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Spot the gender-race flagwaving in climate junkets

UNFCCC logoThe Climate Change River of Gravy is so wide and so fast it pulls other Big-Gov religions into the flow. Kind of like a Bernoulli Effect of Bureaucracy. The vacuum of common sense sucks. Or fast flowing nonsense attracts more nonsense.

Anthropologists of the future will study UNFCCC meetings

Here, two deep state clan members fly to a joint junket in Bonn. The climate sect does a feminist-indigenous handshake as a test of social rank. Will Australia pass?

Gender issues top Bonn climate summit

Graham Lloyd, The Australian

Australian officials attending ­climate change talks in Germany are being grilled on how the country is tackling global warming by addressing gender and ­indigenous issues.

The Canadian is proving their value to the other dependents of Big-Gov (though not to Canadian taxpayers):

In written questions to Aust­ralia about its climate change ­response, Canada has asked whether indigenous or traditional knowledge was taken into consideration in developing domestic policies or implementing measures to address climate change.

This gives the Australian a free pass to brag about similar pointless flag waving to an imaginary God that preferentially burns down the houses of single indigenous mothers. Should the Australian fail the test, the Canadian will get to brag at home about how much more advanced they are, and they’ll also know not to sit next to the Australian in the bar, or invite them to after dinner drinks. The Canadian can’t really lose — unless the voters find out:

 “An indigenous carbon ­industry is growing from indig­enous Australians’ participation in the Emissions Reduction Fund and is providing a range of non-carbon benefits, such as an independent revenue stream and increasing indigenous employment,’’ the government said.

The Australian passes, putting all the right keywords into an otherwise meaningless sentence. No one mentions that increasing the cost of energy will reduce indigenous employment, nor that indigenous people in remote housing are more likely to die if they can’t afford heating and air conditioners. Actual concern about indigenous people would be a negative. It’s Big-Gov flag waving that matters.

The second test is the anti-old-white-men score:

In part 2 of the handshake the Australian junketee is tested on gender flag-waving:

Australia was also asked for more detail “about the measures Australia implemented at the domestic level of mainstream gender considerations into its ­climate change policies”.

Naturally, old white farmers are never front-line victims of changing weather patterns. Their shorter lifespan compared to career feminists is irrelevant, as is their mental health, or suicide due to climate driven financial stress. Caring about men earns no points in clan junket status:

The federal government said “national momentum towards equal opportunity means that Australia’s climate policies ­operate in a context which both considers and implements ­responses to gender inequity”.

If climate hurts men more than women, affecting mining, farming, construction and forestry more than the predominantly indoor work that women choose, the paid junketee’s will still be talking about  how women need to be paid more for taking less risk.

And when the frosts increase the big-gov clan will just book warmer hotels.

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