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Trudeau weighs up whether to stop forced injections, but decides to trample with horses

Trudeau faced a tricky choice: he could stop forcing people to get injections-they-don’t-want and the Truckers would all go home, problem solved, but he would look like a loser. Or he could trample, spray and beat them, and steal their money instead. So he did.

It’s for their health:

When journalists and old women are attacked and police bear down on protesters with the cavalry, pepper spray and batons, we would expect most Western leaders to speak out, and most serious mastheads.  Here’s the Wall Street Journal. Note the others in the coming days (or lack thereof).

Trudeau’s Destructive ‘Emergency’

The truckers protest could have been handled without abusing the law.

The Editorial Board, The Wall Street Journal

Protests aren’t emergencies, and Western leaders had better get used to handling civil disobedience firmly without traducing civil liberties. Mr. Trudeau criminalized a protest movement, deputizing financial institutions, without due process or liability, to find and freeze personal accounts of blockaders and anyone who helps them. These extraordinary measures are a needless abuse of power.

Toronto limited the problem by closing downtown roads. Blockades at crucial border crossings were allowed to drag on and cost the North American auto industry hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet when police finally acted, border blockades dispersed peacefully, no emergency powers needed. One ended with handshakes between police and protesters.

Weak responses to civil disobedience have hurt Canada for years. New gas pipelines are increasingly stymied by blockades, often by green or aboriginal activists. On Thursday men wielding axes attacked a pipeline drill site and its workers in British Columbia. That’s worse than anything the truckers have done.

Yesterday, 20 masked people, some with axes, attacked a gas drilling site in British Columbia, casing wanton destruction, risking serious injuries:

Coastal GasLink site in B.C. left with millions in damage after ‘violent attack’ by masked assailants wielding axes

RCMP are investigating what is being described as a “organized violent attack” on pipeline workers, police and equipment at a Coastal GasLink drilling site near the Morice River in northern British Columbia.

The Coastal GasLink pipeline, which will connect B.C.’s shale gas resources to LNG Canada’s export project in Kitimat, is almost 60 per cent complete.

“In one of the most concerning acts, an attempt was made to set a vehicle on fire while workers were inside,” said the company in a statement. “The attackers also wielded axes, swinging them at vehicles and through a truck’s window. Flare guns were also fired at workers.”

It’s not clear which group did this violent assault but they aren’t truckers and nobody seems to care. Will their donor’s bank accounts be frozen?



Fittingly, the US Convoy starts next week:

US Trucker Convoy Organizer to Newsmax: Thousands Expected to Join

Thousands of semitruck drivers are expected to take part in the coast-to-coast “People’s Convoy” to protest government COVID-19 mandates starting Wednesday, Feb. 23, says organizer Maureen Steele.

“We have well over 1,000 truckers. I’ve lost count right now and I know it’s going to grow,” Steele told Newsmax’sEric Bolling: The Balance.

“Our support staff is enormous. We have the Unity Project and they have hundreds of nonprofits that are under them so they literally have thousands of people helping pull this event off.


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