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A smart thermostat spy in voting machines sent data direct to China

It seems US state governors made it easy for China to spy on the election

Russell Ramsland speaks at the Georgia Election Hearing about election data being sent directly to China.

It’s looks like… there is a smart thermostat in one of the tabulation rooms in Savannah Georgia that is reporting the votes back to China. We’re going to check that out. 

In 29 States your votes were going to Frankfurt Germany…

Patrick Byrne says:

I vouch for this. I have seen the photographs, the computer forensics, and the IP traces back to China. To a corporation whose name has long been linked to CP.

Georgia Tabulating Machine Sent Results to China

Perhaps people in China were getting results before people in the US were?

Simone Gao interviews Ramsland at The Thinking Conservative


Would you like a 17% swing with that tabulator?

Fully 17% of votes were decided by adjudicators in Antrim County.

Ramsland also found in the Antrim County Report (in Michigan), that an incredible 17% of all the votes went to adjudication. There was a “68% error rate”, but because there can be up to four errors (in different parameters) per vote the actual votes switched is lass than 68%. But it means that at least, at a minimum 17% of the votes were decided by someone other than the voter. It could have been as much as 30%. How many other counties did this happen in?

Naturally the hard working adjudicators doing all the overtime were just marking up what the voters really wanted, and all their decisions were recorded in the logs so we know there was no bias. It’s all OK — except the logs that matter are gone.

Key parts of the 2020 logs were deleted manually. Someone really doesn’t want everyone to know how many adjudicated votes went to Biden in this predominantly Republican area.

Democrats are outraged, unhappy, totally fine with that.
Who needs to campaign?

Among a rapid fire list of other anomalies, ballots apparently were also printed on the wrong size paper, and with formatting errors. All of this would be easy to check but Ramsland was not allowed to see the ballots. Perhaps it wouldn’t matter if he had. It’s just one more scandal on top of 500 others for the media to ignore?

To find the secret algorithm to change votes — just read the manual

Ramsland points out that some of the things the CEO of Dominion claimed don’t even agree with his own user manuals.

The CEO of Dominion told the world that there was no algorithm that changes votes, but at 12 minutes Ramsland quotes Section 11 of the Dominion user manual. It describes the RCV algorithm or Ranked Choice Voting. It is used to pick winners. You can set that algorithm to do anything you want. We know it was used in certain races, it’s in the logs.

It came from the SMOTE Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technology — it could give more weight to an underrepresented group — like Hispanics. So all the tools were there in the software for anyone wanting to create mischief.

When too much fraud is still not enough?

For different flavours of dodgy stew, see the longer one hour video of the Georgia hearing II part 2 below. Russell Ramsland, from 6 to 14 minutes, goes through an extraordinary list of evidence.

Imagine a world where the mainstream media and public affairs shows were playing footage like this. The election would be over already. There would have been mass protests in the streets outside State Legislatures if the media were on the side of fair elections.  Such is the power of those who control the national conversation.

The task for patriots today: Build new lines of communication.

How could anyone watch Russell Ramsland and still think the results from November 3 are meaningful or should be upheld, or that the same machines should be used in Georgia in January for the key Senate runoff elections?


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