Kenney wins landslide in Alberta against carbon tax: vows War Room against energy activists

Yet another big win against carbon taxes: Abbott, Trump, Ford and now Kenney

Alberta, Canada

Provinces of Canada.

The first pledge was to get rid of the carbon tax. The victory was a scorching 63 to 24 seats, or 55% to 32%.

Alberta is a conservative province of Canada with 4 million people. It’s wealthy from oil, gas and agriculture. (It’s not that different to Queensland and WA.). Jason Kenney is on a mission to get the province back from environmental zealots: fergoodnesssake, he even vowed to set up a ‘War Room’ against energy activists.

The greens were the main target and the people said “Yes”.

Conservatives win big victory in Alberta, Canada

The right-leaning United Conservative Party (UCP) has taken power in the oil-rich Canadian province of Alberta, routing the left-leaning NDP.

It was a landslide victory:

Canadian Flag

…Kenney defeated center-left incumbent Rachel Notley, 55, whose New Democratic Party snapped four decades of conservative rule in 2015. His UCP won 63 seats in the provincial legislature, against 24 for Notley’s NDP,

He’s vowed to get stalled pipelines built, scrap the province’s carbon tax, and create a “war room” to hit back at anti-oil-sands campaigners. He also pledged to cut corporate taxes and balance the province’s books in his first term.

— Kevin Orland, Bloomberg

The Rachel Notley New Democratic government was a one term wonder in Alberta:

The United Conservative Party’s win will mark a sharp turn in the province’s environmental policy. The NDP introduced a number of stringent climate measures in 2015 that included the province’s first ever economy-wide carbon tax. Kenney has promised to repeal that tax as one of his first policy moves after taking power.


First order of business to get rid of the carbon tax

After it’s gone, Trudeau will force a federal one on Alberta, and Kenney will oppose that in court:

CTV News

Throughout his campaign, Kenney said his first order of business would be to introduce the Carbon Tax Repeal Act. The move would cancel the province’s current carbon pricing program to eventually replace it with a new system targeting large emitters of greenhouse gases.

“He’s going to cancel Alberta’s carbon tax and that obviously leaves the floor open then for the federal government’s carbon tax to apply to Alberta,” Stewart said.

If Kenney’s government doesn’t come up with a new carbon levy that is satisfactory to Ottawa, the federal government will respond by imposing its own price as it has done in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and New Brunswick.

However, Kenney has pledged to follow those other provinces’ lead and take the federal government to court to challenge the constitutionality of the climate change plan.

Lawyers 1, environment 0.

Why not just have a referendum on the carbon tax? Might be cheaper.

What do voters want? Jobs and a healthy economy.

Background: The winning party, the UCP was only formed in 2017, albeit as a quasi merger of the main Progressive Conservative party with a smaller one. Jason Kenney was a federal minister, and considered a potential candidate to take over from Stephen Harper. But he left to lead the Alberta Progressive Conservatives with the intent of forming the new UCP. The Progressive Conservatives had previously held government for an amazing 44 years in a row until 2015.

Curiously: Rachel Notley was a lawyer. Jason Kenney studied philosophy til he disagreed with his university and left without graduating.

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    Peter C

    Morrison, Frydenburgh, Hunt,

    Please take note.


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    Yep. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Attack the climate racket and win.


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    I wonder when MSN, Fairfax and ABC will cover this story????


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    If the Albertans do not want a federal carbon tax, how exactly could Trudeau enforce it? Arrest every householder or car owner in Alberta? Using what in the way of police? The locals or an invading army from Quebec?
    We had a similar situation here in UK when Mrs Thatcher was persuaded to introduce a poll tax instead of local rates. It was so unpopular that rioting ensued, followed by the collapse both of the Poll tax idea and Mrs Thatcher’s premiership.
    I wonder if Trudeau is sufficiently intelligent to learn lessons from history.


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    Gerry, England

    I am disappointed to read that having dumped the carbon tax, Kenney still thinks a new system targeting big ‘greenhouse gas’ emitters is required.


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      My guess, a strategy to claim compliance to avoid the federal system being imposed. It would be better for the states (provinces) to just tell their people not to pay and that they will defend them… IE a tax strike.


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    Bring on the Climate Nuremberg Trials….


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      Fine as long as proceedings are kept civil, maybe a big sign saying “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room.”


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    Greg Cavanagh

    Woot, keep this up and the scam will be over sooner than I thought. Yay!


