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Election Day in SA

South Australia, SA, MapThis is a thread for voters in South Australia to talk about today’s state election.  After the Labor Party wrecked the electricity grid in South Australia, the Liberals appear to be set to lose after only one term. Please, locals or anyone with insight, tell us what is going on. I’ve only listened to 20 minutes of ABC radio in the last 3 months, but even 2000km away, I was informed of the Ambulance Ramping deaths, which now turn out to be exaggerated to the point of being misleading:

South Australian Labor will go to the polls having profited from an ambulance attack advertisement that was ruled inaccurate by the state’s Electoral Commissioner. (ECSA)

The fact that Labor kept running its ramping advertisements on Friday despite the ECSA ruling prompted one of the strongest outbursts from Treasurer Rob Lucas in a 40-year career which ends with his retirement on Saturday, labelling them “despicable lies”. “Labor’s campaign slogan should really be ‘Lie like your life depends on it’,” Mr Lucas said in the final statement of his career. — The Australian

No one seems to be asking the obvious question about Ambulance Ramping (which apparently is a problem in every state?). How much is it due to banning nurses, doctors and paramedics from working if they refuse to get injected? How much is it due to injuries from the new major health program of 2021 that has no long term data yet, and only suppressed data that Big Pharma fights to keep secret?

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