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It’s a psychoneurotic hate-fest — as if The Trump is still Krypton

There’s a kind of devotional anti-religious fervour to it. As if his name has a supernatural power.

Who knew the letters t.r.u.m.p can destroy civilizations just by being inscribed onto highways and chairs?

At what point do normal people balk?

A Tsunami of hate

John Hinderaker, Powerline

There is Democrat-sponsored legislation pending that would prevent any public building or artifact, even a “bench” from being named after the 45th president of the United States. There is a farcical witch-trial to impeach the same villain even though he has left office and is now a private citizen. There is even Democrat talk of stripping Trump of his pension, despite the fact that he gave his entire $1.6 million salary as president to the American people – something no president before him has done. If ever there was a public lynching, short of stringing the victim from the nearest tree – and there are no lack of leftwing calls for that – the Democrats’ unrelentingly vindictive assault on the defeated Donald Trump down to the last petty detail is it.

But what is in effect a total war is not merely a war to cancel Donald Trump. If it were, it would be reprehensible enough, but not a threat to the nation itself. This demonic hate directed by the Democrat Party towards Trump is also hate for the 75 million Americans who voted for him. … [they] are treated as social pariahs, have their careers destroyed and (shades of the Kremlin) are regarded as mentally unfit and in need of deprogramming.

In the same vein an Op-Ed in  The Washington Post suggested that “President Donald Trump “must not have a presidential library. And Congress “should move quickly” to make sure he never will. (Because Congress doesn’t have more pressing problems to solve, right? )

Joel Pollak at Brietbart notes the irony:

[Phillip Kennicott] argued that Trump cannot be trusted to handle documents relating to his presidency, because he “mixed public and private interests.” He adds that Trump must be punished because he allegedly “incited an insurrection” on January 6.

Apparently Trump the billionaire-property-developer couldn’t build a library anyway:

As Anthony Clark, author of “The Last Campaign: How Presidents Rewrite History, Run for Posterity & Enshrine Their Legacies,” wrote recently in Politico, it is unlikely that Trump has the focus, administrative savvy and financial resources to execute a presidential center: “Presidential libraries are complicated. And if you understand how they work — and how Trump himself works — it’s nearly impossible to imagine him actually pulling it off,” Clark writes.

Some people found it nearly impossible to imagine him winning the Presidency.

The Democrats don’t just hate Donald Trump, they hate America:

Follow the logic. If Trump is Hitler and half of America voted for him, that says a lot about the nation, right? The collectivist propaganda is so one sided that those who can’t see through it, by definition, end up living it.

As Hindraker notes, the first thing Biden did was declare war on “America’s systemic racism.”  Unify my foot. To talk in terms of race, divides and polarizes the nation. The real racists, of course, are those that make laws or gifts based on skin color rather than justice and need. Good people can look beyond the surface — seeing the person and not the tribe.

Hate is not much of a basis to run a nation.

h/t to Vox Day and David E.

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