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Tech Giants rule the United States and the Purge continues

No dissent will be allowed:

Craven groupthinkers Verizon, AirBnB, Marriot, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Hilton Hotels, American Airlines, BP, Coca Cola, Goldman Sachs, Boston Scientific, Microsoft, Facebook and Visa all suspended contributions to any member of Congress that objected to the Electoral college. We wonder if that in cludes all the past Democrats who did the exact same thing.

Hallmark Cards took it further and spread some badwill — it even asked for its donations back from the representatives who represented the millions of Americans who doubt election integrity. Election integrity does “not reflect our company’s values.” they said, or words to that effect. Their cards were always overpriced anyway.

The current state of healing in the United States:

Former CIA Director John O. Brennan, called 74 million Americans a “malignancy” and demanded they denounce Trump to eradicate wrongthink or something:

Silence is violence. Ignorance is Strength and the CIA is crooked.

The tentacles of the TechGiants spread through the Democrats

Tech-monster, Democrat, what’s the difference?

TennesseeStar reports:

At least seven former higher-ups of Facebook or the charity run by its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, have secured positions in President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team, despite Democratic Party officials labeling the social media giant among the biggest threats to American democracy.

Jessica Hertz was the Director of Facebooks regulatory team and is the new Whitehouse staff director. She used to work for Biden before she worked for Facebook.

“The ultimate arbiter for ethics for the Biden transition was a senior regulatory official for Facebook up until a few months ago, at a time when progressives and the Biden campaign are fighting against the right-wing agenda of Facebook,” said the Director of the Revolving Door Project, Jeff Hauser, according to Politico.

Facebook’s Jeff Zients is now the China virus chief in the USA. NSA spokeswoman Emily Horne was the former head of global policy communications for Twitter. Before that she worked for the NSC under Obama. Former Facebook Director of Public Policy Louisa Terrell will direct the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.

As for the TechGiants: Junk them or at least delete your personal data and join me on MeWe and Gab.

Good news, Parler has finally found a webserver that will host it. Epik. But freemen need to start thinking of owning their own servers, and since Obama gave the Internet to the UN, sooner or later it will ban anyone who doubts the TechnoDem commandments. What then?

For people sick of being told how horrible you are on the ABC/BBC/CBC watch Lou Dobbs instead.

h/t Bill and Scott of the Pacific.

Worth knowing: While there are claims that Capitol rioters have been put on “no fly” lists, there are opposing claims that these are old videos from November. I don’t claim anything, except that making No-Fly lists seems like the sort of thing the DemoTech Octopus would like to do if it hasn’t already. Perhaps they just want people to worry that they might do it. Fear, after all, is the ultimate currency. Even spreading false rumours of No-Fly lists will deter patriots from attending protests. So much easier than actually doing it!

Eight or so hours from now President Trump will speak from Alamo, Texas. Correct me if I’m wrong: That’s 3PM in New York,  7AM in Melbourne and Sydney, 6AM QLD, 4AM WA, Australia. It might matter.

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