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Republican Rioters didn’t even get big screen TV’s

Republican Rioters have  a lot to learn from Democrat counterparts:

Rioters on Congress

The rioters were condemned by people on both sides of the aisle, with critics slamming them for disrupting congressional proceedings, breaking through police barricades, and not even stealing a single Lego set, cheesecake, or Nike shoe in the name of justice. No footage emerged of the Capitol occupiers lighting cop cars on fire or throwing bricks through restaurant windows, causing the protesters to lose support from people of all political persuasions.

“One thing is clear,” said one political analyst. “These people obviously don’t know the sweet, sweet justice of lugging a 60-inch TV back to your apartment to show how much you care about your cause.”


I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but how does a bloke in a Chewbacca bikini outwit the nation’s finest and storm the Capitol? By Lisa McKenzie.

In a country that spends about 900 billion dollars a year on security and defence, …how is it possible that a couple of thousand of badly dressed and quite frankly weird folks break into the USA’s centre of power?

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37 comments to Republican Rioters didn’t even get big screen TV’s

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    What I really fear right now is the safety of President Trump as he still such a danger to the Politicians in the US Capital.
    A false flag event by the Democrats is quite a possibility.


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    Peter C

    Ashii Babbitt shooting was staged.

    [SNIPPPP! YOU MAY NOT MAKE CLAIMS LIKE THIS! RETURN HERE WITH A SINCERE APOLOGY OR YOU ARE DONE. All the years I have been moderating here this is the most profoundly offensive thing I have ever read here. You sir will never recover in my mind. I cannot even come up with words. ]ED


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    Pelosi fears atomar strike from Trump….
    German info….
    Can’t be true, isn’t….?


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      Peter C


      Do you have any info on the Frankfurt Scytl server raid?

      Louis Ghomert referred to some twitter or similar in Germany at the time. The US Consulate in Germany is a big complex. A lot of people must work there. Also it is in a residential area.


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    “In a country that spends about 900 billion dollars a year on security and defence, …how is it possible that a couple of thousand of badly dressed and quite frankly weird folks break into the USA’s centre of power?”

    Easy…they let them because they knew the media would spin it and make it all Trump’s fault.

    Guess what? It worked.


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    Captain Katzenjammer

    What did it feel like, living under repressive authoritarian regime in Prague or Budapest, in the second generation when half the country knew it was all lies while the other half believed their indoctrination. If you don’t speak out too loud to strangers, don’t rock the boat, listen to the accepted news so you can repeat it on call when questioned, then you’re allowed to go about your ordinary daily life. How did it feel. Now I know.


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    Peter C

    Republican Rioters didn’t even get big screen TVs

    But they got some laptop computers apparently.


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    ‘ how is it possible that a couple of thousand of badly dressed and quite frankly weird folks break into the USA’s centre of power? ‘ Seempelz! -the same way as boatloads of immigrants cross the English Channel: What was Hitler or Churchill thinking about? … Yes, I would like to know too. Ellz bellz we don’t needd Nukes or whatever anymore – just fly in coughing or whatever. the power of social media perhaps ? we live in desperate times.


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      Easy – the police were expecting them and opened the gates. There is footage of the police escorting 4 busloads of Antifa devotees to Washington .


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      Try using MeWe.come instead of fakebook or us Gab instead of twitt.


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    The headline here encapsulates the issue in the US for the next decade. The conservative side of politics is playing defence against a concerted left wing attack on many fronts. The plans have been in place before Trump even nominated. He was never expected to get close to Clinton – the anointed one – the first ever woman President to follow Obama to feed the spin machine as to how progressive the Democrats are in the social engineering of a nation. They arrogantly misread the quiet majority who were refreshed by an outsider to the incestuous political – bureaucracy – media relationship of anointing power and financial gain.The
    The conservative voter sat back believing in the voting system – unaware that Democrats were seething that the Electoral voters knew there was voting fraud and refused to ratify the ‘public vote’- surprised, but happy that the second legal part of their system backed their desires.
    The big mistake was not mounting regular, coherent rebuttal from a broad base, especially from representative Republicans who abhor Trump as an outsider to their historically cultivated tilt at power, fortune and fame.
    The three pillars the left wing has been cultivating for over a decade is a concerted character assassination via a few mega media outlets subsequently feeding lazy worldwide media with easy access to their narrative. Constant bombardment about media bias by the only large conservative network – News Corp / Fox – is the most successful character assassination, then applied to any conservative leadership aspirant.
    Great smoke and mirrors as Ted Turner’s CNN, MSNC were then joined by emboldened tech oligarchs Zuckerberg & Dorsey to openly flout platform regulations and thumb their nose at hastily and poorly managed and toothless Senate hearings into these platforms acting as publishers and continue to spread propaganda with impunity. They are so well tuned and aware of the next move that they push a false narrative of what the conservatives ‘will do and here’s a couple of examples’ then when the leftwing enacts it’s plan the media machine goes into action to convince the public that is laughable disinformation and deflection from right wing fascists, already proven by leftwing consensus to be acting against national interests.
    The conservatives have completely underestimated the organisation of leftwing activism, unprepared for the money stream of tech oligarchs funding the erosion of national values, but representative Democrats were gleeful for the support, especially as they could tut, tut, without any real admonition on record and supported by activism journalists not holding them to account.
    So the character assassination, followed by the ongoing propaganda, ramped up by months of unchecked activism by destroying low income neighborhoods, with thinly veiled threats from Biden, ‘vote for us, we’ll stop the riots’.
    So the real lesson the right has to take from this flagrant and well choreographed plan to destroy democracy in favor of ‘designer Marxism’ is to go on the offensive by mobilising as much insider support as they can muster to irrefutably expose the corruption in the whole left wing machinery. Prove links, post actual footage which is damning to the ‘useful idiots’ in the media, congress amd the Senate. They will definitely jump as they realise they have no personal support when their usefulness is over. It won’t be easy as the emboldment grows with taking control of the whole political landscape; White House, Congress, Senate. There will be a need to fight fire with fire, not by stealing tv’s, but by the conservatives understanding they will disappear altogether if they dont. They have to understand this is a ‘soft’ civil war against a prepared opponent just getting started. If they don’t stamd up, the West is gone as we know it as The World Economic Forum, with UN backing will brainwash the world into believing that ‘you will have nothing, and be happy’, the chamge in the US prove it!


