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Books delivered in Australia

You can order copies of each one separately, get bulk sets of the Skeptics Handbooks to give away, or buy one set of the Handbooks, plus Joanne’s hands-on science activity book as a mixed set of all three.

Skeptics Handbook I

16 pages, US letter size

For delivery in Australia

Cover Skeptics Handbook I

Skeptics Handbook II – Global Bullies Want Your Money

20 pages, A4 size

Includes postage in Australia

Cover: Global Bullies Want Your Money

Buy all three together!

Image: Three books

Serious Science Party Tricks and both Skeptics Handbooks.

There’s more info about this book Jo wrote 6 years ago. (Nothing to do with Global Warming.) It’s all her favourite timeless tricks for curious big kids.

RRP: $14.95 plus post $2.50.

66 pages, A4 size

A great present for 6 – 12 year olds.

Includes instructions and science, of bubbles, balloons, balancing, home-made slime, and popping tin cans.

For delivery in Australia

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