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Most people watching the impeachment will be Democrats

According to a Rasmussen survey the people who say they will watch the whole impeachment  proceedings are much more likely to be Biden voters.

Rasmussen:  Among voters who strongly approve of Biden’s job performance, 55% say they’ll watch either all or most of Trump’s Senate trial on TV. Only 22% of those who strongly disapprove of Biden’s performance as president expect to watch either all or most of Trump’s trial.

Which is probably a good thing as some of this will be new to them.
Democrats created false representations ot tweets:

Democrats inciting violence:

Democrats objecting to the 2016 election:

The Very Fine People Hoax at Clarlottesville:



Phillip Kline
Raskim & leftist logic: but for Trump there’d be no violence, but for an election there’d be no protests, but for the Constitution there’d be no election, but for those dangerous founders there’d be no republic. Such dangerous & shallow logic, perhaps revealing the aim of some.
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