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    Richard Ilfeld

    I think there is promise in the inquiry board Trump has promised.
    A quasi legal proceeding, a public hearing, where evidence is presented in public,
    and debated by both sides, is the worst possible forum for the Kool-aide crew.
    Don’t debate the tax…debate the reason for the tax.
    Don’t debate ‘climate change’, debate ‘global warming’.
    Don’t polemicize ‘more and worse storms’….present data of frequency and intensity.
    Even the IPCC main reports (as opposed to the executive summaries) don’t really support the
    assertions of the climate wailers.

    When this Canadian province (joyfully) tells Ottowa to stuff it, a court case or two is likely. Another
    opportunity to examine the evidence. But 9 of 10 Albertans will be otherwise occupied as long as Calgary is in the playoffs.
    Go Flames!


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    The environmental corruption underlying all aspects of “climate change” and “carbon pollution” has been recognized by many Canadians. Foreign
    money pours into Canada (mainly Tides Foundation, WWF, Greenpeace, Soros etc.) and funds activists. Suzuki, of course, goes along with everything, making him our Attenborough (yes- he is still around). They use our First Nations as pawns, flashing big money around and spreading propaganda far and wide. With massive stretches of land either settled or contested as “land claims”, most pipelines have to cross some Native territory at some point, and those are the choke points for development. Our lawyers are very happy folks.

    Trudeau is in way over his head – a typical silver spoon kid with his father’s communist (and globalist) leanings, but not his brains. A major showdown should materialize in Canada, but our conservatives still pay too much lip-service to climate change. All they would have to do is agree as a block that a ten year “wait-and-see” period is the best current policy, and I think Canadians would buy in (all but BC aka No. Cali). I foresee many changes in 2019. We are at the now-or-never point in regaining responsible government.


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      Don’t forget who he is up against, Al Gore and the C.I.A. (Remember the Clive Palmer joint press conference which gave us a fallback carbon trading regime? ) Rudd lasted 6 weeks after he decided a carbon tax would lose him the election and he dumped it from policy.


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    Bill in Oz

    Well it took four years
    Of self inflicted flagellation
    But Albertans have sen the light
    And kicked the Greenists
    in the arse.

    I think we here in Oz
    Needs go through
    The same self inflicted
    Before the pain of it all
    Makes all of us call
    ENOUGH !


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      But Bill, we already did that. Remember Rudd-Gillard-Rudd?

      Abbott won by a landslide but Libs-Nats were so fooled by the media and spooked by the polls that they sold their souls to the ABCs-First-Choice-Man just to cling to another three years of ever decreasing power.


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        Bill in Oz

        Due to unfortunate
        Short term memory loss
        Another dose of flagellation
        May be inevitable.
        Bugger !


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          Kinky Keith

          Those two words B and A are too closely linked.

          Perhaps , “behind” and “blast”.



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        Bill in Oz

        Jo the 2013 election saw the labor party wiped out
        because of their dopey “Open Borders” policies.

        I have brothers who are Greenist fanatics
        Yet they voted Coalition in 2013
        Because of the Open Borders balls up.

        It was not in my opinion.
        An election about Global warming, etc.

        It’s 2019 and the current election
        Is not about Global Warming.
        It is about the disgust felt by voters
        at Liberal Party’s own faction wars.

        So I think the 2022 election
        will be about the crazy and absurd
        Global Warming policies
        Of the Labor & Green coalition


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      Nutly was an accidental gov’t…..we Albertan’s took exception to the previous Con. gov’t leader and showed him that it was the people he needed to represent….and tossed them out.
      However, we had an option for the Wild Rose (also right of center), but they had previously fractured due to floor crossing….but anyhow, NDP won, and it was a mistake that we corrected this time around!


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    UCP Leader Jason Kenney has vowed to cut Alberta’s corporate income tax rate to eight per cent

    Cutting Alberta’s corporate rate to eight per cent would substantially improve Alberta’s competitiveness, making the province more attractive to business and investment, spurring job growth and prosperity.

    Meanwhile Australia’s large companies pay 30% tax, around the highest in the world.
    We need a Jason Kenney party here.


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      one thing I learned about taxes whilst living in Canada was that there were two levels of tax, provincial and federal. All purchases I made were subject to GST (federal 8%) AND PST (provincial 7%). All up I was taxed 15% on every purchase.

      It is likely that corporate taxes work the same way, levied by the province and the feds.


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    Just a thought I’d like to add, kind of off-topic but maybe not…

    “Politicians’ names”

    I am quite fond of spoonerisms, especially when they seem to reveal a hidden lexicographical meaning. Gotta laugh at:

    Shill Borten.
    Mob Renzies.
    Any Tobbott.

