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Arizona Audit finds thousands of dodgy votes, Senator says “decertify the election”

US Flag, Flying.Biden won Arizona (theoretically anyway) by 10,457 votes.  But mail-in ballots went forth and must have multiplied because 74,000 baby new ballots appeared in the final count that were never posted out. Strangely – after the election was over, 18,000 voters just disappeared off the rolls while 11,000 appeared from nowhere. The latter were people who weren’t on the rolls on November 7th, yet they voted, and then were on the rolls on by December 4th.

Despite Biden winning he’s had the most dreadful luck — the voting software was old and easily breached, and all the access logs showing the Democrat’s complete innocence were somehow completely wiped in March — just like that, poof? Then there were the ballots that were printed on different paper that bled, even though all votes were meant to be on bleedproof Votesecure paper?

And some  people wonder why doubts about the Biden Government don’t go away…

Final results are coming soon:

Arizona Audit Finds Massive Irregularities, Including More Than 74,000 Mail-In Ballots Counted Than Mailed Out


More than 74,000 mail-in ballots were received in Maricopa County, Arizona than appear to have been mailed out, a forensic audit has determined. According to the auditors, 74,243 mail-in ballots were counted with “no clear record of them being sent.”

18,000 voters disappeared, 11,326 voters appeared — after the election

Logan went on to say they found around 18,000 voters who participated in the election, but were removed from the rolls soon after.

“They were on the voter rolls, they showed as voted, and then they were removed,” he said. “There could be a good logical explanation for that, but it seems like a large number to me.”

Another 11,326 voters in Maricopa County were not on voter rolls on Nov. 7 but mysteriously appeared on voter rolls on Dec. 4 and were marked as having voted in the Nov. 3 election, Logan said.

Strange poor quality paper

The auditors also found that large numbers of ballots bled through to the other side, potentially impacting votes. Maricopa County, Logan explained, announced before the election that it would be using special “VoteSecure” paper that that did not allow ink to bleed through to the other side of the ballot, yet they found thousands of ballots that were not on VoteSecure paper.

Trump says:

The irregularities revealed at the hearing today amount to hundreds of thousands of votes or, many times what is necessary for us to have won. Despite these massive numbers, this is the State that Fox News called early for a Biden victory. There was no victory here, or in any other of the Swing States either.

 The highly respected State Senator Wendy Rogers said in a tweet the hearing today means we must decertify the election.

Tucker Carlson  on Georgia: “how is that not flat out criminal ballots?”

So its been a long time coming, but Carlson is now asking excellent questions about elections.

Kyle Becker reports that Dominion Voting System’s Website has now gone offline right after Tucker’s Report & the Arizona Audit Findings.

It follows Tucker Carlson’s bombshell report on Fulton County, Georgia that shows the voter integrity group VoterGA revealing thousands of votes appeared to have been erroneously marked in ballot tallies for Joe Biden.

“At least 36 batches of mail-in ballots from the November election were double-counted in Fulton County, that is a total of at least 4,000 votes,” he said.

Trump lost Georgia by 12,284 votes.


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PS: I just got out of hospital today. Feeling OK but very tired. I’m the all new metallic woman with a plate screwed into her bones (like so many other people). Thanks for all the shared stories and information. I feel lucky to have straight bones today when so many didn’t get that chance.

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