Cancelling Cancel Culture: when being Anti-Woke IS not a secret but a Selling Point

Cancel Culture only works if people let it

Harry’s Razors capitulated a year ago and pulled advertising from the DailyWire, and then attacked them and their audience. But Jeremy Boreing, CEO of DailyWire, didn’t apologize, and didn’t change his views; instead he set up his own razor company and is launching it now with 100%-testosterone advertising. Make sure you watch this video.

On so many scientific topics we need no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners punchy messages:

A year ago, Harry’s Razors advertised on our shows. But then, they pulled their ads due to “values misalignment”. Introducing Jeremy’s Razors. Stop giving your money to woke corporations that hate you. Give it to the god-king:

— Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) March 22, 2022

When CEOs cave in to the bullies, there must be a cost.

It’s Time To Win — Introducing: Jeremy’s Razors

Corporate America wants it both ways — they want conservatives to buy their goods and services — but they also want to virtue signal to the woke mob and their 23-year-old employees by publicly repudiating those same conservative customers.

Make no mistake, they know our politics before they advertise […]

Backlash: Cancel culture boycott *increases* audience for GB News in the UK

GB News has only been running for 10 weeks in the UK but it has already been targeted by a campaign to boycott the advertisers.

However the boycott was twice as likely to get people to tune in.

This is how it works. Once the Virtue Signallers have overdone the bullying and the crowd knows it — the bullying itself works like a signpost.. By definition, the forbidden material will always be the most interesting. The politically incorrect shows are the most entertaining.

GB News joy as campaign to boycott advertisers has actually BOOSTED channel

While those wishing to boycott GB News may take brands removing their adverts as a win – a recent survey found it may have actually given the channel a boost.

A poll of 1,000 people conducted by CT Group, commissioned by GB News, gave the statement “consumer goods brands should not adopt overt political views”.

Of those polled, 57 percent agreed that brands shouldn’t take on “overt political beliefs”. And only 15 percent disagreed with the statement. When those surveyed were asked if an advertiser boycott made people more likely to tune into the […]