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Counterfeit US ballots found in Georgia along with Chinese Shipping receipt

Someone was trying to shred ballots in Georgia, but it seems some of the evidence was left behind on the side of the shredding bin. Patrick Byrne, Founder of OverStock says the surviving ballots have been confirmed as counterfeit, along with a receipt for shipping, from China, printed in Chinese.

@PatrickByrne: To save people questions: last night in CobbCounty, Georgia (neighboring Atlanta) some shredded ballots were in the hands of law-enforcement. DHS agents shifted through. Found: Chinese shipping receipt + unshredded ballots (already confirmed counterfeit).

How much does one vote weigh? The shredding company was given 3,000 pounds of ballots to destroy.

Patrick Byrne

We don’t know yet, but if it turns out a foreign government was involved trying to sabotage an election on a massive scale, at some point surely it becomes an act of war?

Boxes of ballots

Box after box of counterfeit ballots, Fulton County Georgia.

A message in tweets by Patrick Byrne:

READ AND RETWEET AS THOUGH THE LIFE OF YOUR NATION DEPENDS ON IT. WHICH IT DOES. Citizens, I am going to add to the picture with more information. I am not going to let this pass while keeping information to myself. I am going to walk you through 2 narratives.

A printing shop in Michigan prints ballots for Delaware County, Pennsylvania and as Lancashire County, Pennsylvania (this is normal). But along with the ballots it prints on contract and delivers to those counties, it prints some ballots that get diverted to Bethpage, New York.

There, a boiler room of folks fill in “Biden” (often without even voting downballot). The ballots (which are forensically legitimate, given that they come from the same print shop as the good ballots, ) then get trucked into Pennsylvania and mailed. Hundreds of thousands.

We have all of that documented. Texts, statements, affidavits, everything.

We also know that this same ballot printing company (and other firms in the same family) also print for Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia.

Georgia counterfeit ballots.

Piles and piles of fake ballots

Narrative #2: China sent counterfeit ballots to Fulton County, Georgia.

During the counting on election night, all but four people were shoved out of the counting operation on the grounds of a dangerous “water main break” (that turned out to be “a toilet overflowed”).*

Last Wednesday, December 30, the Georgia Senate Judiciary voted to inspect those Fulton County voting operations. Hours later (as I have previously posted) an Enterprise vans pulled up and got filled up with voting materials.

A shredding company in neighboring Cobb County, Georgia was on December 31 given roughly 3,000 pounds of ballots to shred. Authorities have come into possession of those materials.

A handful of papers stuck to the side of the shredding bin. They include some unshredded ballots (which 2 federally certified forensic examiners have affied do not match the legitimate ballots). ALSO, A SHIPPING RECEIPT FROM THE CHINESE FIRM THAT PRINTED THE BALLOTS! IN CHINESE!

Word is the DOJ and DHS have been told to stand down. That President Trump himself has had to call agents on the ground asking them to continue. If you think they should continue, retweet to let @TheJusticeDept know your feelings.

*Another twitter respondent points out that the water leak incident was not the reason the observers were told to leave. At 10pm or so, they were told counting would end and they should go home.

In other tweets Patrick Byrne expands the narrative:

Folks, I’m going to tell you a bit more about what is happening. Not everything. But I can’t live with myself if I keep waiting for the forces of law and order and government to do what they should. You may remember that I I am an erstwhile retailer. I can tell you that in the retail supply chain there is such a thing as, “diverted goods“.

Imagine, for example, that a brand like Tiffany has a factory in Florence make it some bracelets. 1,000 bracelets. But they stay open Over the weekend, and make another 200. Then they sell those 200 “out the back door of the factory” to an unsuspecting buyer. The buyer contest them forensically, and they would still come out as “Tiffany” bracelets. Except they are not, and illegal science. They were “diverted” out of the legitimate supply chain of Tiffany.

Now imagine that the same thing happened with ballots. How do I mean? How is how that industry works. Every county at a minimum needs their own ballot designed. There are positions that are specific to the county, propositions and bills and bonds and such as well. So there is an ecosystem of firms who do that design & print work for the counties. Now imagine that a print shop printing ballots for a county in Pennsylvania, say, prints 10,000 pallets and delivers them to that county in Pennsylvania. The ballots reflect choices for county level seats, but at the top also the presidential election.

Imagine that besides Those ballots, that print shop prints 2000 extra ballots. And shipped them to a “boiler room“ somewhere, where a small army of highly committed people Filled them out taking time just to give the vote for president to Biden.

Then those votes are put in trays and put on the truck and shipped across state lines into Pennsylvania, to the county in question, and injected into the Postal Service there. It would be ballot-stuffing on an industrial scale.

Now imagine that in that boiler room some people acted so as to reserve copies of those ballots and which they had worked. When one tested them forensically, what would one find?

Like the Tiffany bracelet example, forensically they would test to be authentic. Right? Raising this question: what are “authentic” ballots for one county in Pennsylvania doing In such a boiler room one state away and two states away from their original printing?

Of course, it would not be right to accuse the company involved out of hand. Even if all those steps seemed to take anti-, it could be that the company has no knowledge of its roll. But it would seem like a fair question to ask.

And now imagine that you discover that this printing company (and/or another in the same ownership family) also prints for counties in … Nevada. Arizona. Michigan. Wisconsin. And Georgia.

Voting machines, made in China

Voting machines, made in China

Speaking of “Georgia” I have previously tweeted Jovan Pulitzer’s presentations. Yes he presented on Wednesday, December 30 to the Georgia Senate Judiciary committee, explaining how you could forensically test the balance of Fulton County Georgia (where Atlanta is) . The Senate Judiciary committee voted to inspect the Fulton County ballots. Within a handful of hours, enterprise moving vans head back into the warehouse where they were located, and filled up.A shredding company was engaged the next day and shredded ballots. They were shredded down into military grade spitballs.However, all may not be lost. While not yet airtight, that is suggestive of counterfeit ballots having been injected into the system. Remember on the night of November 3 in the Atlanta Arena a “Watermain break” forced the evacuation of the arena. It turned out later all that happened was a urinal overflowed.

That was also the location where video cameras filmed four poll workers, having “evacuated” all others for their safety (from the overflowed urinal), briskly yanked suitcases hidden underneath the skirts of tables and fed thousands of ballots through machines.

Maybe, just maybe, some of these points lineup. Enough at least that you think the department of justice (@DOJPH  ) might look into it. Let them know with a retweet of this final message for this thread.

Yesterday I recounted shenanigans regarding what appeared to be fake ballots in Fulton Georgia. Three ballots were sampled from a warehouse in different places: when compared forensically, “one of these things is not like the other” two. Different paper, ink, and printing method.

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