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China lied about the bats in the lab, and WHO helped cover it up

In 2017 there was an official Chinese Academy of Science video to showcase the new Wuhan “Level 4” lab. The video shows bats in a cage there and teams monitoring the lab in case there’s “an accident”.

The latest release of video footage tells us a few important things —

  1. The Chinese Officials were lying when they said their were no live bats at the Wuhan Institute.
  2. The WHO was helping them lie.
  3. Peter Daszak, the President of the US group funneling NIH money to the lab, also lied and helped them to cover it up.
  4. In 2017 the Chinese Academy of Science admitted that ten years earlier, no one in China had known how to do this biosecurity research. The French (and presumably US collaborators) taught the Chinese how. They clashed all the way, and the Chinese threw the French out as soon as the lab was finished.
  5. French and US intelligence knew there was a high risk of bioweapons. But they didn’t tell the world, nor prepare for it. Instead they’ve done everything they can to cover it up.
  6. The Wuhan Institute of Virology viral databases went missing  on Sept 12, 2019, before the virus started to spread. This was blamed on a cyber attack, but the databases were never restored.
  7. All told, the WIV collected as many as 19,000 bat samples to study.

We’ve known since the early days that the bats this virus originated in came from Yunnan, some 800 km away from Wuhan and there was never a trail of infections connecting the native bats to Wuhan. Nor was there any bat soup at the Wet markets. The Chinese didn’t need live bats to create an infectious disease once they had the samples to start with. But they didn’t have to lie about the bats either.

We return to the question, Was the leak deliberate? The lost database just before the pandemic starts is awfully suspicious, but if it was a planned attack, why did they wait til Jan 1 or 2 to destroy all the samples? Or could it be that there was a splinter faction within China that wanted this “loose” just in time for the US election year? There are two defectors who claim it was not an accident.

Wuhan live bat video contradicts WHO investigation

Sharri Markson, The Australian

The French and US experts helped China to build the Wuhan Lab”

It states there were difficulties behind-the-scenes during the construction phase of the level 4 laboratory. The lab was initially meant to be a joint undertaking between the French and Chinese governments.

“Our collaboration with France on this project went through more than a decade of intense clashes resulting from our different cultural backgrounds and understandings,” the video says. After it was built, the French scientists and officials were evicted from the laboratory, sparking concerns among French intelligence about the type of biological research China planned to undertake there.

Wasn’t this eviction a “pretty bad” sign? Shouldn’t someone in French intelligence told the world?

The Wuhan Institute of Virology has now collected 19,000 bat samples, with coronaviruses detected in 2481 samples.

Best watched on faster speeds.

Bitchute link.

Much of this information was unearthed by a group of volunteers called DRASTIC who achieved so much more than all the worlds media and most of their spy agencies.

Citizen Scientists win again…

Sharri Markson has written a book: What Really Happened in Wuhan.

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