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Insurrection now means “asking questions”

Tucker Carlson lays out the radioactive hypocrisy of those who advocated insurrection and riots and now pretend to advocate for rule of law. The word “insurrection” had a whole different meaning in 2016 and for most of history.

Those who control the language…

Really worth watching.

John Matze ran a company that was worth half a billion dollars on Friday, but Parler went from number one in the Apple Ap store to zero overnight. Matze now says he can’t go home for fear of his safety. It appears that Parler have done a deal with Epik to shift there (which also houses Gab). Judging by this Newsweek article Epik are already so hated and tarred, they have no fear.

Silencing, blacklists, and electronic exile smell just like a Social Credit system. Will Americans let that stand?

If Global Corporations Walk Away from Republicans the GOP Will Have to Listen to New Voters

Stacey Lennox

“A significant majority of Americans, 73%, have a negative view of China. Continued international integration will hurt working and middle-class Americans the most. If Republicans plan on winning elections, these are the voters they will have to both listen to and appeal to. The party will need to develop a slate of policies that increase these families’ prosperity and security to combat the destruction that Democrats and their allies in big business will do with horrible energy and trade policy.”

Via Glenn Reynolds Instapundit

Any talk of “winning elections” depends on having free and fair ones. There is still some states where that happens, and that’s where we have to start and build from.

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