    I’ll stop right there…

    (if that tickles your fancy you might like to try some lexigrams


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    Tom O

    To borrow a well known phrase, sort of, anyway – “One small step for Albertans, a giant leap for mankind.”

    And the companion, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.” Go Alberta! Lead the way.


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    On a more serious note, it is reassuring to see some corners of the world voting against CAGW madness – even if it is only motivated by the hip pocket rather than a thorough comprehension of the permutations of economic policy or any general understanding of climatology. I personally have had several “friends” completely estrange me when I have taken an opposing stance to the commonly peddled climate doom philosophy. Not that it worries me greatly, I’ve always been wary of keeping up association with folk who aren’t like-minded.

    Which brings me to my point. Peer pressure is such a dominant force in society that I fear the general public are not so much hood-winked as very hesitant to express any sort of opinion that is contrary to the usual media garbage.

    It is oh-so-easy to label them as living in a bubble but don’t we kind of do the same thing by gravitating habitually to our own anti-CAGW feeds? Maybe in smaller communities individuals have more potential to influence group-think, and perhaps that happens more in less urbanised countries like Canada, Australia, etc where mass indoctrination might have less effect.

    Here in Oz, we are seeing the Peter Ridd case being played in MSM in different ways. Some, like The Australian, Herald Sun etc are going with the story, reporting it without any slant; and yet other media outlets have taken to contortion, sledging it straight away.

    I just hope that awareness of reality will increasingly see the light of day instead of blind views born of filtered, censored newsfeeds.


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    graham dunton

    Embedded in this article

    Matthew Killoran, The Courier-Mail
    an hour ago
    Subscriber only
    Peta Credlin video

    A good interview by Peta Credlin,

    Matt Canavan – comments on Adani protest convoy leaves Hobart bound for the mainland


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    Destroyer D69

    Ontario led the assault and the people followed…..Alberta took up the challenge and prevailed. The light has been turned on. Will Australia see the light???????
    Posted on 5:22 pm, June 15, 2018 by Rafe Champion

    Creativity and sex have long been linked, as has art with the contravention of bourgeois values. Long may it be so. By the way, what is wrong with bourgeois values?

    On a main topic, apparently James Allen has a super post in The Spectator this week. Mine has not arrived but it looks as though the whole thing is posted on Facebook The Australian Climate Skeptics Group. The word has been around for a few days that the left liberals in Ontario Canada were recently wiped out by the Conservatives. This is the winning platform.

    1/ Repeal the existing climate change policy that instituted a cap-and-trade system as well as opposing a minimum price on carbon emissions and any sort of carbon tax.

    2/ Repeal the existing Green Energy Act.

    3/ Scrap a planned hike of the minimum wage.

    4/ Cut corporate taxes by almost 20 per cent as well as cutting middle-class income taxes by precisely 20 per cent for those earning between $42,960 and $85,923 per annum.

    5/ Cut petrol taxes at the pump by 10 cents a litre by ending the 4.3 cent a litre carbon tax.

    6/ Scrap an existing ideological sex education curriculum and replace it with one after real consultation with parents.

    7/ Get rid of the new age methods of teaching maths and bring back old-fashioned, proven methods of teaching.

    8/ Change the laws and taxes so that beer can be sold at pre-2008 prices.

    Obviously it was the beer tax that did it, a record turnout despite non-compulsory voting.

    And this left-wing Liberal Party that espoused every fashionable global warming cliché going and which had closed gas-fired electricity plants and driven power prices through the roof was slaughtered. There is no other word for it. In the post election legislature (now increased from 103 to 124 spots) it won 7 seats. Yes, 7 – the fourth prime number. That’s 7 out of 124, a total so low that the Liberals lost official party status. Indeed, it was the worst wipeout result in Ontario electoral history.

    Meanwhile the Conservatives or Tories made all of the pledges I listed above, all of them, and won 76 of the 124 seats on offer – a massive majority. Of the remainder, a hard-left union party won 40 (becoming the official opposition) and the Greens took the final seat. Oh, and in this jurisdiction of non-compulsory voting it was the biggest voter turnout in 20 years. I suppose one thing you could say is that the Tories in Ontario were lucky not to be taking advice from Mark Textor and actually opted to put a Grand Canyon-sized gap between their policies and those of the lefties.


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    (It’s not that different to Queensland and WA.)

    A bit cooler, if Jordan Peterson is to be believed.


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    Why Queensland continues to vote labour?