Matt Ridley in Perth: Tuesday — Cures vs Consequences with Government Science

By Jo Nova

A rare opportunity: the wonderful Matt Ridley will be in Perth to speak on Tuesday. One of the few great science commentators across economics, biology, genes, climate and politics. Author of The Rational Optimist, Viral: The search for the origin of Covid-19 and for years a writer for The Times, WSJ, and also elected as a hereditary peer to membership in the House of Lords, UK.

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Cures vs Consequences: How does Government navigate the science?

Matt Ridley

Join Matt Ridley in PERTH, Novotel Murray Street on Tuesday, November 21 or a thought-provoking discussion on the critical role of Government in shaping climate, health, and energy policies.

Scientists aren’t infallible authorities who universally override political disagreements, nor are they unscrupulous fraudsters with hidden political agendas. Somewhere between the two lies the truth: Science is a flawed and all too human affair, but it can generate timeless truths, and reliable practical guidance, in a way that other approaches cannot.

How can the average person make sense of the often-conflicting scientific opinions that have arisen during the COVID pandemic and in the discussions about climate and […]

Don’t miss Will Happer in Australia

By Jo Nova

William Happer

I was lucky enough to spend some time with the wonderful Professor William Happer the last few days thanks to the IPA. The man is a living legend of science having worked on the StarWars program in the Cold War and with the White House in the 1990s and in the Trump era. His talk had something for everyone, speaking about the need for bravery in dangerous times, and the psychology of crowds and yet with enough detail on emission spectrum calculations to appeal to the true science nerds as well. His work on adaptive optics with lasers in the atmosphere was considered so important to national security it was classified as a military secret. Despite that he was one of the first casualties of the political war on science – losing his position as Director of Energy Research in the US Dept of Energy in 1993 for speaking his mind on ozone.

Happer conveys an enthusiasm for physics, astronomy, the Earth that is infectious.

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Book Now Melb, Bris, Perth — Curing the Corruption of Medicine Tour — Malhotra, Wolf, Dowd!

Dr Aseem Malhotra

“The Greatest Medical Deception We will Witness in our Lifetime”

A Blockbuster Speaker: Dr Asseem Malhotra, a Consultant Cardiologist in the UK was one of the first to speak up about vaccine heart risks.

Book for Melbourne (June 1 and 2) , Brisbane (June 5th scroll down!), and Perth (June 10th). It is already sold out or taken place in NSW, the Gold Coast, South Australia and the ACT. (Sorry!) Hopefully video will be posted.

Hosted By Topher Field

There are different extra speakers at every event. Check the links above. In Perth don’t miss Ed Dowd — the former BlackRock executive who wrote a whole book on excess deaths (remember him talking to Tucker Carlson?). Plus Naomi Wolf — the famous feminist who has been red-pilled and now campaigns against vaccine mandates (via satellite). And John Shipton — Julian Assange’s father.



The AMPS is a new medical organization for doctors and health workers in Australia formed during the pandemic because the AMA was doing such a bad job. Find out more about the AMPS and the tour on Facebook […]