The plague of mental illness in teenage girls

By Jo Nova

Something is going wrong with teenage girls. Horribly wrong. Zach Rausch and Jon Haidt have published a bomb of an article. Across the Anglosphere (and perhaps elsewhere) Gen Z girls are more anxious, more depressed, more likely to self harm and less happy, and not just a bit more, but in a seismic kind of way. Things are not exactly great for teenage boys either, but the trends are worst for girls and young women and most of the downturn started around 2012, uncannily in at least five different countries.

Rausch and Haidt make a compelling case that this coincides with the rise of smart phones and selfie-culture, and perhaps that is all the rocket-fuel we need. But the rise of the Glorious Victimhood Era of Woke was surely the guidance system that pointed a whole generation in a race to climb Mental Disability Mountain.

Teenage girls are magnets for fashion — not just in clothes but in ideas too. They may be collecting diagnoses like teenage boys collected football cards, but self-poisoning is not a sport.

The culture that acts like a teenage girl seems to be having trouble breeding healthy women.

Substack: After […]

There’s an exodus of smart men from US universities

The oldest university in Europe has been running since 1088AD.

It took a thousand years of hard work to create a reputation of excellence and honor that is being casually vaporized and bled dry in a fashion frenzy of Wokery.

This year in the US undergraduate enrollments fell by 650,000 in a single year — and the departure was led by young men.

For the last thirty years people in Ivory towers were treated like Gods and came to believe their own advertising. Who could blame them? No one in the media asked them a single hard question so the illusion of their glorious prophesies remained intact even as their absurd predictions crashed upon the shore.

The academics fell over themselves to outscore each other in a pointless Victimhood status game where they earn points by insulting one of their main client groups. No wonder men are leaving.

Victor Davis Hanson asks Are Universities Doomed?

The Daily Signal

Nationwide undergraduate enrollment has dropped by more than 650,000 students in a single year—or over 4% alone from spring 2021 to 2022, and some 14% in the last decade. Yet the U.S. population still increases by about 2 million […]

PETA calls for female sex strike to save the planet from storms caused by steak and sausages

by Jo Nova

Quick, save the world now! Create nice weather and peace on Earth with coercive bargaining, threats and deprivation.

The PETA-FemoNazi recipe to stop floods and hot weekends is to demand men give up meat or live without sex. There’s no more persuasion for civilization — according to PETA it’s their way or the highway, and most men must be too stupid to realize the PETA powers of climate prophesy are unquestionable. After all, there’s no chance that animal activists could be fooled by emotional soppy propaganda pushed by Global bankers, billionaires and UN industrial cartels, right? PETA can tell those moist adiabatic lapse rates from the missing tropospheric hot spots. If only men could too!

PETA strays so far out their lane they end up in orbit. They alternately blame bad weather on meat-eating, then on men, on toxic masculinity and then they blame the babies too. It’s breathtaking in grandiose, overbearing, imperious intolerance. Apparently omnivorous men don’t deserve to have babies. A ban on procreation for meat-eating-men would be… purposeful. They actually say that. Your value to the world is measured in tons of carbon. A bit like a farm animal really? Except PETA select […]

Political Correctness is for girls — the bubble of Woke has a grip on young women

There’s been a transformation in the last 6 years — the polarization between attitudes of young men and women is expanding like a bubble.

The new Gallup results suggesting the suddenly as many as 44% of young women identify as liberal but only 25% of young men do. It’s a gaping 19% maw. Eric Kaufman shows that its not because more women are going to university now, but mostly because more young women are Woke. The most important predictive factor in a thirteenfold (wow) kind of way, was simply whether they opposed controversial speakers on topics like BLM, abortion and LGBTQ-etc. In other words, it’s expanding like a designer fashion trend. And one so weak it has to hide the competition. It’s not a generational shift when half the generation is avoiding it. That’s good news. Bubbles will pop.

Wokeness targets women — offering them victimhood-candy and someone to blame, but almost always at the expense of men. Not surprisingly men are not turning up for their lecture on toxic masculinity. Think Gillette. Young men still want to impress young women, and being “Woke” can get the girl, but even that’s not enough to adopt the ideology.

Spread the word. […]

A great moment in Gender Science

The same people that tell us to “Follow The Science” on climate change can’t predict what a woman is.

