Facebook will read your personal messages and send them to the FBI if you vote the wrong the way

Mark Zuckerberg | Photo by JD Lasica

Handy things to know: Someone inside the Department of Justice in the US has talked to the New York Post and says that Facebook spied on Americans who doubted Joe Biden or the election, and gave that information to the FBI “outside due process”. A full FBI investigation often followed the “leads” that came from Facebook.

Despite the mountain of data they found no domestic terrorists — not one criminal or violent Trump supporter — only full blooded patriots. They must have been disappointed. “It was a waste of our time” said an insider.

So Facebook has become a wing of the Government. Facebook needs Big Government to protect their Section 230 legal loophole and Big Government needs Facebook to protect the voters from the ugly truth. Nice racket if you can get it.

The old Sovinformburo must have longed for a searchable database of private conversations. If only the USSR had Facebook.

As the commenter Deplorable at the NY Post says “First thing is Facebook must be told that they can no longer call their private messenger private. “

Thank goodness for the New York Post. Thank goodness for brave […]

The Worlds Biggest Stealth Propaganda Operation is conditioning your child through their phone

It’s like the West left their children alone in a room with The Chinese Communist Party

Is there a more perfect propaganda weapon?

The CCP own TikTok and they use it to serve up polarizing addictive trivia to Western teenagers while they serve up scientific achievements to Chinese youth. At the same time the CCP collects locations, contacts, files and aps. Frighteningly it can copy the content of the clipboard, even storing passwords.

It’s not just children but adults too. It is so addictive, there are claims it has a billion users. Many use it daily and for as much as 5% of all their waking hours. With algorithms to control the content delivered and an army of bots to amplify whatever sentiment they want, the CCP can shape public opinion, change norms, and feed dissatisfaction and even violent protest — as Kane points out, the #blacklivesmatter hashtag on TikTok generated a crazy 4.9 billion views.

Near the end of his time in office, Trump must have realized the grave threat it posed. He gave the owners of Tiktok just 45 days to spin it off to a US company or face being banned in the US. […]

What if the media was just the lobbying agency for bigger profit making ventures?

Much of the Media’s true business model is probably not ads or customers or even profits. Controlling the narrative is power in itself. Those who hold the strings that give a party or candidate a ten point advantage, to some extent, control the party.

If it serves an industry to get one candidate elected, those that control the megaphone can describe said candidates flaws with the best possible spin, or not at all. If this is the major driver of media ownership it explains the Fox paradox. Tucker Carlson and Fox are scoring super high ratings, and competing on uncontested territory. Why does no one seems to want to mimic that and compete for those viewers?

Probably because Big Business doesn’t want “Power for The People” or small government or, euwh, competition.

So Big Business owns Big Media, and they both like Big Government. Nearly every big business benefits from big regulation by “friendly” regulators. They get a net of red tape that catches little fish competitors and a river of subsidies that make life sweeter for Big Fish.

And if Big Media hold the key to swing voters, then Big Government likes Big Media, so it’s a perpetual self […]

Big Tech is a censorship cartel — tracking you across the internet and sharing it with each other

by Jo Nova

Whistleblowers reveal just how well coordinated Big Tech collusion is at the Senate Judiciary Committee

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley (a new Republican Senator) were on fire today at the Senate Committee hearing titled “Breaking the News: Censorship, Suppression, and the 2020 Election,” Insiders had leaked information about two programs of the most insidious kinds.

Facebook has a program called Centra, which tracks the pages people visit, the links, and not just in Facebook, but across the entire internet. (Tucker Carlson wonders, if it’s even legal). Mark Zuckerberg says he’s not familiar with it. Hawley grilled Zuckerberg. When pressed to say whether there is some program that can do that, Zuckerberg evades answering. Apparently, Centra is run in order to spot “coordinated inauthentic behaviour” or astroturfing.

The second program is called Tasks, and Twitter, Google and Facebook use it which helps them coordinate their censorship. That way they can exile people together. Handy, eh?

Zuckerberg said they are just checking in with their peers. Josh Hawley got Zuckerberg to admit under oath that Facebook does have tools to track users, across platforms and accounts, all without their knowledge. Hawley pushed Zuckerberg to say how many times this […]