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ClimateStrike: The oldest mass protestors still willing to “strike” for climate change are children

Did any of them even give up their pocket money this week? 

When you can’t talk adults and real voters into marching en masse or losing pay in an actual strike, the only protesters left are children — the cheapest “Rent-a-crowd” around.

Is there any audience easier to find on a weekday than school children told they can skip school for a walk in the park? There are 4 million school students in Australia, and less than 0.5% may have turned up today.

#ClimateStrike: Why not let ten year olds set national energy policy?.

What are these students learning?


Advanced grid management?

We all know why they don’t hold these protests on the weekend:

Child protestors, Australia, climate change.

These students are learning that old people are selfish and dumb, and that 80 year olds don’t realize “there is no spare planet”. Let’s teach them humility, and history and why Autocrats always use children to sell their agendas.

Chumpy cliches make for cute TV moments as long as journalists don’t ask any hard questions. But they don’t solve the high maintenance costs of collecting low density energy across vast square kilometers of wilderness.

Let’s teach our children what inertia and 50Hz frequency stability means instead, and why intermittent renewables can’t provide either. Let’s take them on tours of coal plants run by actual engineers. Let’s use government funding to make computer games where students have to design national electricity grids with real costs (not subsidies). Let them figure out how to go “net zero” on a 10GW grid, when every system blackout costs a billion dollars, battery storage lasts 3 minutes, and fuel makes up only a tiny part of the total bill.

There is still no evidence CO2 will cause a catastrophe.

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