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Canadians increasingly support Truckers, Freedom. Trudeau may have to declare National Emergencies Act!

The Canadian people are becoming increasingly sympathetic to the Truckers views on the pandemic with every passing day and less impressed with Trudeau. He looks weak and out of step. As a desperate face-saving manouver — hypothetically (and pathetically) he could remove the mandates but disguise it with chest beating “action” — hoping he looks strong rather than defeated. That’s what Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario has just done. Ford announced he will end the mandates. So the Truckers won, but he will effectively punish them all the way home to make sure they don’t do it again, and it doesn’t look like they won.

In the same spiteful small spirit, even though the Ambassador Bridge is apparently reopened, Trudeau is rumoured to be ready to invoke the Emergencies Act — something designed to be used when lives are endangered, or the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Canada is threatened.

Ezra Levant says:

Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act after the FLQ terrorist group started kidnapping, murdering and putting bombs in mailboxes.

Justin Trudeau is invoking the same powers to deal with peaceful protests that he happens to hate.

But with polls shifting against him, especially among young progressive age groups, Trudeau is going to have to end mandates one way or another. And leaders all over the world are hoping he can Do It Fast, and without looking like the working class won. They’re all afraid their own deplorables will realize how powerful Truck Convoys are.

Canadian opinions are shifting fast:

To understand what a transformation there has been in just four weeks, consider the polls a month ago that were, golly, quite shocking. In mid January, as many as 67 per cent of Canadians wanted the government to impose further measures on the unvaccinated population, with nearly half (49 per cent) of the respondents blaming the unvaccinated. In another January poll, 37 per cent said it would be acceptable to deny the unvaccinated publicly-funded health care — and 27 per cent that it would be OK to go to put them in jail. How did it come to this?’

But now, “Two-thirds of Canadians believe it’s time to drop COVID-19 restrictions and begin living with the virus, according to a new poll.” And “56 per cent of Canadians say the unvaccinated should not be pressured into getting the shot.”

In an IPSOS poll, 46% now say the Truckers frustrations are legitimate and they are worthy of sympathy. Among the under 34 year olds that figure is an amazing 61%.

The ground was being pulled out from underneath Trudeau, and often by the younger demographic, his voters, who now see a faster way to get their freedom back than waiting for their fourth shot.

Ontario will stop up Vaccine Mandates on March 1:

TORONTO — Ontario is ending its vaccine certificate system on March 1, when capacity limits will lift as well, Premier Doug Ford announced Monday — although Ford said masking requirements will remain for now.

Amazingly Ontario’s top doctor has just realized “We have the level of protection we need”.

Nothing to do with the Truckers. Just a coincidence:

Ford insisted the step is not a result of pressure from anti-vaccine mandate protesters.

“Today’s announcement is not because of what’s happening in Ottawa or Windsor, but despite it,” he said.

And to prove that Trucker-protests don’t have any effect on politicians, Ford declared a State of Emergency, and threatened to fine and jail people, and sieze their cars and licenses forever.

Ford: To those of you who are still there, there will be serious consequences,… Anyone who breaks the rules under the emergency order, such as by blocking up major travel areas like 400-series highways or international border crossings, may be subject to a fine of up to $100,000 and up to a year of jail time.

Let me be clear: If you choose to use your vehicle to create chaos, you will lose that vehicle, and your licence, plain and simple,” Ford said.  And, according to the premier, these repercussions will be permanent.

So there. You’ll never work as a Truck driver ever again! As Ezra Levant points out, even murderers don’t lose their ability to earn a living “forever”.

Meanwhile the police are now reduced to sabotaging excavators “to keep the peace”

Near the Alberta border protest, three excavators were parked on private land, with permission and within view of the highway at Coutts. The RCMP asked them to move their equipment out of sight of the highway, which the drivers obligingly did. The police didn’t mention that the reason they were moved “out of sight” was so they could vandalize them without an audience.

The police say they damaged the equipment because it might have been used in the blockade.

One twitter wit wondered if people can disable police cars if they suspect they might be used “illegally” in the future.

Another asked if the police had permission from the owner or a court order duly signed by an appropriate official.

The police are supposed to stop criminal damage, not do it themselves.

Tristan Hopper says: Trucker blockades now Canada’s leading cultural export

Today’s random nation of protest is Israel:

It’s the same all over the world:

Meanwhile hackers leak names of ‘Freedom Convoy’ donors after GiveSendGo breach

The hackers clearly hate the protesters, stole their personal details and will give that information to left wing journalists and academic researchers (who also hate them):

On Monday, GiveSendGo’s website said it was “under maintenance,” hours after the site was hijacked and redirected to a page believed to be controlled by the hackers, which no longer loads. The redirected page condemned the trucker…

A short time later, nonprofit leak site Distributed Denial of Secrets said it had received 30 megabytes of donor information from GiveSendGo, including self-reported names, email addresses, ZIP codes and IP addresses.

Distributed Denial of Secrets, a site known for hosting sets of leaked data involving far-right groups, said that the data would only be provided to researchers and journalists.

It’s just another way to intimidate and threaten people who don’t obey Big-Government. Some smaller minds are already using the list to Dox coworkers as “insurrectionists” for demanding essentially what two-thirds of Canada wants. Clearly most Canadians should thank the donors. Will Big Government investigate and track the hacker-criminals?

In other news in the Information War, some are trying to blame the Freedom Convoy for an arson attempt in Ottawa. Rebel News called the police and spoke to the manager of the building and discovered that no one has any evidence that arson took place. Just so you know.

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