccination certificates and report violations to the district administration authorities. The commission will make its first report the week before, on March 8th.

Germany announces end to most COVID restrictions on March 20

Feb 17th. BERLIN — Germany’s leaders on Wednesday announced plans to end most of the country’s coronavirus restrictions by March 20, a decision that coincided with moves by neighboring Austria and Switzerland to drop many of their curbs sooner.

A three-step plan was endorsed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the country’s 16 state governors as official figures show Germany’s COVID-19 infection rate beginning to drift downward.

Switzerland lifts most Covid-19 restrictions

The Swiss government has decided to drop most coronavirus restrictions from Thursday as the record levels of infections triggered by the Omicron variant have not translated into a peak of hospitalisations.

It’s amazing how fast a psychological state can unravel.  If the mandates had real benefits, they would not evaporate so fast.

Collecting stories of the ending of mandatory restrictions helps all of us still living under them. Good news in Western Australia today — the Great Unvaccinated will now be allowed to buy beer at drive through bottleshops. They can’t visit pubs, restaurants, clubs or gyms. The pandemic has barely arrived here — hopefully, it all shall pass.

The Canadians Truckers give us all hope.

Image: Russian Flag by Aivazovsky

*HEadline edited. “Blow” changed to “bust” lest anyone think there was any violent intent.

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