Events Perth, Sydney coming up: “The Road Ahead”

Perth on Wednesday  |   Australia: The Road Ahead

“We are more divided as a nation than ever and are feeling increasingly disillusioned and disempowered.”

Hon. John Anderson | Brendan O’Neill (Spiked Magazine) | Tony Seabrook (PGA) | Janet Albrechtsen (The Australian) | Jennifer Grossman (CEO of the Atlas Society) | Scott Hargreaves (IPA) | Professor Stephen Wilson | Professor Simon Haines (Ramsay Centre for Western Civilization) | Dr. Bella D’abrera | Russell Delroy | Steve Whybrow Sc | Professor Gary Banks | Gemma Tognini | Dan Ryan | Brianna Mckee | Freya Leach | Ron Manners (Mannkal)

Sydney,  April 23rd  |  An evening with Brendan O’Neill   (CIS)

Sydney,  April 30th | Australia’s Nuclear Future  (CIS)

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