Or if they can, they’re too afraid to say so.

It’s not science, it’s just bullies at work.

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New Olympic Rules means medals for men and people-who-used-to-be-men

Follow the science, eh?

Bad news for athletes born as baby girls – unless they start testosterone therapy straight away, it’s hard to see how they can win against babies with 18 years of DIY hormone “treatments” that help them grow six inches taller, with lower body fat, and larger hearts and lungs.

The old rules were silly, but the new ones are worse:

New Olympic Committee Rules Essentially End Women’s Sports

by Libby Emmons, The Federalist

The previous rules for the participation of men in women’s sports were already unfair, with male athletes having to show that their testosterone levels were below 10 nmol/liter of blood for 12 months or more. Women’s standard amount of testosterone is .09 nmol/liter of blood. Even with the application of testosterone during a British medical study, women were only able to increase to 4.3 nmol/liter. The normal, healthy range for men is 9.2 to 31.8 nmol/liter.

Overturning the entirety of human history and understanding about biology, the IOC states that “No athlete should be precluded from competing or excluded from competition on the exclusive ground of an unverified, alleged, or perceived unfair competitive advantage due to their […]

Men worse for climate change than women (so if enough transition, will that stop the floods?)

Men cause all the bad things (except for this study which mostly written by women):

Men Are Worse for Climate Change Than Women Because They Love Meat and Cars

By Anya Zoledziowski, Vice

Men emit 16 percent more greenhouse gases than women because they tend to spend more money on fuel and eat more meat, among other things, a new study has found.

It’s just another man-hating, high-fashion opinion article with a peer reviewed badge and some meaningless data.

With similar reasoning I might as well write: “Women are bad for climate change because they live longer and love hair dryers.” We all know women like to turn up the heater too. And they have babies, that’s got to be bad.

But men, clearly, were the target du jour, and the “experiment” such as it wasn’t, was to compare spending of single men and single women, as if we could get finer control of atmospheric systems by getting boys to drive less, eat more indoor lettuce (that’s a thing) and get their furnishings secondhand off Gumtree.

I’m sure men eat more meat than women but they also have bigger bodies, more lean mass and need […]

Forget cost and gigawatts — lets solve climate by turning toxic white men into soy boys

Stupid engineers think we need climate models that work and electricity that costs less than a dollar a kilowatt hour. All along we’ve been worried about FCAS, moist adiabatic lapse rates, voltage surges, and frequency drops, while the answer was staring us in the face.

The cheapest way to change the global climate is to call men petty names, bully them into submission and kick their truck nuts.

Here’s “genius” Megan MacKenzie: Professor of Gender and War at the University of Sydney showing us how little she knows about climate, men or war.

Is fragile masculinity the biggest obstacle to climate action?

Megan MacKenzie, ABC

Leaving fossil fuels in the ground symbolises a loss of power and money. Some male leaders see real climate action as a threat to power and to profit, through extraction and exploitation of the environment.

Male resistance to climate action has bipartisan support. Any hope that the Labor party might offer climate policy alternatives the Liberals went up in smoke in the past few months as Anthony Albanese announced he doesn’t want to phase out coal.

Researchers in Norway also found what they call a “cool dude […]

Spot the gender-race flagwaving in climate junkets

The Climate Change River of Gravy is so wide and so fast it pulls other Big-Gov religions into the flow. Kind of like a Bernoulli Effect of Bureaucracy. The vacuum of common sense sucks. Or fast flowing nonsense attracts more nonsense.

Anthropologists of the future will study UNFCCC meetings

Here, two deep state clan members fly to a joint junket in Bonn. The climate sect does a feminist-indigenous handshake as a test of social rank. Will Australia pass?

Gender issues top Bonn climate summit

Graham Lloyd, The Australian

Australian officials attending ­climate change talks in Germany are being grilled on how the country is tackling global warming by addressing gender and ­indigenous issues.

The Canadian is proving their value to the other dependents of Big-Gov (though not to Canadian taxpayers):

In written questions to Aust­ralia about its climate change ­response, Canada has asked whether indigenous or traditional knowledge was taken into consideration in developing domestic policies or implementing measures to address climate change.

This gives the Australian a free pass to brag about similar pointless flag waving to an imaginary God that preferentially burns down the houses of single indigenous mothers. Should the […]