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Pollster: By all cruicial metrics of polling Trump would be winner. Numbers don’t add up.

It’s a miracle on Election Day!

No incumbent President has ever increased his vote and lost the election. Indeed Obama didn’t win more votes in 2012 he lost three and a half million votes, but still won reelection in 2012. Yet somehow Trump improved his vote by 20% or 11 million votes, more than any candidate in history, but still lost. These types of claims may not launch Supreme Court cases, but they fire up the Court of Public Opinion (share them around). The highly suspicious odds practically glow with gamma rays when combined with lies that trick poll watchers to leave, and democrats  that count secret suitcases of ballots hidden under the tablecloth.

Trump had the best win with minorities for a Republican since Richard Nixon in 1960. Must be a racist.

Pollster claims that Biden’s victory defied crucial ‘metrics’ that have a ‘100% accuracy rate in predicting the winner’ and says anyone who viewed the results ‘objectively’ would conclude Trump triumphed


He told Mark Levin of Fox News that with the election results, ‘something very strange has happened because the numbers just don’t add up.’

There are a dozen or more ways to analyze an election and predict the winner, and Donald Trump was ahead in nearly all of them. So if Biden won the election, not only were some of these wrong for the first time ever, but all of them were wrong for the first time ever, and at the same time.

Take the science of elections and toss it out the window.

According to Basham, there are a ‘dozen or more’ non-polling metrics that ‘have a 100% accuracy rate in terms of predicting the winner of the presidential election.’ The metrics included ‘party registration trends, how the candidates did in their respective presidential primaries, the number of individual donations, [and] how much enthusiasm each candidate generated in the opinion polls.’

Everything suddenly went very strange in the middle of the night

More mysteries:   Biden apparently won more votes than any other candidate ever in history, yet he did very poorly in most of the non-swing-key states. There was a historic increase in mail in ballots in 2020 yet somehow all the new voters filled in their ballots more accurately than ever before. There was a historically low rejection rates of mail-in ballots. In the Primaries these rejection rates were 10% or more. But in Election 2020, the rejection rates were under 1% or were even close to zero.

 The interview with Mark Levin and Patrick Basham

From the article Basham wrote at The Spectator

Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling

Trump’s vote increased so much because, according to exit polls, he performed far better with many key demographic groups. Ninety-five percent of Republicans voted for him. Catholics also supported Trump in higher numbers. He did extraordinarily well with rural male working class Whites.

He earned the highest share of all minority votes for a Republican since 1960. Trump grew his support among Black voters by 50 percent over 2016. Nationally, Joe Biden’s Black support fell well below 90 percent, the level below which Democratic presidential candidates usually lose.

Trump increased his share of the national Hispanic vote by two-thirds to more than four-in-ten.

For four years the media told the world that Donald Trump was racist and divisive, and practically in the pocket of White Supremacists —  but Blacks and Hispanic Americans were not fooled.

Not that the Democrats care if black and hispanic votes are stolen.  That’s “Equality”!

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