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McCartney sings from inside the bubble — grab the keys and lock climate denier Trump up?

Poor McCartney tries to write a rebel saviour song. Instead he captures the blind mystification of a protected class living in a bubble who have no idea that millions of people are rebelling against the bully thought police and their demands for hero-status and money. Half the population of the West see through the modern witchdoctors who get every prediction wrong.

McCartney’s genius solution? “Lock him up”

Spot the irony, apparently Trump should have listened to “the will of the people”? What exactly does McCartney think 60 million people voted for?

The captains crazy but he doesn’t let them know it. He’ll take us with him if we don’t do something to slow it. How can we stop him Grab the keys and lock him up

Below decks, the engineer cries The captain’s gonna leave us when the temperatures rise The needle’s going up, the engine’s gonna blow And we are gonna be left down below Down below

Despite repeated warnings Of dangers up ahead Well, the captain wasn’t listening To what was said

Now the ropes that have bound him (What can we do?) Prove that he should have listened (What […]