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Trudeau declares all Truckers, Donors and honkers are terrorists, seize their bank accounts

Extraordinary.  The Ambassador Bridge issue was solved. The protesters in Ottawa are still obeying the law, waving the Flag, and jumping in bouncy castles, and yet Trudeau has invoked the Emergency Act, and declared war, almost, against many Canadians. In a dangerous game of chicken, Trudeau has upped the ante. Instead of being remotely statesman-like, he’s trying to crush the opposition with the full force of the state.

Tucker Carlson — this is a defining moment in the history of Canada.

Justin Trudeau has declared the people dancing in the street in Ottawa are terrorists. Their bank accounts can now be seized, and anyone donating to them can have their accounts taken. The banks don’t need court orders. Truck insurance can be suspended.

Even if this is illegal (and it surely seems to be) this is the Big-State threatening everyone who dares dissent. Even if it is later tested in court, the injustice is here now. Just like the Biden illegal vaccine mandates. Justice takes time, and some crimes can not be undone.

Trudeau is collecting a list of political enemies and all their details, seizing their bank accounts.

From far away, we can write to our MP’s and demand that they speak up as voices of democracy. There is no justification for activating the Emergency Act and suspending democracy.

Will someone ask Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese whether they would ever consider this kind of action  in Australia and under what circumstances? Pick your side of history — are you for the people or against them? Do people have the right to protest freely without punishment?

Remember the BLM supporters demanded everyone in politics declare their public support, and nothing less that “taking the knee” in subjugation was accepted. Neutrality was not an option. Silence is violence! See how it works?

If the Right worked like the Left, every politician would be declaring right now that “free speech is sacred” and “everyone has the right to protest peacefully.”

Ezra Levant explains more of the details in his Rebel News report.


Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet is the latest voice to object to the Trudeau government’s use of the Emergencies Act to respond to the ongoing “Freedom Convoy” protests in Ottawa and elsewhere across the nation.

Bloc Québécois, is a political party in Quebec which has 32 seats in the Canadian House of Commons (out of 338 seats).

“Let’s understand clearly that Quebec, Quebec government and us do not want this law to be implemented on the territory of Quebec. It is not legitimate, and it is useless,” he said Monday.

To put this in perspective, Canada’s Emergencies Act used to be called the War Measures Act. But instead of war — the big threat here is apparently 42 cases of “Mischief”:

As of Monday morning, the police had arrested 42 people and seized 37 vehicles, said Windsor Police. Most of those arrested were released and will return to court later to face a charge of mischief, said police spokeswoman Talya Natyshak.  — Wall St Journal / The Australian

Or rather, “alleged” mischief.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association says this doesn’t meet the threshold to declare an Emergency


The federal government has not met the threshold necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act. This law creates a high and clear standard for good reason: the Act allows government to bypass ordinary democratic processes. This standard has not been met.

The Emergencies Act can only be invoked when a situation “seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada” & when the situation “cannot be effectively dealt with under any other law of Canada.”

Governments regularly deal with difficult situations, and do so using powers granted to them by democratically elected representatives. Emergency legislation should not be normalized. It threatens our democracy and our civil liberties…

The Truckers are moving the polls of Canada, and politicians around the world are shifting gear

The Truckers have won the moral victory in Canada, and some strategic victories around the world — ones they were not trying to win — but the wounded Trudeau is dangerous. In the provinces of Canada and states all around the world, leaders are watching and some are already bailing out of their own mandates so they can avoid the losing deal that Trudeau served himself up. He could have cancelled the vaccine mandates on day 2 or 3, and the Trucker Convoy would have evaporated before it arrived in Ottawa – a strange unknown moment that existed only on youtube briefly. Instead the world is watching Canada and he has grossly over-reacted.

The whole Tucker Carlson show because it *might* be different to the ABC, BBC and CBC.

And because there are things “bigger than WaterGate”.

Think about the problem of how to donate funds to democratic legal protests now. There will be protesters that need legal support now that the full force of State Lawfare is being thrown against them. How is a good citizen to help fellow citizens voice opinions they agree with?

Are we really down to buying gift voucher cards with cash at grocery stores while wearing a mask and sunnies to avoid the security cameras? Is that Trudeau’s Canada? Will an alternate economy spring up where people barter gift cards for goods?

*Edited post hoc. The post originally said “The Truckers have won” – a blandly empty line that needed a lot more explanation.

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