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Green Apologists for China in Glasgow

As David Rose so aptly puts it, China was digging out record amounts of coal and Xi Jinping did not even turn up to Glasgow but green evangelistas were shaming the West and praising China.


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Western Environmentalists are being used by the CCP:

‘Useful idiots’ who let China off the hook: Why is there such an apparent lack of concern over their determination to keep burning coal, asks DAVID ROSE

The Daily Mail

Some campaigners even heap praise on China. So why is there such an apparent lack of concern? One answer lies in a book called Hidden Hand: Exposing How The Chinese Communist Party Is Reshaping The World, by Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg. Serialised in the Mail last year, it argues that China has extended its influence over certain institutions in Britain and other democracies in order to blind them to Beijing’s drive for supremacy.

Xie Zhenhua, China’s chief climate envoy worked for a commission in China accused of torture, detention and forced confessions. Did the Green care?

They include Xie Zhenhua, China’s chief climate envoy. Until 2012, he was a member of the central commission for discipline inspection, which enforces state orthodoxy. According to Human Rights Watch, it has been responsible for illegal detention, torture and forced confessions.

Who knew, Lord Stern was so well connected with China?

Having taught in China since 1998, in 2009 he told a Chinese magazine he had ‘close contacts’ with CCP officials. In 2014, he wrote a paper for the World Economic Forum claiming China was ’emerging as a global leader in climate policy’. In 2016 he claimed China’s emissions ‘may already have peaked’. They hadn’t. The following year, he insisted there was ‘compelling evidence’ China’s coal use had also peaked.

Stern even praised president Xi’s ‘personal commitment to driving climate action’, concluding: ‘The world is looking for a climate champion. In China, it has one.’ But in March he sounded less optimistic, saying it is ‘crucial’ China stops building new coal-fired power plants and stops increasing its emissions by 2025.

Nevertheless, Bob Ward, Stern’s spokesman, told me China was taking ‘significant action’ and the rate of increase in its emissions had slowed enormously.

David Rose discusses how China hosts big conferences for environmental causes which people like Stern, the WWF and other leading crusaders all go to.
Symbol China Map.

The CEO of the Childrens Investment Fund donates millions to group like Extinction Rebellion, but she also is on the board of the Belt and Road International Green Development Coalition run by the CCP. Her name is Kate Hampton and not surprisingly she supports the ‘Chinese leadership’.

It appears often these groups run branches in China and so must sell their souls to the CCP for the “privilege” of being allowed to operate there.  Just as China buys off Big Tech, it buys Big Green.

Perhaps the green blob thinks it can play the game and get access to funds and space in China, but instead the CCP gets access to Western guilt and good-nature to help us cripple ourselves.

Or maybe Green Parasites just want the money.





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