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Deposits, transfers, cheques and snail-mail — thank you!

I quite understand if Paypal is not for you. (But the Paypal option is here if you are looking for that.)

By Mail

I’m more than happy to accept posted contributions, though Australian banks can’t take personal cheques from other countries.

Joanne Nova
LPO Box 1931
Western Australia 6944

By Direct Deposit

This is the the most cost effective method within Australia (avoids Paypal Fees).


Bank Name:………National Australia Bank (NAB)
Account name:    Unqwerty Pty Ltd
BSB: ………………086420
Account number:     563148308


The costs for Direct deposit depend on your bank and ours. This can be expensive from overseas, and is  efficient for larger amounts (over $200) internationally. (Paypal is cheaper for smaller ones).

Bank Name:………National Australia Bank (NAB)

Joanne Nova, photo.

Thank you.

Account name:     Unqwerty Pty Ltd
BSB:         …………..086420
Account number:     563148308

National Australia Bank BRANCH address:*

500 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia

UPDATED: 14 July 2022.

Thank you

I do most appreciate the help.

Most gratefully yours,


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