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Don’t wait for Twitter to let you organise mass protests

Priority One: Open new lines of communication

We’re in an Information War but good citizens are waiting for the Tech Giants to let them get organized.

The first comment by John R Smith today, is so apt. He lived near the Virginia Protest but didn’t know it was happening.  He and so many others. USA citizens need to get around the media-tech iron curtain.

John R Smith

Thanks for this.
Feeling pretty low.
I’m not that far away and have heard nothing.
Makes me feel good.
Getting that kind of turnout in No Va is impressive.
I was taught the fight starts when there is no choice.
Death, loss, pain, opinion, love, hate, become irrelevant.

We know if this was Greta Thunberg, CNN would tell the world it was a phenomenon.

How inspiring would it be for US Citizens to be part of that energy chanting U.S.A. U.S.A.. For them to know that nearly everyone around them felt the same way about corruption? This is the social dynamite the corrupt fear. This kind of passion is infectious and unstoppable.

Yesterday at the Army Navy Game:

The left control most of the institutions, but if President Trump asked the Defence Force to defend the constitution, what are the odds they would not just obey but leap into action?

We don’t want the military called in if there is a peaceful way to solve this, and there still is. Imagine the effect of 70 million Americans on the streets chanting U.S.A and holding the flag high? Is that what it takes to get SCOTUS and the State Legislatures to feel they must consider the evidence? To feel that any death threats, harassment and pressure is nothing compared to the fight that’s coming if this is not resolved through debate and discussion — as it should be?

And it works both ways. Donald Trump is facing some of the hardest decisions any President will ever have to make. Worth billions, he doesn’t have to pick up this gauntlet. Imagine the effect this sort of energy has on his resolve?

Tap this energy. Also yesterday:

How will millions walk the streets in peaceful protest if they rely on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube and Google?

Twitter is so pettily, malignantly anti-Trump it even removed the ‘Like,’ ‘Reply’ and Retweet count functions Trump Tweets this weekend.  The last thing Twitter wants is for Americans to know they are not alone, or that Trump has massive support.

We’re in an Information War. There is something you can do.

Strategically, honest law abiding citizens have the tools now. The USA is not the Soviet Union (don’t wait). People can reach out through email and by phone, they can join like minded groups, and subscribe to lists.

We don’t have to stop using Twitter and Facebook– wins can still be achieved — but we must not rely on those channels. Join Gab, Parler, Bitchute, Rumble etc.

Everyone who shares information is part of the battle for free speech and honest elections. Thanks to people who comment and link or just talk to friends with a beer.


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