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Privacy? Dissidents get doxxed and abused but supporters of the State can hide away

The Canadian government is so loved that the people who work for it want to hide their faces and names.

What government transparency means now: The whistleblowers will be exposed

The riot squad dress like Antifa and have no name badges. And the tow trucks in Ottawa were allowed to hide their truck branding so they suffer no pushback for towing away peaceful protestors.

Not the Canada you thought you were living in…

Who are these men hanging around as the tow-trucks took the trucks in Ottawa?

It’s hard to tell from the video, but there are a lot of people in halloween costumes doing something during the day the trucks were towed away.

Are these guys the tow truck drivers?

Which trucking companies did the towing in Ottawa. Source: Yahoo

If most Canadians really did want the truckers gone surely some tow-truck drivers would be happy to help and soak up the free advertising. Or maybe all the polls are wrong?

Government critics get abuse and death threats

The team with the army, navy, jails and the billion-dollar budget is so afraid of the unarmed family men with trucks, tractors and hot-tubs that they have vowed to hunt them down “for months”. Not only that, but they will pursue anyone who gave them $20 for fuel to get there. Trudeau won’t say it, but he’s afraid of truckers, tractors and cars rolling on, and protests popping up everywhere.

If trucks just started to carry free advertising mocking Trudeau — they’d be free moving billboards across the country — like the ultimate bumper-sticker campaign. Though no one needs a slogan — cars and trucks just need to carry the Canadian flag and let it be known, that that’s the protest. He can’t ban the flag.

Some 92,000 donors who supported the peaceful protest were publicly outed by cyber hackers. The State propaganda outlet — the CBC — is being paid by taxpayers to contact critics of the government, let them know they had all their personal details,  and harass them to explain why they donated.

If ever there was an argument to end state funded media, this surely is it.

Will the cyberhacker criminals ever face justice — or is that kind of crime not a priority like tracking down people who gave a burger to a trucker?

One Cafe owner had to close her shop after death threats and abuse, and of people throwing bricks through windows

We have been called terrorists’:

Tearful Ottawa gelato shop owner whose name was released in GiveSendGo data hack describes being hounded with death threats and says she’s been forced to shut her shop

MattMcNulty, The DailyMail

That’s Justin Trudeau’s communist paradise of love and worker contentment?

The Ottawa Police Chief commits to hunting down and punishing peaceful protesters for months to come.

Even if those protestors broke no law, his job is to make sure they live in fear, and the rest of Canada knows how risky it is to speak up against government rules that most people don’t want.

Once upon a time the police were there to protect shop owners from mafia style threats.

And laws are so complex now,

That one Swastika flag at the protest was mocking Trudeau for being a Nazi

Is this flag the source of all the minion haters calling the protestors terrorists and Nazi’s? Notice the flag above it says Truck Fudeau (or something like that. )

Swastika Flag and Fuck Trudeau.

The only Swastika anyone can find was warning what Trudeau’s Canada would become.

Trudeau gaslights the nation that these are neo-Nazis marching because they carry the Swastika. It’s as if Greenpeace carry banners of a burning Earth because they want to burn it.  Now, somehow, the Nazis are the ones that stand for “medical choices”? And all the misleadia just rinse and repeat the nonsense as if Nazi medical experiments never happened.

For the moment, Trudeau’s maneuver will effectively slow down protestors pointing out the similarities. If protestors are going to use the toxic Swastika symbol, they need to make sure Trudeau’s name is printed all over it — with the words “show us your papers” or a huge needle and syringe symbol. Of course, if they do that well, the media won’t show it at all.

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