Don’t miss Will Happer in Australia

By Jo Nova

William Happer

William Happer

I was lucky enough to spend some time with the wonderful Professor William Happer the last few days thanks to the IPA. The man is a living legend of science having worked on the StarWars program in the Cold War and with the White House in the 1990s and in the Trump era. His talk had something for everyone, speaking about the need for bravery in dangerous times, and the psychology of crowds and yet with enough detail on emission spectrum calculations to appeal to the true science nerds as well. His work on adaptive optics with lasers in the atmosphere was considered so important to national security it was classified as a military secret. Despite that he was one of the first casualties of the political war on science – losing his position as Director of Energy Research in the US Dept of Energy in 1993 for speaking his mind on ozone.

Happer conveys an enthusiasm for physics, astronomy, the Earth that is infectious.

Book Now — and don’t forget the IPA offers a program for 15-25 year olds called Generation Liberty — with membership for just $10 a year and free admission to some events like this one. This is a chance to share that moment with children or grandchildren. Send this link to anyone you know doing science or engineering at university.

Melbourne at the Ritz-Carlton on Friday 15 September,
Sydney at the Four Seasons on Monday 18 September, and in
Brisbane at the Sofitel, on Wednesday, 20 September.

Each event will start at 5:30 pm and there will be a Q&A session following.

Tickets to any of the IPA lectures may be purchased from

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    ‘And though Trump was keenly interested in Happer’s ideas, they ignited opposition among White House advisers who viewed the plan to openly attack climate research as a risk to Trump’s prospects for reelection. That led Happer, an unflinching opponent of climate science and an accomplished physicist, to leave his post as a director on the National Security Council.’ (Science)


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    Leo Morgan

    Feel free to delete this after actioning.
    I just want to point out a typo:
    “His work on adaptive optics with lazers in the atmosphere …”
    As we know, LASER is an acronym. It should read ‘lasers’. The s stands for Stimulated. It’s only Ztimulated in Germany. 🙂
    The problem with typos like this is that people who value style over substance will use them to dismiss what you’re saying without further consideration.

    All the best,

    [Thanks for the proof reading! Fixed. Thanks also to Steve who advised me too. – Jo]


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      The s stands for Stimulated. It’s only Ztimulated in Germany.

      Is it ? No. 😀 We write it as you with “S”.


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        Leo Morgan

        No offense meant, Krishna.
        I knew I was pedantic, so I tried to lighten things with a quip.
        A lot of Germans sound to Australians as if they are saying Z instead of S, the basis of my pun. I was confident nobody would take my joke as a claim of fact; your smiley-face leads me to infer you didn’t either.
        Digressing, I have to wonder how the ‘woke’ would react to my quip. Would they accuse me of being racist against Germans, or deny that you can be racist against whites?

        All the best,


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          In my belief you neat an ear repair at least, you may give me examples where S sounds like Z in German. At least, Laser isn’t a good example


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          The woke would be ok with you being “racist” against Germans because it’s a predominantly white industrialised population. Completely fair game.


          (hope spelling industrialised with an S is ok 😉 )


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    It’s a pity the Melbourne event coincides with the Jewish New Year meaning I won’t be attending. When Happer had a role in Trumps administration I was really optimistic that the tide had really turned for sceptics but his tenure was disappointingly short.
    For those not of my faith and able to go he will be definitely worth listening to.


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    Honk R Smith

    I remember watching a YouTube lecture by this fine, now anachronistic
    fellow. (By anachronistic, I mean intellectually honest member of the Academy.)
    Maybe 10 years ago or more, during the last throes of the Age Of Enlightenment.
    When the climate issue, at least on the surface, resembled a honest science debate.

    And where are we now?
    Any member of the Intelligentsia that wants to remain a member of the Intelligentsia cannot define the word ‘woman’ in public.
    We are discussing chopping down forests to ‘re-sequester’ carbon.
    Firing people from their jobs and threatening them with expulsion from travel and food purchase, or possible concentrated internment, is not considered ‘coercion’, ‘force’, or ‘compulsory’.
    The Intelligentsia is now against Free Speech.
    If you own a business, it is becoming illegal to defend your property from theft.
    Brainwashed harpies block traffic and vandalize priceless works of art.
    ‘Equity’ now is a synonym for revenge and no longer a word only uttered by financial advisors.

    Are there any hills left?
    As I said, we may need to prepare to scavenge for food.


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      Honk R Smith

      On the positive side …
      I am no longer a despicable refuter of ‘settled science’ …
      I have been officially declared by my POTUS a “Lying Dogface Pony Soldier”.
      I’ve ordered a T-shirt.
      (Sounds better than “MAGA Insurrectionist Enemy of ‘Our’ Democracy”.)


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    David Maddison

    I am unfortunately unable to attend so I hope video will be posted at some point.


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    David Maddison

    I’m surprised that Warmists/Leftists didn’t try to get him banned from coming to Australia as they do with other rational thinkers. I hope they don’t stage violent demonstrations against him. Nothing terrifies a Leftist more than an alternative opinion.

    It would be so wonderful to be still living in the Age of Enlightenment or at least with its values, rather than the Dark Ages, a period of intellectual, cultural and economic decline and superstition which we are rapidly reverting to.


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    Peter C

    I am attending the Melbourne event on Friday evening.

    I hope to see a few others there.


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    Dave in the States

    Despite that he was one of the first casualties of the political war on science – losing his position as Director of Energy Research in the US Dept of Energy in 1993 for speaking his mind on ozone.

    Liz Truss green lights fracking-gone.
    Trump declares CC a Chinese hoax and becomes Orange Man Bad.
    Many, many, others.

    Wear it like badge of honor.


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    Kalm Keith

    Does anybody know if Will has been to Australia previously.
    I remember a visiting American speaking at a club in Sydney about ten years ago.

    Can’t remember the name.


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    […] published JoNova; I was lucky enough to see Dr. Will Happer speak at a Heartland event. Happer is of the climate […]


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    Damn, I would love to catch that in Brisbane, but can’t! A great mind Happer. He was amongst the first hard core scientist I’d heard speak against the change narrative which made me stop and think.