That’s a big climate surprise: Frost season growing longer across Australia (and for years!)

Image by Penny from Pixabay

By Jo Nova Climate experts wrong on Australian frosts, and media say nothing

The IPCC experts were sure would be less frosts in Australia, but buried in a government funded ABC weather report was the virtually unknown admission that the frost season is actually growing across southern Australia, not shrinking. And in some places by an astonishing 40 extra days a year. What’s more, the researchers have known about this long term trend for years but didn’t think to mention it, and the ABC didn’t have a problem with that either. (It’s not like farmers need to know these things?)

When asked for an explanation for the increase in frosts, the ANU climate expert said “I think this is one of those climate surprises,” as if the IPCC unexpectedly won a game of Bingo, instead of getting a core weather trend 100% wrong.

We note the ABC feigned journalism to cover up for the Bureau of Meteorology and IPCC failures. Where were the headlines: “Climate Change causes more frosts, not less”, or “IPCC models dangerously misleading on frosts?” Did any Australian farmers and investors buy up properties and plant the wrong crops […]

Climate Change causes Frosts now: French Winegrowers lighting fires, candles to protect crops

As the grapevines bud for the season in France, a mild spring followed by a savage frost is bad news for farmers.

There have been three bad frosts in recent years. The young fashionable expert tells us that frost means it’s climate change. But people didn’t realize…” it’s a form of denial” she says with a straight face.

Thank goodness for fossil fuels:

Because global warming means you need more insurance against frost and “heating cables” to keep the plants warm:

The change in weather pattern is also pushing up his insurance coverage for loss of harvest, he added. In Yonne, two-thirds of the harvest was destroyed as a result of the frost last year, according to the farm ministry.

Winemakers were starting to join forces to invest in new tools, such as heating cables, to help mitigate the effects of such frosts, she said. However, many in the industry are still reluctant to face up to the fact that the impact of climate change could be long-lasting, Civet said.

Mass Psychosis?

Coldest night on a national scale since records began in France in 1947

Météo-France, the country’s meteorological service, said the night […]