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“Huge Shock” Swiss voters reject climate tax and CO2 targets

Swiss referendum on Climate Change.

Most Cantons in Switzerland voted “No”.

The Swiss just voted down their governments plan to change the weather with increased car and airline taxes, albeit by only 51.6 to 48.4.  That nearly half the population voted yes is testament to thirty years of non-stop propaganda, and the near complete suppression of skeptics.

Imagine what the vote would have have been if they allowed skeptics equal air time and funded skeptical scientists even at 10% the rate the believer-modelers get?

BBC reporters were shocked:

Swiss voters reject key climate change measures

Switzerland’s policy on fighting climate change has been thrown into doubt after voters rejected key measures in a popular vote.

A referendum saw voters narrowly reject the government’s plans for a car fuel levy and a tax on air tickets.

The measures were designed to help Switzerland meet targets under the Paris Agreement on climate change.

But no one mentioned this on the ABC or SBS news tonight. Instead they told us “Australia is increasingly isolated” for the 440th time.

By Imogen Foulkes, BBC News, Bern

The no-vote to limiting emissions is a huge shock. The Swiss government drafted this law carefully. The plan: to cut greenhouse gases to half their 1990 levels by 2030, using a combination of more renewables and taxes on fossil fuels.

Voter rejection undermines Switzerland’s entire strategy to comply with the Paris Agreement. Today’s results are a devastating blow for environmentalists.

Some analysts suggest the Swiss – who traditionally pride themselves on their green policies – are nervous about taking any economic risks while the country recovers from the pandemic.

Now the government must go back to the drawing board, as Switzerland falls behind its European neighbours in efforts to tackle climate change.

It was an urban versus rural divide again, and supported by all the political parties but not the right wing “People’s Party”. How telling. The politicians wanted it, but the people didn’t.

During the referendum campaign, 160 Swiss parliamentarians stood together for a “Yes” vote, saying the CO2 law was “feasible, reasonable, and necessary.”  More than 90 civil society organisations and 200 companies also campaigned in favour of the law. For the supporters, the bill was a “good compromise” after a tough parliamentary debate.

Switzerland’s major parties expressed disappointment at the outcome.

As my Swiss friend reports:

This Swiss referendum was since long time prepared with an avalanche of climate horror propaganda in all mainstream media, specially in the Swiss state controlled TV and Radio. At the same time German part of Switzerland had the coolest spring since 100 years.

The Swiss also voted down a plan to give farming subsidies only to organic farmers by 61 to 39. Clean green drinking water was also rejected:

[ABC News] Another initiative to improve the quality of drinking water in Switzerland was rejected — it would have made it harder for farmers to get state subsidies if they use some types of pesticides and antibiotics. A ban on the use of pesticides was also rejected.

A majority of Swiss voters supported an initiative to grant police enhanced surveillance powers and take preventative actions to help fight terrorism.

Other isolated nations as well as Australia and Switzerland include India, China, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

All the major nations are failing to meet their Paris targets.h/t to a friend in Switzerland, and GWPF

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