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    I’m very taken aback by ED’s comments to PeterC above. Even a strong disagreement with his comment surely does not warrant such an address to him as calling him a SOAB; that’s horrible.
    Peter has been a long-term commenter here and put up much useful and interesting stuff.
    I don’t like this particular comment that he made; for the record. I do like most other stuff he posts.

    [I watched the multiple videos of this woman die. There is no doubt the death occurred unless you are some kind of nut. Bless the loved ones in the deceased family that might run across Peter’s bull shit. Fire me if you want: contact [email protected] ] ED


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      That was unwarranted ED. I have not said that I doubted the horrific manner of death of Ashli Bobbit and I would like you to take back the offensive implication that I am a nut. What has got into you ED? A bad day? Please apolgise to me.
      Annie the Deplorable, but not a nut.
      BTW, did you properly read my last sentence?
      [Yes Annie I’m sorry that I said that to you. Bad day is right. If you could see the content of comments that do not get published here lately that accuse the host or the rest of us of being conspiracy nutters it might help to explain my attitude. I was and am very disturbed about the fact of and method of Ashli’s death.

      For anyone to make light of or twist the story as PeterC’s comment did literally brings me to tears.

      You didn’t say those things and I am grateful for your sanity. It has become a very crazy world and I suspect it is going to be worse going forward.]ED


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      Peter C

      Thank You Annie.


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    John F. Hultquist

    In most places in the USA, when an officer is involved in a shooting she or he will be taken out of active duty while an investigation takes place. That investigation will be by a non-affiliated agency.
    It is best to wait until that report is available before doing anything.
    [I haven’t followed this closely, so at this point I do not know how it is being handled.]


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    Kalm Keith

    The crisis at comment No 2.

    Peter has simply relayed material put up by others.

    Under the circumstances the content, provided by others, was something that seems to fit in with this whole crazy mess and deserved airing even if only to define the limits of stupidity that are currently in operation.

    The footage is difficult to work with but I had trouble understanding why there were so many heavily armed officers on the spot so quickly after she went down. The shooter was on the other side of the dividing doors but they were there quickly. Also, no sign of blood.

    Ashli is no doubt gone, and that’s sad but she has been described by a number of contacts as being in a very angry state over the past year.

    A tragedy. Peter didn’t construct this idea, it was already there and formed some of the background to what’s going on.


    [KK, The crazy notion that it was staged and she was not really shot could be something to discuss as long as it is always framed as a crazy notion. I watched several of the videos (I wish I didn’t) there is blood. She was shot, she is dead. It’s more horrible because she did not receive competent emergency care and from what I saw likely choked on her own blood. As I said to Annie I am deeply disturbed by the fact of and method of her death. It isn’t right to diminish the wrong by suggesting that it was faked.

    We cannot have nutter theories run wild here. Peter’s comment was not framed as a crazy notion. It put forward a list of crazy un-truths as fact. I stand by my decision to remove it but also have toned down my notes. I also apologize to Annie again for what I said to her. ] ED


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      Yes, you are correct Kalm Keith. I too had already seen that interpretation elsewhere and in far more detail. PeterC was merely relaying it. I don’t agree with that interpretation but I have NOT looked at any of the footage as I have no wish to grovel in such a terrible matter for Ashli and her family.
      RIP Ashli.


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        Apology accepted ED. I understand what you are saying. The present situation is appalling and very depressing.


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      Kalm Keith

      The secondary tragedy of the Ashli Babbitt incident was the unfortunate, highly charged interaction over the post at #2.

      In hindsight maybe things were a bit rushed but in the context of the moment it’s not unreasonable to post about new relevant information nor to be revolted by it.

      Yesterday’s videos were missing a lot, and looking at New video online this morning on my main computer confirms detail mentioned by ED that neither PeterC nor myself had yesterday.

      The last few weeks have been a very emotional time and judging from the behaviour of Nancy and the Political-Industrial-BigTech Swamp things will only get worse. By exploring what’s happening we are better equipped to understand our own political mess here in Australia.



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      Peter C

      I do not think it is a crazy notion. Therefore I will not present it as one.

      KK what is the New Video that you refer to.


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    Interesting perspective from Tom Luongo. He sees the lack of violence during the protest and even the break in of The Capitol Building actually empowers the conservative movement.

    I’m not convinced it can prevent the Biden/Harris presidency doing enormous harm but it could lead to a more effective resistance and faster comeback at the next mid-term elections.

    they wanted another Fort Sumter where the rebels panicked and fired the first shot. They wanted unbridled violence to erupt as the madness of crowds took over.

    That never really materialized. And so, no justifiable massacre ensued.

    What did happen was the opposite.

    They fired first. They lost their cool. It was a wholly unjustified shooting by a U.S. Capitol Police Officer. He just panicked and shot an unarmed woman climbing through a window.

    Her name was Ashli Babbitt.

    In any version of reality there was no imminent threat to him, just like the antics around the Capitol posed no imminent threat to the U.S. or Congress.

    No riot happened, however, because the protestors believe in something greater than power, unlike the feckless jackals of Congress trying to hound Trump into exile.