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Chinese military involved in Wuhan viral research project, finding 1,640 new viruses

The CCP is still not being honest about bioweapons research in China. How stupid does the West have to be?

Covid, Coronavirus, Bioweapons.The The Mail on Sunday has documents showing that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was working with the Chinese military on a big project to study animal viruses that started in 2012.

The title of the project was ‘the discovery of animal-delivered pathogens carried by wild animals’. The man in charge was Xu Jianguo. In 2019 he was heard bragging at a conference that “‘a giant network of infectious disease prevention and control is taking shape’.” He was part of the first expert group called in to deal with Covid in January 2020 and was the one who denied human transmissibility. In mid-January he said that the “epidemic is limited and will end if there are no new cases next week”.

Well that was helpful.

The group had five leaders — one was Professor Shi Zhengli who works in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, is known as the “bat woman” for her work hunting in caves for bat viruses. Only last month she denied that there was any military involvement. But one of the other leaders was Cao Wuchun, who was high up in the army and an advisor on “Bioterrorism”. He studied in Cambridge and now works in the Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the People’s Liberation Army. His name is on the project reports. Perhaps Prof Shi didn’t read them and they only met on the phone? 

Worrying new clues about the origins of Covid

How scientists at Wuhan lab helped Chinese army in secret project to find animal viruses

by Ian Birrell, Daily Mail

They found plenty of new viruses:

One review of his virus-hunting project admitted ‘a large number of new viruses have been discovered, causing great concern in the international virology community’.

It added that if pathogens spread to humans and livestock, they could cause new infectious diseases ‘posing a great threat to human health and life safety and may cause major economic losses, even affect social stability’.

An update in 2018 said that the scientific teams – who published many of their findings in international journals – had found four new pathogens and ten new bacteria while ‘more than 1,640 new viruses were discovered using metagenomics technology’. Such research is based on extraction of genetic material from samples such as those collected by Prof Shi from bat faeces and blood in the cave networks of southern China.

It’s almost like someone knew a bad virus was about to leak out?

Prof Shi also admitted that eight more unidentified SARS viruses had been collected in the mine. The institute took its database of virus samples offline in September 2019, just a few weeks before Covid cases exploded in Wuhan.

And there was that order to destroy all the samples at the WIV on Jan 2nd 2020. Why would China do that if the virus was a natural agent?

This is not how good global citizens behave

In recent years, China’s military has ramped up its hiring of scientists after President Xi Jinping said this was a key element in the nation’s march for global supremacy.

Lianchao Han, a dissident who used to work for the Chinese government, said Cao’s involvement raised suspicions that military researchers who are experts in coronaviruses might also be involved in bio-defence operations.

‘Many have been working with Western research institutes for years to steal our know-hows but China still refuses to share critical information a year after the pandemic has killed over three million.’

Door locking in Beijing

Image by Reinhold Möller.

The CCP is hardly being a good global citizen, stealing IP but not even answering honest questions when lives are at stake.

The Daily Mail says the US State Department was worried about the “Gain of Function” experiments, and has claimed that researchers at the WIV got sick with something like Covid in the weeks before the outbreak started in Wuhan.

Back last May I wrote about how genetic fingerprints in the sequence showed it was almost certainly a synthetic virus. Prof Shi Zhengli supposedly found a bat-virus in a cave in 2013 that is a close relative of SARS2. But inexplicably, she forgot to register this deadly pathogen until Jan 27th 2020, seven long years later. The first Nature paper on it magically appeared just six days after that. “So much for peer review”. The only copy of this supposedly natural “missing link” virus called RaTG13 appears to be on her computer, not in a vial. It’s almost like someone stayed up late one night altering the letters in the viral code and in the rush, forgot to add in a realistic amount of background non-coding noise. The sequence  has been showered with fantastical background radiation that only altered coding parts of the gene and not the usual random smattering across the full length of the non-coding parts too.

Odds of that are almost ten million to one.

Must be bad luck.

Right now, the West is spending billions installing uncompetitive energy sources, and researching how to get reliable energy from unreliable, low energy density sources, when there is plenty of energy available but a screaming need to get very advanced in biomedical research.

h/t A friend in Switzerland.

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