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Royal in Range Rover asks everyone else to Reset

Prince William wraps himself in the UpperClass Climate Club Fashion du jour

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Prince William, Kate, Harry.

After all the hoo-ha with Megan and Harry, somehow the harangued Duke thought that standing with the bankers, multinational corporations and Tech Giants while pressing the Public Guilt Button would endear him with the people?

Or perhaps he’s just hoping to buy a bit of protection from the thought police? Boy, is he in for a surprise. Every flight he gets on will be mocked by both sides. 

PRINCE WILLIAM has been blasted for his latest message about climate change, with people pointing out on social media that he and his family drive Range Rovers and frequently take private jet flights.

Abbie Lewellyn, The Express

In a video message broadcast at the Conservation International Gala in the UK, the Duke of Cambridge called for humanity to “reset our relationship with nature and our trajectory as a species” in order to avoid a climate disaster. He said the next decade will be “one of our greatest tests” and he warned that the most vulnerable people around the world would be most hit by the devastating effects of climate change. While many have applauded William’s efforts to tackle the climate crisis, which includes the £50million Earshot (sic) Prize, he has also been criticised for perceived double-standards.

The Duke of Cambridge has said humanity needs to ‘fundamentally reset our relationship with nature and our trajectory as a species’ to avoid climate disaster.

By definition Prince William is the most Upper of the Upperclass. He is Uber-class, but it’s still not enough. He seems to have held out against the Upper-mob-warriors longer than most. But there is no denying the cult.

It’s like the Monarchy have a death wish — picking up the globalist aim against the interests of their own people. How’s all the pomp and pageantry going to look as the punters’ electricity bills rise?

Long live the Queen. Fifty more years should do it. 

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In other non-news, Meghan, the woman that couldn’t bear the pressure of being a Royal in the UK wants to run the most powerful nation on Earth.

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