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Politically correct spies? CIA withheld China Intel because they didn’t want to help Trump

If China was trying to influence the US elections, the US Intelligence chose to help China rather than the sitting US President.

Symbol China Map.Remember the Intelligence Report on Foreign Interference on the US election that was due on December 18th? It was part of Executive Order 13848 and due within 45 days of the US election, but it was only delivered on Thursday to Congress, whereupon it vanished entirely under the PR weight of the Congressional Storm. So it was too late to be useful.

Apparently there is already an Ombudsman Report on it, by Barry Zulauf, who laments  “the polarized atmosphere [which] has threatened to undermine the foundations of our Republic, penetrating even into the Intelligence Community.”

The President wanted a report on foreign interference. The Director of the National Intelligence (DNI) wanted a report, and the people of America wanted it, but that still it wasn’t enough to overcome the bureaucratic inertia and resistance.

US Intelligence Report on China withheld because of excuses:

Intelligence analysts downplayed Chinese election influence to avoid supporting Trump policies, inspector finds

Jerry Dunleavy, Washington Examiner:

“Given analytic differences in the way Russia and China analysts examined their targets, China analysts appeared hesitant to assess Chinese actions as undue influence or interference. The analysts appeared reluctant to have their analysis on China brought forward because they tend to disagree with the administration’s policies, saying in effect, I don’t want our intelligence used to support those policies,” Zulauf concluded, saying this behavior violated analytic standards requiring independence from political considerations.

US Flag, Flying.The Director of National Intelligence, — Daniel Radcliffe — who oversees all the agencies felt that China posed a significant threat but the Intelligence Community (IC) wouldn’t say so.The ombusdman agrees with Radcliffe:

 The ombudsman report, Ratcliffe added, “includes concerning revelations about the politicization of China election influence reporting and of undue pressure being brought to bear on analysts who offered an alternative view based on the intelligence.”

A senior intelligence official told the Washington Examiner that “inside the IC, we’re going to have to wrestle with the issues outlined in this report and the revelation that our own internal umpire basically said Ratcliffe was right and some of our career people, even CIA management, were politicizing China intelligence.”

Whatever is in that report, Trump could have used it to make “misleading campaigns.”

A source familiar with the process of creating the 2020 assessment told the Washington Examiner that one reason for the delay in submitting the assessment to Congress, in addition to the internal debate, was a desire to get past Wednesday to ensure the report was not exploited for political reasons during the debate over the Electoral College votes counted by Congress. The source cited concerns about how politicians, such as outspoken Trump critics like House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, might exploit the report, but also sought to avoid allowing conspiracy theorists such as Trump-allied lawyers Sidney Powell and Lin Wood to make misleading claims about it that would make their way to Trump for him to latch on to as he refused to concede.

So the report would have been useful to Sidney Powell?

If only they’d had a dictionary of CIA words:

Zulauf said that “due to varying collection and insight into hostile state actors’ leadership intentions on domestic influence campaigns, the definitional use of the terms ‘influence’ and ‘interference’ and associated confidence levels are applied differently by the China and Russia analytic communities.” He pointed out that Russia analysts could rely on a formal definition document, but “there is no parallel document for China,” and so, “the terms were applied inconsistently across the analytic community.”

“The analytic ombudsman says Ratcliffe wasn’t being political — he was being honest that China intelligence was being suppressed for political reasons,” the senior intelligence official contended to the Washington Examiner.

Is there any rescuing an organization like this?

Trump is not just battling the Democrats but also the CCP, the CIA and FBI.

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