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Sydney May: Plimer, Nova (How to Destroy a Grid), others at *huge* Liberty Conf. Book now!

A huge conference is building in Sydney.  Quick, join in, you can get a 10% discount with the code Nova18.

I’ll be there for the first time having great fun explaining how to burn billions and ruin reliable electricity — which was a big hit here in Perth.

How to destroy a perfectly good electricity grid in three easy steps


The World is watching Australia. Despite being handicapped with abundant resources, we’ve turned ourselves into an international spectacle with rampant blackouts, flying squads of diesel generators, and the highest electricity prices in the world. An achievement like this does not come easily.

The grand experiment unfolds around us, as the nation discovers why “free” energy isn’t free, why storage is deceptively expensive, yet baseload is deceptively cheap.

Discover the Joy of Blackouts!

There is an amazing line up of speakers this year on May 25-27 in Sydney. A building full of sane people!

See the feisty, fabulous Ian Plimer, and Nick Minchin (former Senator, skeptic, who starred in the ABC documentary and invited David and me onto it). Not to miss Sinclair Davidson from Catalaxy, Graeme Young from Online Opinion (remember his great work analyzing Lewandowsky). Pretty much all the Libertarian M.P.s who want less regulation and an end to running the nation by Groupthink. People like Peter Phelps, Warren Mundine, David Leyonhelm and Aaron Stonehouse.

Ben Heard will speak too – I’m looking forward to meeting him — he wants to reduce carbon but scoffs at renewables and argues the only way to do it is with nuclear power. His understanding of how grids work and the failings of renewables is excellent.

There are international speakers too: people from Atlas, CATO, Ilya Shapiro, Jeffrey Tucker, and M.P. David Seymour from New Zealand.

Ian Plimer, Jo Nova, Nick Minchin, Sinclair Davidson

Reserve your spot now at and save up to $50 off the standard price with the code Nova18!

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36 comments to Sydney May: Plimer, Nova (How to Destroy a Grid), others at *huge* Liberty Conf. Book now!

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    Kinky Keith

    Sounds good: A Liberty Conference.

    This will make news and give a start to Auxit : our path out of political serfdom currently imposed on us by all political brands.

    Cease funding dubious U.N. schemes and EU collaboration.

    Revolt against taxation without spending accountability.



    • #

      Revolt against totalitarian bureaucracy, faceless unaccountable global administration, exercised by proxies at a State and council level and through other local UN accredited NGO-esque bodies. It is through the hordes of pernicious though seemingly innocuous policy manufacturing ‘middle management’ and their orchestral accompaniment, the excruciatingly average academics in tertiary institutions that the fabric and responsiveness of national democracies is being demolished and silenced, while the eco-marxist ideology is implemented by faceless stealth. 2030 is their target. It should also be ours, the golden year when their shackles are completely discarded, the UN is defunded and the Nuremberg Climatism Trials begin.


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    Begin by refurbishment of New South Wales power stations that are HELE conversion opportunities, sold by the last Labor government for less than half the minimum market value of those assets.

    As Tony suggested a couple of days ago here.


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    Graeme No.3

    How about a free ticket for Josh Frydenberg, the Federal Minister for doing nothing about the electricity crisis.
    Another ‘article’ this week in The Australian with him imitating a rabbit hypnotised by a snake. Perhaps he is really in that state so there are 3 explanations:
    1. He wants to do nothing for the next 5 years while renewables grow to the point of disaster. He will be overseas by then.
    2. He wants to do nothing (esp. about new coal or gas capacity) for 2 years until Labor gets into power. By then it will be too late for them to fix the problem and they will get blamed for all the blackouts etc.
    3. He wants to do nothing because he really has the brains of a rabbit.


    • #

      I agree all your statements, Graeme, except the last one…

      …. in which I feel you are over-estimating considerably, and in doing so, being quite disparaging toward rabbits.


  • #

    The future of so called renewables in Australia is obvious, consider the history including investigation by the Australian Financial Review;


  • #

    I heard that the ABC desperately wanted to cover this conference, but they were already committed with a full outside broadcast of the opening of an ant farm at Surrey Hills!



  • #

    Bring it to Melbourne and I’ll come.
    I’m not terribly fond of Sydney.


