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US government declares war on half the country: Baiting, panicked, or just crazy?

Tucker Carlson wonders why the Democrats are recklessly overreacting to no known plots of white supremacists and Domestic Terrorists. He calls it fear or panic — the leaders are afraid of the people they are supposed to be leading. They are afraid of populism — of a mass uprising. They don’t have answers. They know they don’t, and they know you know.

AOC is trying to convince the nation that there are white supremacists at the heart of the GOP.  Tucker asks where this projection of racial hate is going. It’s like using a flame thrower in a crowded theater. What is the effect of the lies like this? 

Are the Democrats projecting a civil war until they trigger one? They may be baiting to get the extreme reactions they hope fringe groups resort to — so they can use them to demand more lists, more rules, and more purges. But they play with fire. They may not want a civil war. (Although the CCP presumably does. )

The Bitchute version may “hang” due to the surging popularity of it:

The Youtube version is there as a backup til it disappears:

The outrageous purge continues:

If you even have an account on Parler or Gab, it’s a sackable offence. They are that afraid of people seeing uncensored opinions, it doesn’t matter whether you actually post anything on those forums, just opening an account is a thoughtcrime. It’s just another way to stop alternative forums from growing. It’s a way of shielding your own blind followers from other views.


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