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As the US, EU shrink, Russia grows: In 2020 the US was the worlds largest oil and gas producer

Marc Morano is On Fire

The man from Climate Depot

Morano: ‘In 2020, the United States was back to 1952 with energy, not just independence, but energy dominance’

MORANO: “We are already seeing – the first part of it is in California, $6 a gallon. Gas is already up a dollar. Estimates are seven, $8 a gallon possible with recession if Putin, who we’ve given all of this power to by literally shutting down U.S. domestic energy.

Just a little history lesson here. In 2020, the United States was back to 1952 with energy, not just independence, but energy dominance. We were the world’s largest oil and gas producer. More energy exports and imports, more energy production than consumption and we hadn’t done that since Harry Truman was president. Joe Biden came in at he said the first thing he wanted to do was jail fossil fuel executives. Biden’s energy secretary had done a video singing about no more gasoline, The is world aflame due to global warming.

Biden – by the way – Biden – I’m sorry, Obama’s energy secretary (Chu) said he wanted European-style gas prices. So what happened as he started shutting down the Keystone pipelinebanning drilling on federal lands and Anwar, and defunding energy projects through banks through environmental social governance (ESG). All sorts of things.

So a war on fossil fuels happens. We are now in a much, much weaker position one year into this administration to where now Vladimir Putin is the direct beneficiary of all this. And you can’t keep Europe out of this. Europe is many years ahead of their version of a disastrous Green New Deal. One professor in Europe actually said it’s typical Marxist garbage — what they’ve engaged in. Europe began shutting down their energy, so the whole world has been empowering basically three places. The Middle East for the OPECChina, and now of course Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

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