    • #

      Isn’t that in Victoria which is becoming the lifeline for South Australia and seeking to survive with a lifeline to New South Wales which is seeking to maintain support with the help of Queensland?


      • #

        … via a pipeline to PNG and imported coal from Indonesia.

        If the fruitloops and vandals in the QLD chaff bag get their way.


      • #

        Known as a circular argument it is inclined to fall over severely when an intelligent, well informed trouble marker, motivated by a medieval non-secular beliefs, selectively takes out key nodes and personnel. Deo gratias that this has not yet happened, a sentiment expressed widely elsewhere on another omnibus continent.


      • #
        robert rosicka

        How dare you mock my Victoriastan comrades Dennis ? Name me one state or Territory in this country that hasn’t lost the plot or is planning to lose the plot and I’ll move there .


  • #

    Interesting…Plimmer sounds good, other than that not much in the way of science backgrounds speaking. Watch the space i guess. Im always suspicious of lawyers..


  • #

    In Australia, they’re up in a heap,
    Where electricity doesn’t come cheap,
    With their grids all in knots,
    From renewable watts,
    Because as they sow, shall they reap.


  • #

    Hi Jo

    Speaking of blackouts…. I understand that today is Earth-hour day/night. Time to turn on all the lights (cost permitting) and glory in a marvel of the modern civilised world.

    Only 1 small mention of it on the ABC today, I wonder if this type of gesture campaigning is going out of fashion?


  • #

    TC Nora update.

    The system is a bit of a mess tbh, poor organisation, low symmetry (from the beginning). It started to snuff at around midnight last.

    A recent image:

    It looks like rubbish on the Weipa radar, weak, emaciated, can’t close its circulation, or establish a proper eyewall, the wide central donut ain’t there, nor strangely, is much rain. Odd, because humidity looks to be OK. And the fast spinning core of a typical CAT-3 is missing. Looks like it sheared more than expected.

    Looks like a dubious CAT-1 … since about mid-morning actually.


    • #

      Not quite making it, yet, is it?

      Trouble is some bumpy solar wind from a coronal hole has arrived, (from 22nd) spawning some strong auroras. That may be enough to push all the bits together to make a Cat 1. If an active sunspot appears, then that would do it and could push it up even higher than Cat 1.

      Fingers crossed the blank sun stays blank and there aren’t any solar flares. Then it might fizzle out and dissipate.


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    would love to attend, but can’t.
    it would be great it it was streamed online.


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    Richard Ilfeld

    I guess we can now complete the liberal triad:

    If liberals ran the Sahara, they’d run short of sand.
    If liberals ran the Arctic, they’d run short of ice.
    If liberals ran Australia, they’d run out of energy.

    Liberal response: You’re stupid and evil and the question is too nuanced for your feeble mind to grasp.
    Besides, we care more than you do and we’re doing it for the children. And riding the
    arc of history. So shut up.


  • #
    Richard Ilfeld

    But on the optimistic side:

    Free speech like this conference illuminates issues.
    Frequent free, ad fair elections at multiple levels, supported by tradition and
    social institutions, allow the populace to manage change at an acceptable rate and
    relieve tensions trough compromise.

    I don’t think anyone speaking would deny that Australia has a variety of ways to extricate itself from its current
    dilemmas. Less true, if one faces a ‘President for life” and/or monolithic thought.


  • #

    I suspect the usual rent-a-crowd will be welcoming attendees by venting their spleens against common sense and truth.


  • #

    “he wants to reduce carbon”

    Not carbon dioxide?


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    Geoffrey Williams

    How to destroy a perfectly good electricity grid;
    Right on Jo, but the government continues to be in denial, they are ‘grid deniers’. Josh Frydenberg is the worst culprit, together with his leader Malcolm Turnbull. In the future these people will be remembered for the weak and destructive policies that they have allowing to destroy our country. Despite all the warning signs they plough on headlong with their national ‘suicide note’.
    And it’s not just the government of the day who are destroying Australia’s best home advantage of clean, safe and reliable power but the opposition parties also who are even more wreckless.
    We are heading for a ‘train wreck’ and until that happens we will not see a change of policy.
    Geoff W