Academics “bewildered” that UN drops bugs, crickets and fake meat for weather-repair

By Jo Nova

Winning? For the moment the UN has quietly packed away plans to tell everyone to give up meat to stop bad weather

Back in November the UN was all set to boss the citizens of wealthy nations around. The plan was to badger them into giving up meat so their grandchildren would have slightly nicer weather.

Possibly, after thousands of farmers stormed across the EU in their tractors this winter, the idea has lost its appeal. Not that the UN has the honesty to explain why they changed their minds, or even to admit they did. But the first installment of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) food systems roadmap has left the activists reeling.


The omission of meat-eating reduction from proposals in a UN roadmap to tackle the climate crisis and end hunger is “bewildering”, according to academic experts.

The group also criticised the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s report for “dismissing” the potential of alternative proteins, such as plant-based meat, to reduce the impact of livestock on the environment.

For the first time ever, some activists even called for “transparency”:

In […]

90% of meat eaters ignore “cigarette style” catastrophe labels on meat

Who believes the UN anyway?

By Jo Nova

A few academics want to add apocalyptic climate labels to meat to turn people off their steaks

The aim, apparently, is to shame and harass people into buying the vegeburgers they aren’t voluntarily buying, and thus make the Weather Gods less angry in 2100 AD. Fortunately, in the trial, 90% of would-be meat-eaters just ignored the label and chose the meat anyhow. This must have disappointed the new prohibitionists.

Climate labels similar to cigarette packet warnings could cut meat consumption

The Conversation

To gauge the impact of graphic warning labels on the number of people opting for meat, we split participants into four groups. One group saw a warning label beneath the meat option depicting a deforested area and the phrase “eating meat contributes to climate change”. Another group saw the meat option labelled with an image of a man having a heart attack and the text “eating meat contributes to poor health”. A third group saw a label below the meat option depicting caged animals in a wet market, alongside “eating meat contributes to pandemics”. The final group saw the four meal options with […]

Artificial meat could make 25 times more CO2 than real beef

By Jo Nova

It turns out that replicating a cow in a laboratory is not as simple as expected. A new study points at some very major and potentially very hard to solve problems with laboratory meat. We can scale up vats of bacteria in factories easily, but animal cells are very different. Muscle cells not only need a sterile complicated broth but they are basically a sitting-duck feast for any bacteria.

Quote of the day:

“USD 2 billion has already been invested in this technology, but we don’t really know if it will be better for the environment,” Risner said.

Think of a cow as being an entire industrial production campus for meat — to deal with chemical toxins it comes with a customized chemical factory (a liver) and two industrial filter systems (kidneys), and a full immune defense force on a 24 hour watch to deal with the constant flood of microbial contaminants. Cows also have nutrient intake systems to break down grass into separate chemical components which are stored, transported and chemically tweaked to suit. All departments are self repairing, and are equipped with their own laboratory testing, messaging and alert service. The sterile […]

It’s bugs for you and beef medallion for us: COP27 is a hypocrisy junket

By Jo Nova

Killing the planet, one COP convention at a time.

Nothing says “believe us” like doing all the things they say we must give up. They fly in private jets, eat steak and drink from plastic water bottles. Obviously, if they really thought CO2 was planetary poison, they wouldn’t be acting this way. Unless, of course, they are narcissistic overlords who believe CO2 is bad, but that the rules don’t apply the them. There is that…

Where is the cricket-burger?


COP27 Hypocrisy: Globalists Munch Down on Meat as They Push Bug Diet for the ‘Proles’

Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart

If you are saving the world it’s fine to ship that salmon in from the Atlantic:

Beef medallion with mushrooms sauce, chicken breast with orange gravy, and salmon with creamy sauce and chives are some of the menu options that world leaders, diplomats, bureaucrats, and industry bigwigs will be chomping down on at the COP27 meeting in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt this week.

Scottish author and political commentator Neil Oliver said: “They’ve come to lecture us about eating less meat while they sit down to menus featuring beef, chicken, salmon, […]

Climate control speed bump: Vegetarian women were 33% more likely to suffer hip fractures

Governments pushing meat-free diets for weather control might want to follow the other science…

A 20 year study of 26,000 women showed that people who ate vegetarian diets were 33% more likely to break their hips. This is no small point because hip fractures are a surprisingly bad thing. Short term mortality risk increases by 2 to 8 fold. (Not just a 20% increase but a 200% increase or worse). Hip fracture victims are more likely to go back to hospital, and not for their hips but mostly for other things like infections and heart conditions. Sadly as much as 17% of their remaining post fracture life may be spent in a nursing facility. (see Lo et al 2022)

Vegetarian women are at a higher risk of hip fracture

Webster et al, University of Leeds

Among 26,318 women, 822 hip fracture cases were observed over roughly 20 years—that represented just over 3% of the sample population. After adjustment for factors such as smoking and age, vegetarians were the only diet group with an elevated risk of hip fracture.

Researchers can only guess why and suggest vaguely that it might be a lack of […]

Planet saving fake-meat burger fails

So everyone “believes in climate change”, but they apparently don’t want to buy the fake-meat that is going to save us from storms, floods and droughts. It’s another mystery of post-modern life that’s solved by assuming that people say “Yes” to meaningless poll questions but “No thanks” to propaganda.

No one really believes their burger will stop cyclones in ninety years time.

McDonald’s Ends Testing McPlant Burger, Adding Pressure on Beyond Meat Stock

By Naveen Athrappully, Epoch Times

McDonald’s announced that it has concluded the U.S. trial of its McPlant burger, which is made with the plant-based protein manufactured by Beyond Meat (BYND).

In November 2021, McDonald’s began testing the meat-free burger in eight restaurants across America. In February this year, the company introduced the McPlant burger at around 600 locations. According to third-party reports, the experiment ended as a failure. In a recent note, according to CNBC, JP Morgan analyst Ken Goldman cited employees from McDonald’s revealing that the burger did not sell well enough.

This is a complicated way of saying “nobody wants to buy our product”:

During the first-quarter earnings call in May, Beyond Meat founder and […]